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  1. greeneggsandham

    S05.E20: The One Who Will Save Us All

    This is REALLY interesting, and the only way for them to not be immediately affected by the movie, but how much time has gone by since the diner? Would they have enough time to have all their next season's episodes BEFORE Thanos arrives in their timeline? Then they would be seeing the consequences of Infinity War Pt 1 at the end of next season instead of this one. (Provided they get another season).
  2. greeneggsandham

    Good Girls

    I was disappointed to not see Beth tell Dean she knew about the fake cancer. I was also expecting a few more twists, such as (1) Annie being pregnant from her one night stand with her ex, and (2) I was hoping it would turn out that Rio is deep undercover law enforcement, that way he could eventually be seen as a good guy and it would be ok for him to have a relationship with Beth. I love the chemistry between those two, but Rio's behavior has been getting much more sinister these past two episodes :( Maybe Beth is dreaming that Rio beat up Dean and passed her a gun.
  3. greeneggsandham

    S16.E08: Client On The Go

    This. Yes. So much of their work is derivative of their own wardrobes or of those around them, and that's just not what I tune in to see.