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  1. Why was KaShara at the banquet? If it had to do with pro bowl, don't you think it should of been Lacey "passing the torch" as she was pro bowl cheerleader the year before Amy? So weird to me, and kind of annoying lol I like KaShara, but I get the vibe that she is like teachers pet, even when she was on the squad. Does KaShara have an official position with the DCC/Cowboys?
  2. Kelsey is rookie of the year and Bridget is veteran of the year!!!
  3. From what I can see, they look so bored and serious lol. Breanna and Erin have their head leaning on their hands lol According to Judy's instagram story it appears to me that she received some kind of award/glass trophy of some sort.
  4. All DCC seem to be very silent on instagram today, which is unusual. I've seen only a few have instastories today.
  5. Anyone heard anything about the banquet that is today? Veteran and Rookie of the Year? 🤔
  6. I think that Marissa Garrison is a really cute girl. But they should really make her a red head like Hannah and Savannah, instead of keeping her an icy blonde if she makes it into TC. It will make her blue eyes really pop!
  7. I want to know if that Charger girl made it to semis lol Cheyanne Hays.
  8. So far she hasn't posted if she has auditioned or if she made it to round 2 for that matter on social media.
  9. It won't let me post it for you. Its saying its too large.
  10. Can I just say that the song they chose for the DCC dance portion is AWFUL! 😂 I'd hate to be a judge and hear that terrible song over and over while viewing candidates submissions.
  11. I thought the same thing. I purposefully didn't show who posted it. I don't want to ruin anyone's chances/dream over my sleuthing lol. But its not that hard to find really.
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