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  1. Read all the comments here, good stuff. One of the comment standing out is that Freydis let herself get killed... C'mon! You guys have short memory! How can you expect her to act logically when she is (was) even more wonko than Ivar? All her ''You're a God, I'm a God, our son is the son of a God'' just goes to show at what lengths she was ready to go just to be the Queen. I think that was her ultimate goal, and what would come after Ivar's departure wouldn't mean much to her. She was done. She tried to play a maniac by acting a maniac herself, and ended up being the ultimate maniac, laughing at the face of her maniac's husband basically telling him to his face that she, the person Ivar trusted and loved the most, betrayed him. Obviously she has no fighting experience and she knew even if she tried to swing at Ivar she'd go down in a heartbeat. So a maniac played a maniac and ended up dying as you would expect a maniac would. I'd say Freydis was motivated only and solely by greed and power, and once she realized she couldn't have it, she'd go down with Ivar. As for Floki. I don't want to see Iceland EVER again. Athelstan got his revenge, and as my username says, I delight that our beloved priest had the last laugh. That is what I was waiting for to get closure on this series to be honest. I still miss Athelstan, and Echbert, and Ragnar and Rollo, we need a proper ending for Rollo too.
  2. I thought the Trickster cleaving was Echbert's betrayal with the farm lands? City of marble was Paris? That was quite a while back which is why I don't think it was planned for so late in the show. King Peanuthead is dead. So it was really his clothes that made his head look small. (can't remember who's the first poster here that called him that but it was hilarious) I am so glad Athelstan was finally avenged. Floki had it coming, and I've been waiting for that moment, truly. satisfying.
  3. Their faces were telling, they sure expected it. The last one that handed him the baby left like she just forgot an urgent appointment. I would hiss very aggressively if Ubbe was to die at the hands of King Peanut Head. It can't be. I thought the baby scene was even more brutal, but maybe that's just me being desensitized watching this show. I had clung on the hope that perhaps Ivar would change his mind, after all he does know what it is to live with such a burden and he still made it to King! Why couldn't the little one do it too?
  4. Thank you. I agree, noticed that as well. To be honest this is the first Iceland episode that I actually enjoyed.
  5. The big guy going full Viking on the other family was something. I did not see that coming (obviously did when we saw this dead-eye look of his right before the slaughter). Brutal. I guess the good guys are the ones not to be trusted. Some have said here that Floki didn't do anything to stop it... I ask, what could he have done really? He was alone and had a knife to his throat. Not to mention that the entire purpose of this trip of his is to create a hippie society, violence is not an option anymore for him or he would be forsaking his principles and godly values that led him to Iceland. I've heard rumors that this will be the last season for Vikings. A new spin-off is supposed to happen. Anyone can confirm?
  6. Not calling you crazy, I'm pretty sure its going to be Lagartha also. We'll see tonight though :)
  7. I read most of the comments here and I find myself having a different interpretation of the episode. To me, it makes total sense that Bjorn is Rollo' son, simply because of his physical attributes, minus the visage. He always seemed more impulsive than his brothers, which reminds of Rollo's berserker style. Lagertha clearly knows it and produced only a faint denial. Adultery was not unusual in Vikings culture. Bjorn was right though, he's not his true dad, and Rollo acknowledges that. Rollo's death must be close (illness, potion?) and he's trying to get his demons off his conscience. Ivar is growing on me, really loved his character from day one despite his flaws. One thing I've noticed is that he seems to be aware now of his anger issues. During the scene where he comes in the empty house to find Lagertha missing, he starts yelling then stops, like he's trying to control his emotions. Acting is on point. I couldn't care less about Floki. He's been on my blacklist ever since he's slain our beloved priest. RIP, he died for our sins. Floki should've died on his first visit to Iceland, which would've been ''in-character'' and a good send-off with the Gods. I hate the bearded guy even more though, glad his son renounced him. Ivar is probably right, I can see Margrethe stabbing Hvitserk-change-side-every-episode in the back very soon. Wouldn't really mind that. The nice bum lady is back, she's obviously been waiting for an opportunity to seduce Ivar. Didn't she first introduce herself in England while Ivar was stationed there? Anybody noticed how this is the only girl that Ivar is respectful to? She looks very innocent, which means trouble. Perhaps a spy from an unknown enemy? Ecgberth's final gift maybe?
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