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  1. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Am I allowed to link someone's personal account here? If not, go to her IG and she has the link in her bio.
  2. Chantel has NO BIDNESS spouting the leave and cleave scripture. If she and Pepi had done that, they would have little to no problems and drama and would be happy in their love nest cleaving all the time.
  3. If TLC is going to continue to do tell alls where the couples show up and tell NOTHING new with the same host that asks nothing that we want to hear, then they need to understand the fans hate it. A real tell all is inviting the friends and paying them to spill their guts. Invite the barber shop, nicole's stepdad, libby's sisters and andrei's dad, roose's mom, pedro's co-workers and pedro's and ceair's neighbors; pay them filthy absurd amounts to give us the real skinny on these losers. Then bring out the couples and have them tell their side. Or at least have a host that can ask hard questions.
  4. Nicole DID look cute. Her hair and make-up were great. However, I thought she also looked as if she has gained much more weight; she was HUGE. She seriously needs to think about her health.
  5. doyouevengohere

    Rebecca & Zied:

    I'm embarrassed for her and the show hasn't even aired yet.
  6. doyouevengohere

    Caesar & Maria:

    Sounds like that guy that was on dr. Phil.
  7. doyouevengohere

    Timothy & Jeniffer:

    From the previews my first thought is that he is gay.
  8. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Nicole now has an etsy page. She's selling fleece blankets and travel kits for $50. It says she's sold 5, so good for her. True all that money will go to Azan instead of actually helping herself and May with anything, but she didn't beg for it so there's that. She should still get a job. It seems she's crashing at her newly married sister's apt. I'm sure that's what every newlywed couple wants to come home to.
  9. I haven't even tuned in for the past two episodes (just read re-caps I'm so over these people), but I'm there for the tell-nothing. I hope the family Chantel shows up to rip out Colt's weave.... I mean this is the kind of person they need to be sticking up for Chantel to and throwing chicken and light fixtures at, not her husband. And Chantel is going to tell someone to "leave and cleave", um honey if you followed that you and Pepi would have no problems at all so yes, she needs to shut up. And I have no love for Larissia, but I'm there to see her dangle her boy toy in front of disgusting Colt (major upgrade for her). Also I want Nickel to get yelled at, by someone; PLEASE.
  10. doyouevengohere

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Jenny /Suuuuumit- I don't see any reason for him not to go to the US- he quit his job, and doesn't want to see his parents again. I guess she doesn't make enough to sponsor him. They should have gone to another country to get married if getting married in India isn't possible or gotten married on a cruise ship or something. I love how passionate he is about standing up for their love......but just not to his parents. Laura /Aladin- I skipped over their segment; I was bored. Deavan / Jujitzu- Deavan better get down on her knees and be so thankful that his parents are such kind and lovely people. They seem to really be looking forward to grandchildren and be accepting of her; cause I'd be like "son, don't ruin your life". Instead she'll just make a grimace and yawn. Yes, Cabbage patch face mormon Corey is into black magic. That totally makes sense! Just kidding, the only evil in this relationship is Evelyn.
  11. doyouevengohere

    Deavan & Jihoon: We SuperLike! Ranch Dressing

    Ah I remember the days before her segment aired when I thought I was going to like her. What a fool I was.
  12. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I think any sort of MLM or making and selling stuff COULD work for her b/c she has a BIG HUGE following. But she's so lazy that she won't put in the work to make it work. To be a seller with a huge social media following (for anything) you could do well, but you have to be focused on that. She couldn't do it; she has no drive and just wants stuff without working for it. She was given a gift by TLC in terms of followers and she just couldn't do it in terms of Lularoe or anything. I hate Lularoe and MLM's, but the girls I know that have made it work in the past were out there hustling- they had a lot of followers, they did give a ways, they did prize night things or fun social media things to get people interested and in buying their crap they had 'parties" online and off, they styled IG pictures to make you want the crap they shill. It's not one of those things you can just sit on the couch and talk to your world and expect it to happen.
  13. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Nicole is into quilting now, b/c her mother quilts and teaches classes. TLC tweeted that mother Robalee taught Nicole to quilt in hopes that if she ever got to Morroco she would have a way to make money- make and sell quilts. I mean, Nicole could do that now (etsy shop) but chooses not to. It's hard to make money on etsy, but Nicole could do it especially with all the exposure she has. Yet another wasted opportunity for her. Just kick her out mother Nickel, let her sink or swim but it's her choice.
  14. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Nicole's sister just got married (one of them) and she's very pretty. She and Nicole have the same face, but the sister takes care of herself and is a nurse. She and her new husband look like what Nicole and Azan would look like if they were normal. Also Nickel just asked strangers to gift her sister something for her wedding. Personally I think Nickel is hoping someone does and it's really for her b/c she knows no one would send her anything. No one should send her sister anything either and her sister seems like the kind of person to be horrified by this. Someone brought up on reddit that Nickel probably can afford to get them anything so she's doing this as her "present" ETA: She turned off comments and took off the begging, so either her sister complained or she got snowed in the comments. People are also speculating that it is possible that she used her sister's pictures to catfish Azan so he really was surprised about how big she was when he met her. They do look enough alike in the face for this.