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  1. Shady Lady

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Well my screaming at the TV saying WHAT! got my poor dog upset. What a bunch of dog crap. I figured him 4th. Boo.
  2. Who was the blond father of the baby? So familiar looked like the guy from Revenge. Was it him?
  3. Shady Lady

    S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    Did anyone notice that 3 Times our Goose crashed into something. Twice it was a lantern once a stool or something. Once he said ouch and once someone said are you ok? I need a life. And a Goose needs to be more careful or his goose will be cooked.
  4. Shady Lady

    S05.E05: Week 3: Part 2

    Hi all. Just wanted to pass on some interesting news. I live 40 miles from where Jordan is from, (I love him and his silly comments) he is from Crystal River Florida. On my 5 o’clock news they just did an interview with his father and brother about a run this weekend that Jordan will be at. It’s about a run the family is hosting for families that have lost children from miscarriage or stillborn children. His brother lost a child. I wish I could go but only to have lunch with Jordan to hear him talk. I could never make a 5k run.
  5. Shady Lady

    S05.E02: Kaniel Outis

    New poster, I loved PB back then,my very favorite show, and love it that it came back. Happy to see Micheal back in form. What was that stuff about Freddie Mercury and his ashes? I could hardly hear much what they were talking about, especially the girl, I loose their names, she was talking so quiet. So the break out starts next week, Micheal has some new friends inside, I hope his old friends arent forgotten. Need more TBag, my favorite villain.