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  1. I don’t think it’s very reasonable to expect someone to change their flexibility in less than 2 weeks. If that were the case in this situation.
  2. I noticed in the video that Miranda doesn’t look fluffy at all. She looks great to me! Definitely one of my favs!
  3. One of my best friends got into it in early high school. She was competitive cheer. Still takes it now and we’re pushing 30. It’s scary stuff. She tries to quit and just can’t.
  4. I’m really hoping Alexis doesn’t become point. Nothing against her. But in that media day Instagram vid my eyes kept going to Gina. And I’m just a firm believer that the best dancer should be point. I really think know one comes close to her. Best power and technique combo.
  5. I hope you’re correct. But after last year’s scene where she’s crying about not making it, I’m leaning towards them letting her have it so she can make extra appearances and they can prove to the audience that not only was she ready for the team, now she’s a stand out talent.
  6. So any guesses on to whether VK will make show group this year? Maybe to make up to her that they cut her last year
  7. I think it would be interesting to see DCC recruit POC for the team in the coming years. I live in KC and definitely seen some great POC dancers on the Chiefs.
  8. Does anyone else think maddie still looks pretty soft in her Mid section? Not as soft as late last season, but definitely not toned IMO.
  9. It’s her daughter that made it.
  10. Looks like Dayton is in Austin. When is her RCC contract up?
  11. Katy has a whole Instagram tab about going to Australia. I would assume their parents knew already. It’s seems like they had to wait until their jobs were done. Not necessarily because of the LGBT part, but because they work together. Kelli’s daughter posted about how excited she was, so I would guess Kelli knew it was going on. I’m just perplexed (but also happy) that they are being congratulated and everything. But I don’t understand how higher ups can justify blacklisting girls who get in relationships with players (Paige)but know about this and be okay with it.
  12. I saw pics on Katy’s insta of them together (never by each other) when Jinelle was a DCC. So were they together while she was a coach and Jinelle was a DCC. That seems like a huge conflict. DCCs can’t fraternize with players... buys what’s the rule with DCC coaches?! Happy for Jinelle regardless, but it would be a double standard for me if they were semi open with others that they were together. While, girls that are with players get shunned. Jinelle has been embraced. Curious to know more. edit for spelling and also to say I don’t think Katy was a direct coach. It just seems weird to me. I can’t have a relationship with someone my superior at my job per HR. Seems like a place like DC. Would have similar rules.
  13. I think Gina looks great. She’s just a naturally tiny/muscular figure. When you are the tight and fit and move around ribs show a bit. If she was 5 pounds heavier everyone would say she’s on weight watch. I think women have different types of bodies. Her arms don’t look scary too me. If her arms were frail then I would be scared and think food was an issue
  14. I think Gabby’s dress was a beautiful color, but couldn’t help but think it was hiding her tummy. (I don’t think she’s big, but she’s got such a tiny frame which needs to be kept tight)