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  1. Pascale Hutton & Kavan Smith are one of my favorite Hallmark pairings, but You Had Me At Aloha was a letdown. Pascale's character was extremely unlikeable in the early part of the movie (which has been a common theme with the female leads in this year's movies), and that took me out of it. The scenery was nice though. But overall, I preferred the Perfect Bride movies over this one. A couple people mentioned above that they haven't loved a Hallmark movie since Wedding Every Weekend. I agree. I hope we get something with Paul & Kimberley this year, but I haven't heard of anyt
  2. I saw Christmas in July is for the entire month of July. Didn't this used to be a one or two week event? At least there is one new movie sprinkled in. Since it's a month-long event, I hope they include older movies like Trading Christmas that got banished to the app this past holiday season. I really wish Hallmark would make a few Halloween or Thanksgiving movies instead of all Christmas from late October through New Year's.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised by Sonja in this episode. She didn't get drunk at LuAnn's and didn't sexually harass the model. I hate to say this, but I would rather have Dorinda over Leah. Dorinda was at least entertaining and provided us with the crazy Berkshires episodes. I continue to enjoy the shade thrown by the producers like noting that Eboni and Leah only arrived 12 minutes later than Ramona.
  4. I came here to say the exact same thing. I still like Amelia and Link, but mostly I still watch this show out of habit. I can't decide which is worse the later years of ER or the later years of Grey's.
  5. I didn't know I needed Basketball Coach Tyler Hynes in my life until last night. We don't usually see him in athletic wear, so I appreciated that slight variation. I hope he keeps doing Hallmark movies, he just has such a natural charm.
  6. They are going to go the Nathan/Faith route aren't they? And keep Fiona with Hickam. What a waste. For a second there, I thought they were going to full-Hallmark-villain with Nathan when he told Lucas that Elizabeth said she loved him. But then he quickly followed it up with "but not in love with me." Making Nathan a villain would be a far more interesting turn than this show is capable of.
  7. Why would anyone want to work for Bethenny? Who hates themselves that much? I wonder if there is anyone that Bethenny truly respects or at least treats with respect on a regular basis. I hope the winner says "thanks, but no thanks." I think she will keep Nicole for the sake of drama and to have a sparing partner. I don't see how any of these people are qualified to be her VP of Operations. As others have mentioned, it seems like she's actually looking for a social media manager.
  8. Up until last night, I was 99% sure Elizabeth would ultimately pick Nathan. I've changed my mind. I think she will pick Lucas now. I can't even really explain why. Just a feeling. But kudos to the show for actually pulling off a little suspense. They do seem to be setting up Fiona as a viable love interest for someone next season. Please don't saddle her with Hickam. I hope the Carson/Faith breakup sticks. Although did they ever have a conversation that they were ending things, or are both just assuming they are done? As others have mentioned, I was confused by the Can
  9. Why do they keep floating the idea of Fiona and Hickam? (I know it's probably because he is Erin's real-life boyfriend and Erin is a producer so she has some influence.) But it's such a waste of Fiona. I agree that Elizabeth is not very likeable this season. That tends to be the case when shows insist on going the love triangle route. The woman in the middle always ends up looking fickle and self-absorbed. But all I can think watching this play out is that both guys could do better. @norcalgal - I believe there are 3 episodes left this season. I feel like a renewal is inevita
  10. In the end, Allie is going to get exactly what she wants and face zero consequences for her bratty behavior, isn’t she? Early in the episode, Nathan told Elizabeth “you don’t know me at all.” Ain’t that the truth and I’m not even talking about the Jack reveal. These two never talk about anything other than Allie. There is no basis for this relationship but somehow we’re supposed to believe it’s true love.
  11. The worst thing about Elizabeth probably ending up with Nathan is that it will mean more Ally. I feel slightly bad criticizing the young actors, but she gets on my nerves. I was leaning more towards Team Lucas the last two seasons, but the Lucas/Elizabeth scenes have been painful to watch this season. I don't know if it's the writing or the acting or both. But I just find myself cringing more often than not when they are on screen. I agree with Brighteyes in the above post that both Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry seem like good guys in real life. Both guys and Erin were on the Deck
  12. Nathan and Fiona are a couple in real-life, so I would be very curious to see if they have any on-screen chemistry. As for this week's episode, this show has way too many characters and way too many plot lines. And of course, the one character that they sit out multiple episodes is the most interesting - Fiona.
  13. The Beatles' "In My Life" is one of my all-time favorite songs. I'm offended on the song's behalf to have this episode named after it.
  14. I liked Chasing Waterfalls more than I expected. Mostly because the scenery was beautiful. I know Hallmark movies are essentially all the same, but the plot of this one seemed very similar to Pearl in Paradise. The misunderstanding in both movies was one half of the leading couple thinking the other person revealed the location of a mythical pearl/waterfall. The line at the end about the tent "having room for two" was more suggestive than Hallmark usually gets, so points for one thing that was slightly different.
  15. Derick NOT being a young Earth creationist might be the most shocking thing yet I've heard from these two. I thought for sure he would follow that line of thinking. But then again, I never expected Jill and Derick to be living the most secular life out of all the Duggars. I thought they were among the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers of them all.
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