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  1. I thought Daphne looked really bad when she was sharing the story of her grandfathers passing. I thought she looked so much better last season, before the calendar shoot. Also, for some reason she just comes off as a goody two shoes, very prissy, to me.
  2. If you don't recall VK mentioned last season that she was going to practice in her in-home rehearsal studio. Typically, who has that in their house?
  3. She even has a double chin! So she definitely has put on some weight 😳
  4. By just taking a look at Tina Kalina's "likes" on twitter, you can see she is DCC obsessed lol
  5. Not sure if this was posted before. But I was cringing the whole time watching it. I feel like Maddie didn't fully answer the question and I feel like Kelli seemed unprepared in her answers lol.
  6. Anyone else think that if Jalyn auditions again next year this could be used against her to make next years training camp?
  7. You can't go by last years cameo pictures...they're the worst! Jalyn is gorgeous. I've never seen her give a bad facial while dancing yet!
  8. I forgot to mention Shaina in my last post. She is seriously stunning, even before the makeover! I can’t believe they didn’t take her over Meredith and Kat! I hope auditions again next year.
  9. Let's not forget that TPTB took more girls this year in Show Group. So no reason for Jalyn's cut from show group this year. She actually had a better chance making it because they took more girls. I wouldn't like it if Jalyn retired after this year, but I understand why she would. She is one of my top 3 rookies from last year and one of my favorite veterans this year. And WHY couldn't we get Caroline at point this year? 🙄
  10. I don't know...I thought the whole performance was boring 😴
  11. I just realized that Alexis is not in this group photo. But Kat and Meredith are in the photo.
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