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  1. Not Marissa stealing Alanna’s spotlight! Just Kidding! 😂 Congrats to both couples! I was thinking that Alanna looks the best in the squad photo this year. My eyes really gravitate toward her too. I also think Madeline M looks good in the squad photo too and I often feel she doesn’t look good in photos in her first two seasons. I was thinking today about how there was a covid exposure on the last day of training camp and yet Kelli and Judy did not quarantine, and instead they were shown sitting right next to one another, without masks on, while using Zoom or whatever app they used to cut Lily, Brennan, and Hannah. Something ain’t right there, no? 🤔🤣
  2. Not a chance with the "talent" they have now auditioning lol Kelsey was a slow learner.
  3. I really hope Maddie and Tess both retire this year. I also hope it is Taylor J's last year too. I find her to be so boring that I forget she is on the team. I think this could be Rachel A's, Lexie, and probably Jalyn's last year. If I was Savannah I would retire this year since she does get passed up on a lot. But I agree this would be a crappy year to retire from for anyone considering it. Anyone else think it is odd that TPTB has Jalyn going almost back to her rookie audition hair color? Which they hated! Unless it is just the photography.
  4. I really wish TPTB would've made Marissa a redhead. I think she would look stunning as a redhead like Savannah or Hannah honestly. I think it would of made her blue eyes stand out. Tess's chest 😳
  5. I am surprised that Tori didn't make the team over Alora-Rose and Jessica. I actually like Sydney's cameo. I like her hair better straight then the curly style. The curly style was too much and it looked like it was constantly covering her face.
  6. I don't see Hannah or Brennan. I thought they got cut on the final day of TC? So I am wondering if the team was already announced once they put everyone in their positions?
  7. Yeah, Briana is definitely a better dancer than Cianna in my opinion.
  8. I'm pretty sure that Lacey didn't do lyrical her first audition. I thought it was a jazz number? Amy's last audition was not a tap dance if I recall. The only thing that comes to mind is "don't do sh*t you can't do" but at the same time TPTB claims to want the "all-around performer."
  9. Can Maddie do anything else? Isn't this the 3rd year in a row that her solo has been the same...right down to her look! 🥱 😴
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