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  1. Knowing the apt. Comes with Abe's job goes a little way to explaining how they maintain that lifestyle. I'm having to include Rose as inheriting wealth as well though, (in my mind)to make it work. 😀 It is very obvious Ms Bronahan has not yet had children. That beautiful figure! And our genius writer also has not, so we need to be a bit lenient. Personally it does not bother me one bit..in fact I find it funny and not necessary for kids to be included much. For me both seasons have been an outstanding success.
  2. yes. and she gave him the wrong answer when he asked if she was sure she wouldn't sleep with him. ;) I see a possible season 3 dilemma. 2 men... was a dna test invented in 1959? hmmmm.... also...I wonder if Joel will accompany her for the 6 months and maybe sans kids? probably too long..but 6 months away is also a loooong time.
  3. winter

    S02.E02: Midway to Midtown

    Alex Borstein gets better with every episode.
  4. winter

    S02.E01: Simone

    loved that line! just like G.G's they come thick and fast. you have to run to keep up. the dog called Simone...(de Beauvoir) living apart from her partner. just a fabulous touch.
  5. loving season 2 . have had so many laugh out loud moments. one thing I am pondering though... how is a college prof. able to afford upper west side living, a maid, catering etc? Did I miss where they said Rose was an heiress? I mean, she doesn't work...the upper class wealth bit is puzzling. not to mention the extensive wardrobes both mama and midge have. or is this another ironic joke by the fabulous Palladinos?