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  1. Yes, I saw a video of her dancing and I couldn’t believe that was her. She was in such better shape last season! Yikes!
  2. I must say I am surprised that Savannah didn't get a leadership role, even if it was 2nd group leader. I feel kind of bad for her, but wonder what they may say about her personality too.
  3. I have been wondering if any of the Vets regretted auditioning this season with the way things have been for them so far this season. -not being able to do a calendar shoot -not being able to dance on the field -having to wear masks while they dance -probably will not be doing any appearances this season And for the rookies it must really suck that you do not get any of the perks of being a DCC this season with them not being able to make it official on social media til after the season finale of DCCMTT airs. Also, them having to cover their faces with the masks while they dance on the decks. I am all for masks. But it still has to suck not being able to be recognized as a DCC.
  4. Rachel W is very beautiful. But I don't think she has the power that KaShara or even Jenna had as point. But I still rather see Rachel W then Maddie as point. It's too bad Bridget retired this year. She would of been awesome at point!
  5. Wow, to me that totally did not look like Brianna! But I know it is her.
  6. If I recall correctly, Holly P also tweeted a player who captured a video of her dropping a pom (i believe) and she responded to it. I think that was the last time she tweeted anything under her DCC twitter handle before she resigned.
  7. I hope Cianna is on weight warning because she is definitely looking pudgy! I hate to say that...I love her! 😔
  8. Ugh, the thought of Alora-Rose making the team over Hannah after seeing Alora-Rose dancing on Sunday 🤮
  9. I feel like Alora-Rose and VK were competing to see who had better hair-ography dancing to one another. It was very distracting and over the top!
  10. So did Elli make the team? I haven't seen any photos or videos.
  11. Every time I watch this clip, all I see is Marissa there in the back dancing ridiculously. Reminds me of a 15 year old. I feel like she has some maturing to do!
  12. Not even Chandler? I felt like she was honestly the most unattractive TCC. Maybe even Karen from Season 10. I just felt like she had no neck. I was surprised she made it into TC.
  13. I honestly think Marissa looks great in the uniform. It suits her body nicely.
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