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  1. skermac

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    how come Owen didn't go to court and try to keep the kid, I was hoping to see him is a little bit of courtroom drama, instead he just hand over the kid, total bs imo
  2. skermac

    Characters We Hate: Nosocomial Infections

    I don't care for Teddy when she tries to get closer to Owen, but I like her when doing her normal duties. Also I don't understand why some don't like Lexi, she was one of my favorite characters
  3. everytime I hear jackson talking about doing a complicated procedure, I keep thinking about how Mark Sloan running surgical circles around him, I like Jackson but in my mind he will never be as good a surgeon as Mark
  4. skermac

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    i hate Shondaland so much, this is the first only and last shondaland tv show I will ever watch, death isn't needed to create drama and its getting so old, stop making us care about people and then kill them off
  5. skermac

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    I don't know why they made the episode Christmas/new years theme in Feb, made no sense to me, the episode itself was ok, nothing that great, am I setting myself up for disappointment each week by hoping I will see an episode as good as we got in the first few seasons?
  6. skermac

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    nothing in this episode stood out to me, standard episode, nothing great
  7. skermac

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    I like Teddy but she is getting on my nerves, I want Owen and Amelia to be happy together, I love Ameliia and she doesn't need Teddy butting in, Owen can his their kid when its born, But keep him and Teddy apart does anyone else think Catherine will be the next major character killed off the show?
  8. skermac

    S15.E09: Shelter From the Storm

    that's what I miss, the old kick ass Bailey
  9. skermac

    Saddest Moments: Morbidity and Mortality

    that makes me want to cry just thinking about it
  10. skermac

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    so this was a mid season finale, when will it return?
  11. skermac

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    did Meredith violate HIppa by telling Jaggie about Catherine? and why would big mouth jaggie tell Jackson about his mom? mredith and DeLuca or Linc? well DeLuca has been there longer and I think his feelings are more genuine and I think he would be better for her
  12. skermac

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    well the wind was damaging everything, its what most people would talk about during a big storm, im sorry but I take jaggie's side on this she said what most would say in this weather sitution
  13. skermac

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    why was Jackson mean to jaggie at the very beginning? she made a comment about the weather and he answered very rudely, she should get far away from him, I never cared for him much and I still dont
  14. skermac

    S15.E07: Anybody Have a Map?

    I am really starting to HATE shondaland, I mean save the baby and kill the mom, really? is it too hard to give a happy outcome once in a while, I get the show is about drama, but all we seem to get is death. Jaggie seems to whine about everything, Jackson should probably leave her, she is enough to get on anyones last nerve, she didn't used to be this bad
  15. skermac

    S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    I will never forget Lexi and Mark, Mark was a my favorite doctor, Lexi was my first crush on this show, I cried hard for both of them, I shed tears as soon as I saw Lexi on this episode