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  1. sppa125

    Big Little Book Talk

    I read originally Reese didn't know who she wanted to play, and that she originally thought she thought Jane or Renata. It was Nicole and DEK who looked at her and said of course you're Madeline. I remember an interview with Reese where she said she came up with the affair idea because she wanted a secret too and didn't think there was much to Madeline in the book or than being a busybody. Seems to me Reese basically really wanted to play Jane and tried to incorporate those ideas -- having a secret, having the love interest (Tom got sidelined in favor of the extra affair with Joseph and Madeline) to Madeline instead. Originally it was Renatas husband who had an affair when caused the break out fight at Trivia Night but in the show it was Madelines affair. The problem for me was I felt that Madeline's main trajectory in the book was to counterpoint Celeste and Jane. They were abuse victims. Madeline, on the other hand, between pushing her daughter away and the way she treated Renata etc there was more of an emphasis on Madeline herself turning into a bully, but then trying to overcome that in the end. To me expanding on this angle would've made more sense in context of the overall story and show. The affair didn't add anything.
  2. sppa125

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Maybe Ryan had something to do with it. We saw what he did to Mary Pat and her head.
  3. sppa125

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Did anyone else notice that Curtis said Margaux's parents last name was Moreno. Wasn't that the name of a mafia foe of Jason and Sonny's back in the late 90's?
  4. Monty picked Burton because on the finalists, he was the closest in height to Gerald Hopkins. Steve told this story before how Mark had him go in the bathroom to stuff his shoes to seem taller, and it got him the job because she was too busy to read the finalists.
  5. I read McTavish had also planned to bring on a half-brother of Nikolas's from his Cassadine side, who was to turn out to be Sarah's husband and been a love interest for Liz, but it got dropped once Guza returned. He didn't want to go in that direction. Ironically, the character was to be named Aiden.
  6. There was also a subplot of AJ having custody of Michael. I wonder if Guza wanted to go in that direction before McTavish decided on meat hook, but given his tendency to have AJ lose and Sonny/Jason win, I think Sonny still would've ended up with the kid anyway.
  7. Guza wrote Gia as Sonny's sister into the 2003 Fan February episode. It was like the story he wanted to do but didn't end up doing cause McTavish and JFP created Courtney, and so he incorporated it into that. Basically Taggert had known all along about Gia both their half sister, since Brooklyn, apparently. Sonny was like, you knew but came after me anyway? There was a scene with Taggert and Gia's mom, Florence, approaching Sonny pointing out he was Deke's son. Sonny shook his head no, and she pointed out that he looked just like Adele and remembers seeing Sonny's picture on the mantel. There was another scene around this same time of Gia brought up to Carly that her (Gia) and Carly's husband (Sonny) knew some of the same people, and mentioned Deke being a mentor to her brother. Carly nixed that conversation in the bud for obvious reasons and said it wasn't a good memory. Remember Taggert and Sonny originally hated each other and ended up on two different sides of the law growing up because of their different expierences with Deke growing up. Gia being caught between Taggert and Sonny would have also thematically connected her in a way with Nikolas, because she would've been caught between two sides of a family that hate each other just like Nikolas was with the Spencers (cause of Laura) and Cassadines. In the Fan February episode, it was even mentioned when Sonny brought up he must be going to hell to have Taggert as a step brother, which Luke responded he understood cause what happened to him was worse -- his wife spawned a Cassadine.
  8. I was watching the Fan February episode, which introduced the idea of Taggert being Sonny's step brother and Gia being his sister. How come they didn't do this storyline on the actual show? If the mark doesn't work, FF to about 21 minutes in: