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  1. there is no way they are going to bring ALLLllll the people that would normally go to finals. They will cut it down by video to a select group. It will probably significantly larger than normal, but not 25 or whatever they normaly bring for finals (that's done for the TV show anyway. They know who they like, they don't need to see 50 solos.
  2. Oh.my.god. This is ridiculous!!! She falls all the time! I just want to remind everyone about how Erin got cut for falling a lot.
  3. Holly was never “cut during her solo”. She lost her top for a second though
  4. You forgot to mention, she’s also totally boring! and her eyelashes make it impossible for her to open her eyes. ive never disliked a TCC so much.
  5. She also looks exactly like Maddie, except actually black, not just pretending 😉 so she might have better luck after she retires.
  6. Alana has had some sneaky work done, and it’s not just the eyebrows. But I’m disappointed because she was different before and now she’s just basic white girl. Can’t stand her. Please cut her and her rediculous eyelashes. How are we the only ones that see this problem!?!? It’s called producing a show. Every reality show needs some bites to get you excited. Kelli has been doing this a long time, she can churn out the bites in 15 minutes. They are alum, but I mean... are you trying to go back and hang at tryouts when they cut you? Pretty sure you aren’t invited and you don’t want to go.
  7. I’m having a hard time seeing everyone, but I count 10TCC here. Who is on the far left? I thought it was VK and got excited that she didn’t cram herself into the center.... but then I got to the center 😕 and who is she posing with there? Also, who is on the right, above Ciana (or damnit whateve their name is! I love her but can’t remember her name for anything) she’s pretty! ETA: I’m glad Kat is still there! Lots of cryptic posts before. I still see Lily and Kristen. Was kinda hoping Kristen was cut. She bores me and her Jesus dancer thing is so contrived and it bugs the hell out of me for some reason.
  8. I think it’s nice and gah, thank you TPTB for something kinda new!!!
  9. Do they air the new eps as they air? Or later?
  10. It will only be on amazon prime way after the fact (if that comes true at all) they want your money if you want to watch it first-run.
  11. Isn’t it enough that they learn like ... 40 dances!? They wouldn’t look this good if they did choreo that they have never done before, and they aren’t going to learn a whole new dance for weeks to perform it one night. Glad to see that at least CMT recognizes the optics of having so few non-white people and actually chose a diverse group.
  12. Someone forgot to tell poor Tess that the theme changed from “Charlotte Jones” to “Easter Sunday”.
  13. There is definitely something different and it’s a lot the thinner eyebrows (although i question why we had to tone down her eyebrows, which had a slightly ethnic look about them, into basic-white-girl eyebrows) but I also think she had he tip of her nose refined.
  14. Ok, but that song is 100 times better, doesn’t have cheesy rhymes that are a stretch at best, and Carrie Underwood doesn’t have an annoying squeaky voice. 🙂 maybe it will grow on me.
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