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  1. The latest series has started filming in Oxford! There are pictures online of filming starting this week and of Shawn directing!
  2. It looks like she deleted her photos from IG. Before the holidays she was trying to trick people into thinking she was pregnant? Now she's back to photoshopping her chin and pretending she loves her kid.
  3. Yes for the past month or so, Ledia has been cycling through her hatred for John Yates and everyone connected to him and her love for Donald Trump. Also she posted some photos where she hinted she was pregnant to fish for compliments or something.
  4. I'm surprised it took this long. Olga seemed relatively normal for her weird and terrifying childhood. And Stephen was too dysfunctional.
  5. Deavan is probably a superspreader , of her legs, covid, and STDs at this point.
  6. Like everyone else, not really a fan , but I'm glad she's made a real business based on her passions and has made it work for her family apart from TLC.
  7. I occasionally hate look at ledia's page. Today it seems she is fighting with Devan. All these people are trash and it's sad that there are children and a baby involved. Ledia fights with everyone and doesn't have command of the English language so I can't even tell if she's hating on Devan or Jihoon or Yates or what. Apparently Devan is threatening her with pictures of Ledia in bed with another man? It's probably true and Ledia texted her pictures of her sleeping around when they were BFFs.
  8. The whole Ludo/Violetta plot felt silly and ridiculous, but if you read the Inspector Morse books, some of the storylines are quite ridiculous and a stretch as well. What I found silly was that young baby Morse seemed irritated and morally offended at the professors and don's sexist remarks and actions, but in the books he would have felt in a similar way- he was a right randy old fart in the books and they were full of him being a sexist jerk and making off colour remarks and he loved porn movies. The Inspector Morse tv series cleaned him up a bit , and the Endeavor series makes him thought
  9. I was just about to ask if this seacow was still overseas. May probably doesn't even remember her sometimes mom.
  10. I think the story about love is definitely between Morse and fred/all the Thursdays. Violetta is not his great love and she's sort of a skeeze. Also I thought several times that Ludo was seducing Morse.
  11. Oh lawd, crazy is bragging about buying a house. Can't wait to see the hovel they could afford.
  12. Haha, she got fired? I mean I don't know why it took so long , but it's not surprising. Today she posted a love fest to Donald Trump.
  13. She's really stuck on weirdly not liking black people lately, or blm, and trotting out black people that support Trump to make it seem like she loves all people. The more she goes on about stuff the more I think she and Eric met on some online hate group or white supremacy online group. It doesn't make sense but it does. And she's the kind of horrible person we don't need more of in the US. yikes. Also, it was her kid's birthday a few days ago and she made the comment that she missed him; so who knows where that kid is at ? Hopefully with Eric's dad and stepmom who seem more normal and
  14. Sadly no, he was shown in her stories visiting /stalking Deavan; they met up with her like a few weeks ago in Utah. The past 2 weeks she's been hating on BLM, fat people, and anyone that says anything against her is a libtard.
  15. Ledia has gotten real political lately. She goes on rants showcasing all the hate messages she gets and has decided they are all leftists and liberals. I'm sure Eric feels her a steady diet of hate , politics, and guns everyday.
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