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  1. Yes but why her when there are 100 other pass DCC that they could have done a now and then on
  2. dallas cowboys official site then look for cheerleaders. Dream do come true: VK journey from Junior DCC through Her Dcc Rookie season
  3. I thought that since they did a now and then on VK she would be the one leaving. If its between Cat and VK I would keep cat
  4. so if Haley is being groomed to take over for Charlotte and since VK is Haley best friend is she being groomed to take over for Kelly or Judy?
  5. If vk host a tcc she will be shown in how she was there to help the girl make the team
  6. since there might not be tryouts the new show will be VK How i made the team
  7. the next season show will be about VK and how she had to deal with how the virus and how it effected her dancing
  8. I think VK and TK will be teaching the dances next year
  9. I wonder how many vets are not going to make the team next year because they were not nice to VK
  10. How are they going to show case VK next season is she going to have her own show or is she going to be one of the judges
  11. is anyone keeping count of all the rookies and how many time each one is photografted. it seems to me that the only one I see is VK and Cat
  12. VK's panel interview was so staged you could see it in her smile when she answered.
  13. A+++++++ I would get a A+++++++++++++++++ if I was given all the answers. Plus didn't get any tough questions at panel interview
  14. I think that the TPTB want the heat taken off VK so that have Cat do something that gets the board going in another direction
  15. watched 108 and i have a question about the end of year dinner where Kelly said that alumni who had contributed and influenced the team were invited to talk and share with the girls and there was TK so tell me what she did that was so great that she got invited
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