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  1. I think they just fuck with the contestants and start a whole bunch of drama just to boost ratings but a lot of it has to be edited to make them look a bit out of sorts.
  2. omg I seriously thought I was the only one who hated Brett from the minute they started cooking. Him and Motto were the two I want off asap Motto kinda pisses me off, especially when he was talking about T's grits "I need something to wash it down" when his werent even that great according to Chef
  3. I have the entire season saved on my DVR and Ive been watching re-runs of past seasons on YouTube. All of the chefs that Gordon brought back were worthy of being brought back from a technical cooking standpoint, for the most part, they all could cook. From minute one I disliked Robyn and Milly and I cant really explain why - I just felt like Milly was using his skin color and saying stuff about being from the hood to gain sympathy points during confessionals and such (also, wtf was up with that beard ponytail shit, like, was it a clip in thing?) but he was amazing when he worked. With Robyn, I
  4. She may not have been the worst cook but when you have an attitude like her, there is no way you can be a leader. She may have done well in challenges and was a fighter in service but when you have a team loss and you sit there and refuse to do any of the punishment or half-ass the punishment, it only shows how you cant handle the heat.
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