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  1. I give a f**k about Jenelle, UBT, Barb n company, I worry about the kids and what's best for them.
  2. Maybe UBT will start pimping Jenelle out. I would pay her to keep her clothes on.
  3. This is kind of a general statement but it applies here and other people/situations: Just as bad as someone who does something bad is the person(s) who could have intervened and didn't.
  4. Yes exactly My favorite scene was him in the toy store using the Johnny 7 weapon (I believe that's the name)
  5. If there ever a truer incident of the pot calling the kettle black this is it
  6. What was the episode where Goren plays the "goofy" delivery man?
  7. What's really sad is that MTV is profiting from her (and others) serious problems they could give a hot wet monkey's azz about their well being unless they can profit from their well being
  8. Thank You, its the 6th operation on the foot.
  9. I will refrain today from commenting on Amber as I'm on strong post surgical narcotics in the hospital, who knows I might say
  10. Could David and/or Jenelle capable of murder suicide including the children?
  11. Maybe be it's me but it seems like with these people/families most everything is smoke and mirrors
  12. Jenelle that red blinking light you constantly see in the corner of your eyes is your relevancy is fading warning light
  13. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.
  14. Do you all remember in high school when people are voted special title's: Class clown, most likely to succeed, etc.? Could you imagine doing the same with the Duggar and Bates families? Josh - most like to be a perv. Jimmy Fallon does a bit on this on Late Night.
  15. Could you imagine if all Boob and Mechelle's (as well as rest of families) hidden secrets came out in the open?
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