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  1. Thanks. It helps to have their perspective. I still stand by not needing to know the full story when you see someone being treated poorly.
  2. Which is more an indication of their infantile behavior than anything she has done. And that applies to the female members of the crew who sat there and did nothing.
  3. I am going to give this show one more chance but I actually hate it right now. It is VERY "Cop Rock" for me, with the singing/songs distracting from the impact of the scenes. The next door neighbor is very good and natural...she is actually a highlight. I do find the interjection of the songs very treacly and a bit much. Less is more, so I will try and catch ep 2 to see if they temper things down. Full disclosure, I was not a big fan of Glee nor am I a fan of musicals (except for Hamilton). So, I am probably not the target audience here. Lol.
  4. I don't comment here often but had to de-lurk because this season...whoa boy. Rhylee definitely has a quick trigger. However, these guys, especially Ashton are peppering her with micro-aggressions. Just multiple, seemingly small little disrespectful actions and comments that on the whole underscore their misogyny and her overall frustration. Couple that with Ashton being just a really bad manager and you have what you are seeing. I just wish Rhylee would recognize that and find a way to strategically deal. It is hard when all your co-workers have decided to go all in on you and your manager supports the hostile work environment. It is a shame Captain Lee has not seen fit to facilitate change.
  5. Just de-lurking to comment on June...was it me or did she NOT take any action when the pan was burning? Granted the Captain did not know but she seems a little light on brain cells. That being said, I can see both sides regarding who should have been let go. Not sure why Anastasia could not have stuck it out for the remaining few weeks since she accepted the chef position and wanted to give it up.
  6. I can understand Bugs' frustration with Hannah; however, I believe it mainly stems from Bugs regretting her decision to be 2nd stew. And her constant nitpicking of everything Hannah does bears that out. What I find to be more disturbing is how Bugs plays the "poor me" card while actively working to undermine and bad mouthing Hannah with the other crew members, including the Captain. She is the worse kind of office mate and employee. If you are a manager, Bugs is the kind of employee who will go over your head to your boss to curry favor and protection. If you are a fellow employee, Bugs is the kind of employee who curries favor with the boss while trashing your work. What is sad about this is that she is actually a hard worker. Bug's trembling voice when speaking to Hannah was due to nervousness because she had to actually do her own dirty work. Bugs was hoping to both malign Hannah to the Captain and have the Captain sanction Hannah. When that did not work, she knew she needed to do it herself and she was not planning on that. But Hannah is a master at mind games. Bugs tipped her hand. Hannah knows her newfound friendship with Adam bothers Bugs. Hannah knows that by staying calm during Bugs' little speech, it would drive Bugs crazy. Because Bugs expected and wanted a confrontation. And Hannah did not give her that. And Malia. Ugh. Women who pull the "women's rights" card as a way to excuse their sketchy behavior are infuriating. Yes, you can have a relationship with your boss. But expect to deal with the fallout. And yes, people who feel they are equally qualified for your promotion can feel out of sorts based on the criteria of the job, not because you are "a girl and are pretty."
  7. I have been lurking for a little while now but I am finally chiming in...Just want to start off by saying I have loved this show for several seasons now and I am impressed with the contestants competitive camaraderie, skills, and overall good natures. While I believe Ruby is a fantastic baker, I have always felt as if the winner should exhibit a measure of confidence in their respective dishes. Ruby obviously has the skills to be on the show and continue through the weekly competitions; she just does not have a winning attitude. If I were her friend, I would beg off tasting any of her bakes because the pressure to say something nice would be exhausting. It reminds me of the difference between a singer or musician who can sing or play an instrument and someone who has musicality. Not sure if Ruby trusts her own musicality with her bakes which makes me feel as if I would be terribly disappointed if she were to win the competition. So sorry to see Becca go. She had such confidence in everything she put forth and had such a fantastic attitude. But I have been rooting for Kimberly since day one and I hope she wins the whole thing.
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