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  1. I love Brene Brown she is one of my favorites. "The story I'm telling myself is..." such a good example of what Kelli is doing right now. Kelli needs to watch Brene Brown she could learn a few things.
  2. Look who worked out at Cowboys Fit today.
  3. Miranda is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is loved by her teammates. If you saw her in person you would see how beautiful she is. The editing on the SG pix is way off on the color.
  4. Miranda and Lisa with her new hair color at SG auditions.
  5. 5678Pixie

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    Looks like she auditioned yesterday so I would guess it was for Disney Cruise Line. Disney Auditions - Disney Career https://jobs.disneycareers.com/auditions Disney Auditions. ... Looking For: Dancers Tuesday, June 25, 201907:00 PMTimezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada) ..... Marvel Day at Sea – Disney Cruise Line.
  6. Wasn't it in Season 8 when the girl wore shorts to her makeover and she was used for a fashion don't in the what to or what not to wear segment? You would think Tina would know these things.
  7. Is she the only one wearing shorts today or a romper which is also considered shorts? Looks like all the other girls are wearing dresses or pants. Just shows how she knows how "special" she is and can wear what ever she feels like.
  8. Marshall posted a pix with Victoria and it looks like she is just getting her roots done also.
  9. victoriaakalina I love you so much my beautiful sis πŸ’• looking forward to spending the summer with you! haleyanderson93 @victoriaakalina love you!!! Victoria calls her sis so Charlotte probably thinks of her as her daughter. Ashley kissing up in her comment. ashleyahancock Had so much fun!!! Love ya can’t wait to see you soon πŸ€—πŸ’•
  10. DMD Katelyn a WOC is an excellent dancer and a great person I don't know why they didn't take her. DMD Jen is Asian and they didn't take her. I say if Melena, Katelyn and Jen were blonde they would have taken them. They like blonde girls with light eyes.
  11. No, just Ashley, Lisa and Julia