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  1. Jesse was in the army, but he was traumatized by a pair of shoes? He's such a poser with his "love and light, and wishing you beautiful things" bullshit.
  2. I watched Outdaughtered once. She was whining that no one signed their "help" calendar. I'm sorry, I'm not giving up my Saturday because you decided to have a littler.
  3. More like "Touching Little Children." The Duggars, Mama June, and that musical family. As much as I love my 90DF, I think I'm done.
  4. In FRONT of her kids? This happened a while ago, how could TLC not know??
  5. I just read In Touch on line magazine, they were married in May in Cornwall.
  6. Is there a go fund me page to buy Angela a bra that fits?
  7. I love me some Steven and Joe.
  8. Jesse's dad should be played by Steven Tyler.
  9. I can't believe she's still chasing Jesse! SHE'S the new Danyell. I see her stalking him, and he better not have any bunnies. She had major work done, too. Is she pregnant?
  10. I just spit out my Dr. Pepper.....you owe me a new keyboard!
  11. "Punto" means period. Sorry, I'm Cuban! Good point. I never thought of that!
  12. Courtney is a "Nicole" special kind of stupid. If my sister showed up with a Neanderthal like Andrei, I'd give her the side eye, too. Her dad offered to pay for trucker school, he turned him down. And to be fair, her sister is getting married in a couple of a months, Liz already had her wedding.
  13. Double D Divas? Is Jessee in the new season of Before the 90 Days? I thought I saw him!
  14. Wait..What? What did I miss? That is NOT Josh's kid!!!!!
  15. Bou

    Melanie & Devar: Jamaican Me Crazy

    Devar has a drinking problem!