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  1. doyouevengohere

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Far be it from me to stick up for the demon potato but I don't think that's a real photo- the head and the body look attached by photoshop. She is chunky though and photoshops all the photos she releases on social media and then has the nerve to call people dumplings and sausages.
  2. doyouevengohere

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    That looks like one of the many soft porn pictures that Ledia has of her self ALL OVER the walls of the same crap apt they still live in.......whenever she posts anything on IG from that gross apt there are about 50 pictures of her posing in her skimpies or drapped naked in an American flag on the walls of their living room and bedroom. NO pictures of her son and Eric only appears in the hanged photos as a prop.
  3. doyouevengohere

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    Greg is super sweet; when he teared up and all his guys were like, "just let it out/you're okay" I almost cried myself. I can see Mrs. single for 10 years being defensive about everything. I think he would have been a good match for Iris. Iris is gorgeous! She looks like a model. She was over the top about being a virgin; hopefully it was b/c production made her play it up. Her groom seems to have been raised with the same values she has, so hopefully they make it work. Amber , amber.......at first I thought she was cute as a button. But she kinda got obnoxious for me. Lot's of chemistry between her and Matt. You would think he had a sibling or cousin he wanted to invite even if he didn't want his parents there. Elizabeth has a high opinion of herself. At some angles she is really pretty but at others..... I was like is this even the same person????? Are we sure she's not a virgin and has been single for 10 years b/c I don't see anyone putting up with that for any amount of time. Mr. Nitpit seems gross. As for wedding gowns; most are white/ most brides chose white regardless of their virginal status. There are some subcultures where this is a HUGE thing. Me, raised in the Bible belt- religious town.......talking/dream planning with girlfriends about our future weddings and I said I loved a blush dress......audible gasps and "but think of what white means" and they were dead serious...... we were all about 19 . I was like um wedding dresses used to be blue and it's only because of queen victoria that we now commonly wear white.
  4. doyouevengohere

    Deavan & Jihoon:

    When are these people going to be on????? Weird tidbit: Ledia, the demonic potato, from the previous season is obsessed with her on IG and is trying to look like her now with contacts and photoshopping her photos and is commenting on many of Deavan's photos.
  5. doyouevengohere

    Laura & Aladin: A Whole New World (of Shit)

    Guys, I'm still laughing that Laura catfished her ex-husband into shaving his head bald. 😂 She wins 90 days! Out of all the cast everywhere and yet to be; she has WON!
  6. doyouevengohere

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    If you want to laugh follow @maysblackbook on IG. It's hysterical satire told from the viewpoint of May. The real Nickel got mad and responded also.
  7. doyouevengohere

    Chantel & Pedro: FatherChantel Knows Best

    Pedro is still in Atlanta and they are still married I guess. He was commenting about his mother in law (present tense ) a few weeks ago.He's been taking a lot of gym selfies while she's in Ecuador.
  8. doyouevengohere

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    exactly!!!! There are people who are really being threatened and harrassed online and off and they can't get restraining orders in place b/c the person hasn't broken any laws. ARe judges in baraboo just really bored or something?
  9. doyouevengohere

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Satan strikes again!!!!! Tasha now has another restraining order against her. Tasha had a friend through cosplay, she was the maid of honor in her wedding, then things went south, the friend stole some of Tasha's cosplay costume designs. Tasha complained about it online (not nameing her and said this girl might end up divorced, etc.... smack talk). Ledia went out of her way to befriend this girl and took several pictures with her and gushed about her new wonderful friend. Now the friend issued and had granted a restraining order against Tasha. This is just getting gross. Tasha needs to get off social media and move away. Ledia will always end up in the dumpster and go low. And I still don't understand how you can get a restraining order b/c someone said something mean about you on social media. It's not nice when people say stupid or mean things, but it's just very 5th grade. And then Ledia is online also complaining about "snowflakes" when she is the biggest one of all.
  10. doyouevengohere

    S04.E07: Into the Lion's Den

    Azan wins the best cast member for not giving Nickel what she wants and for not appearing on camera.
  11. doyouevengohere

    Paul & Karine: These Condoms Ain't For Sexin'

    Pol's visa for Brazil was denied b/c he's an arsonist. So maybe his mom was talked into sponsoring her??????? The pattern with his ex-g/fs is that he talks his mom into paying all his bills and they live in an extended stay hotel. I think she has a travel visa too so it would be possible it's just a visit.
  12. doyouevengohere

    S04.E07: Into the Lion's Den

    Chantel and Pedro's famlies are both the worst; period. All the tit for tat and delusion hate speculating ; grow the hell up, Lydia, Karen , and Thomas. Pedro and Chantel allow it and even indulge and neither fight for their marriage or the their spouse. If they aren't willing to go to counseling and listen to each other and compromise on ways to strengthen their marriage and lessen both families control (leave and cleave!!!!) and make each other the priority over their families; then they need to get divorced; end stop. Things can't keep on like they are and get better; it will only get worse.
  13. doyouevengohere

    Chantel & Pedro: FatherChantel Knows Best

    It's Chantel's real name. Supposedly Chantel is her middle name. This family has a penchant for using fake names and houses so no one finds out it's really them. They are afraid someone will harvest them.
  14. doyouevengohere

    S03.E03: Useful

    Dear lord! Do we need so many close ups of June's face??????? Personally, I am over June and she can just sit back and suck it at crazy Joe's place. I'm ready for Serena to become a quiet force and start harnessing her anger and take down Giliead from within. Joesph's wife? Maybe he is a loon and she knows things that would put him on the wall so he keeps her drugged/sedated, etc....and close.. OR he is a complicated man that really loves her and there is something wrong with her that would put her on the wall (she's a secret lesbian or bi or has a mental disorder that is frowned upon, or she murdered their only child, etc....) so he plays both sides to keep her safe??????? So did June and Nick just make baby no. 2 or what? AND I HATE Luke; he's such a whiney baby.
  15. doyouevengohere

    S04.E07: Into the Lion's Den

    Their story was a "friend" (Obed??????) introduced the two b/c she was looking for a tutor. I believe they met on a dating app as well! Pedro was looking for love in what was to be his new homeland and Chantel wanted a cute guy to practice speaking Spanish with. That said I think their story had foundations in truth- they truly loved one another and wanted to be together, thus the K1. Whatever her family's involvment in this , I think they chose to see how they could manipulate the situation to be breakout reality stars or to get River exposure so he could live the dream of a famous rapper (hahhaha all day LONG). They harvested the Merican dollar right off the backs of their daughter's relationship.