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  1. I think she's in Morocco, Azan's family or aunt might have given her a room of her own because she's a diseased American at this point. They also probably don't want to interact with her even if she wasn't shedding disease because she's Nicole.
  2. True, but she doesn't want to "come home", she wants a short term vacation and then to return to the states. I do not think that will happen.
  3. Crazy is claiming that she is leaving for Indonesia to take care of her mom (who had a surgery) in April. Um, I'm pretty sure international flights are cancelled. Someone asked her in her comments if she's a doctor couldn't she help out in her community right now. Potato replied that she is a doctor but is in self quarantine right now so she can fly to Indonesia. LOL I guess at this point Eric just goes along with her bat shit crazy claims and doesn't upset her delusions.
  4. I think she's pretty much stuck over there until they find a vaccine or something.
  5. I think they have said season 8 will be the last.
  6. Ledia, doctor (haha), asked on her IG stories why nurses are so rude then compared the coronavirus to chicken pox as in her parents would probably send her to go play with others so she would then be immune because that is totally how this virus seems to work (roll eyes here). She also opined that she hates being in healthcare (which she probably isn't).
  7. I'm sure she'll start a go fund me to help her get back to may. Her return tickets may not be honored and she might literally be stuck over there with no money.
  8. I'm pretty sure Morocco has suspended all international flights. Nickel is stuck! Bye May, see you in the next year or so!
  9. A lot could change by the time she bothers to come back. She may have to be isolated in Morroco or a foreign airport. Regardless, this was not the time to travel away from your young child. Nickel probably has price alerts set for cheap flights and jumped at the chance without even thinking about what is going on in the world and how it could impact her or her child.
  10. So she gets cheap airfare because of the virus and now possibly can not travel back to the states at the moment. Isn't May in school now? The school year has not ended; she's dumped her kid on her mom or sister to keep up with the school routines ( or establish them) . I swear Nickel is the dumbest mother. I hope she's barred from entering the US or has to stay in quarantine when she comes back.
  11. She's like a mix between Danielle, Angela, and Laura *shudder*.
  12. Hmmm, maybe she is only traveling now because tickets were likely dirt cheap. Wash your beefy hands, Nickel!!!!! And please say they are NOT being filmed; no more of this, TLC! Nickel needs to get steady work and support her kid and stop relying on TLC money or this show.
  13. Boo hoo, Flake; you and Elsa were BORING and no one cares enough to hear any updates from you.
  14. I don't have much snark to suss out. I wish TLC would give breaks between the 90 day shows b/c I feel I need time to recover between seasons and various shows showcasing people's stupidity. This is all I got: I'm over Darcy. I just don't care what happens to her at this point. Big Ed- I'd rather watch a show about his cute Fex -Ex friend. Lisa and her friend are trying to be the hillbilly trash Sex and the City. I'm sure her 15 year old daughter is horribly embarrassed.
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