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  1. Savanna Rachel Heather Lexie Alexis Ashlee Kneeling: Maddie Amy Tess Caroline Gina 1st standing row: Rachel Bridget Daphne Erin Molly Miranda Taylor Cici Amber Brianna Jaylyn Christina Hannah Brennan Alanna VK Amanda Kristen Madelyn Meredith blonde Taylor Lisa Kat Kelsey Lilly Chandi
  2. That is exactly what i was thinking that Victoria was not picked and then she took Jalyn's spot. I want to know if Victoria went running to Tina and tattled on Jalyn and then Tina went after Kelli. What on earth does Tina have on Kelli that we need to know about?
  3. This is a recent pix of her and this is one of the comments on this pix talky_tina_ You dance circles around the #illigetimatedcc. Don't forget that. This isn't a real situation, it's staged for the benefit of a tv show. You are far more worthy than you're being given credit for. Chin up.
  4. Kelli is more than a mean girl she is a bully. Last year she was so mean to Heather and she stayed too.
  5. Squad photo Lying in front: savanna Rachel heather Lexie Alexis ashlee Kneeling: Maddie Amy Tess Caroline Gina 1st standing row: Rachel Bridget daphne Erin molly miranda Taylor cici Amber Brianna jaylyn Christina Hannah Brennan Alanna VK Amanda Kristen Madelyn meredith blonde Taylor Lisa Kat Kelsey Lilly chandi
  6. Maddie and Heather answered a few questions on the show and Maddie did not seem fully awake when talking. It was a little after 9 am. I wonder how these girls are able to hold a job when they have so many of these appearances to do.
  7. On August 12 Shelly posted this so Maddie and Cianna must have gained all the weight just since then. Makes me wonder if Cianna will audition again next year since it seems hard to keep her weight down. ShellyB replied to Drogo's topic in Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team Last time I weighed them they were all on target. August 12
  8. Looks like Maddie and Cianna have put weight on since swimsuit pix
  9. Cianna is at 2:33 and her stomach is looking heavy for a DCC. She likes to drink and that may be what is causing a tummy like this. Here is a pix of Gabby and Cianna, Gabby's stomach looks much flatter than Cianna's in this pix. I guess both of them have put on weight since swimsuit pix but only Gabby got cut.
  10. Someone was asking to see Sam dance. She is on your far left in the back she has on black shorts and white shoes.
  11. I noticed all of Victoria's teammates call her Vic. Has she always gone by Vic?
  12. FTLOG please don't even think this. I think she is already trying to make sure her daughter has every advantage possible to become a DCC.
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