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  1. The Spurs are going to be doing tumbling and acrobatics also.
  2. The Cavlier Girls changed their name today to cavspowerhousedance they are doing the same thing that the Mavs dancers did. The NFL Seagals are changing their name to Sea Hawks Dancers
  3. Victoria wouldn't surprise me since she is the only one that brought Kelli to tears. LOL
  4. There is not one other girl in the entire universe that would be allowed to do all of what she has done and ever make it back again past prelim. It must be like an event for her. Like Christmas. A holiday.
  5. Does anyone know the name of the girl in white, I know she has been called everything from granny pants to diaper pants. Wonder if she can dance and if Savannah is concerned?
  6. Did Tessa in the green make it? She is Sarah Idziak"s sister.
  7. Yes 3 out of 9. Tristan, Ally and Taylor did not make it.
  8. I think they took 59 last year. Thanks for starting the list, we all appreciate it.
  9. Finalists are being announced!!!!!!!!
  10. Kelli values her life!!!! She has promised Tina.