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  1. She posted it after all the comments on here, defiantly not a coincidence. I think she liked all the attention on here even if it was negative.
  2. I do not believe she was saying DCC approved the post, I think she is saying that God approves of everything she does. lol If Kelli keeps her on the team she better tape her mouth shut and ban her from all social media.
  3. She probably was told to delete her insta stories and the pix on it. She didn't know how and she accidentally deleted her whole Instagram. Did you see she posted the song "Let's give them something to talk about"?
  4. The season is almost over and she still hasn't improved. Wonder if she will be back next year?
  5. Gina is out because she is injured and requires surgery. She is done for the season.
  6. Everywhere on social media they have "eliminated" her. The comments on here do not sound good if she plans to come back.
  7. Kelli is mad Bridgett fainted what kind of a director is that? At the time she had no idea what was wrong with her. She has zero empathy for these girls. Shaina lost her friends, Julia got in a car wreck, it is like she has no use for girls that have any kind of a problem in their life. Julia is not liked by Charlotte or Kelli so she was going to get cut even if she hadn't messed up in the office. The fact that they showed her pouting saying "F that" and brushing off Cianna and her teammates was to show the world what kind of a girl she is and to justify cutting her. I hope she has enough sense not to come back next year.
  8. It is not Halloween yet! lol Someone posted a pix of Julia wearing those black leather pants last week at a bar and dancing on the table. Maybe Kelli and Charlotte saw this side of her and it had something to do with their decision plus the bad media day. Seriously this is typical of how 25 year olds girls dress in Dallas. Well maybe the the laced up front and no bra was a little much even for Dallas. Like @Holly85 said she is living her best life so I hope she continues to instead of letting Kelli run her life.
  9. When Shaina started talking to Kelli I noticed Kelli's arms were crossed in front of her showing just how closed off she was to Shaina talking to her.
  10. Julia looks like a 25 year old girl that lives in Dallas. The DCC are not allowed to be themselves. If she is smart she will move on from DCC and live her best life instead of living a life for Kelli.
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