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  1. well based on the two comments I’ve seen of Tess on Molly’s post about her retiring, I would have to assume Tess is auditioning again 😴💤
  2. She is the only one I seen actually comment on that post.
  3. I don’t know...if Erin could wish Savannah a happy belated birthday today, certainly she could wish Jalyn a happy birthday too. Same with “liking” a post on Instagram. Is it really that hard to make a comment? People are on social media all the time, I don’t think recouping from the holiday is really that big of an excuse. Nobody can go without using their phones or not going on social media these days lol 🙈
  4. Ok, so it’s Jalyn’s birthday today. I noticed how Hannah and Daphne are the only 2 DCC that have wished her a happy birthday on social media. In fact, Erin wished Savannah a happy belated birthday today in her insta story but nothing to Jalyn. Any insiders know what Jalyn is like outside of DCC? Is she a good team mate? I think it’s odd how nobody has wished her a happy birthday and even the DCC Instagram and twitter made a post about it being her birthday. I saw there were some likes on the dcc Instagram post but nobody made a comment from what I could see. Very odd in my opinion. Just makes me further believe this could be Jalyns last season whether it’s her choice or not. 😕
  5. Looks like Bridget was point during the halftime performance today. Saw a clip on DCC insta stories.
  6. VK is the one second from the left and the other is Kat. You are correct!
  7. Kristin Dodd commented that Heather stayed an extra year. So it’s Amy’s last game too. I wonder who else that this will be there last game (intentionally or not)? Still hoping Heather gets PB today!🙏🏼⭐️
  8. Gina’s makeup is airbrushed. That’s probably why she looks different.
  9. I seen that Lacey posted on her insta-stories today that she got engaged!
  10. Maddie has a gummy smile just like VK! Never really noticed until today lol
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