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  1. New show on Discovery Plus. Name of show is Too Large. Weight loss journeys without most the drama, angst and family dysfunction that we see on 600 Lb Life.
  2. Just saw where the McNally Estate is on the market so I guess they were fixing it up to sell. It’s a gorgeous house, but I’m not sure I would enjoy living in it. Awfully big and ornate.
  3. Yep. I had seen something else online where the family mentioned that he was in prison, but it didn’t go into the details of the offense.
  4. I saw where Alicia was upset because of the way the show portrayed Tim as being too controlling and non-supportive. I kinda agree with her. I think Tim just had a habit of making all the decisions because Alicia couldn’t or wouldn’t make her own life decisions. Until she developed the confidence to actually make a decision and follow through, I think Tim still felt that he had that responsibility. And that’s a very hard habit to break. Hoping their decisions these days are arrived at in a more equitable manner. Tim will probably be relieved once he realizes she can carry part of the load now.
  5. Even before the diagnosis, it seemed to me that Lola’s demeanor was not her typical friendly, chit-chat style. She seemed tense and very apprehensive. My bet is that she knew immediately that something was very “off” with Ashley.
  6. I watched this online but don’t worry - no spoilers. I just wanted to tell everyone that closed-caption will be your savior tonight. Even Dr. Now seemed to mumble more than usual.
  7. Honestly, I’m beginning to have more sympathy for the 600Pounders who sit home and eat all day. I’ve never had a love affair with food and never had a significant weight problem (although I could stand to lose 5 or 6 pounds). But I’ve always been busy with jobs, family, etc. Now that I’m in a stay-at-home situation, I’ve turned into an eating machine! I wake up thinking about food. As soon as I have finished breakfast, I start thinking about lunch. And dinner. And snacks. It’s crazy!!! But when you never leave your house, it becomes your focus. If this stay-at-home thing lasts several more mo
  8. I was so shocked when it appeared that Dr. Now’s office didn’t step in to help them. I only go to my doctor for a check-up once a year or so, but among the routine health questions are several relating to the patient’s mental health and home situation. I asked them one time why those questions were asked and they said if a patient appears to need assistance, the office will make sure they get in contact with the appropriate agencies for help or intervention. When Dr. Now realized these two were in a strange town, homeless, jobless and clueless, I expected him to immediately connect them to a s
  9. I usually have zero patience with the 600-pounders and their ridiculously enabling families, but this episode was different for me. From the beginning, Dominic and James seemed like lost souls who just can’t figure out how to do life. All they have is each other and a van and they don’t seem to have the skills or motivation to attempt a change. It just all seemed sad. Very sad.
  10. LOL, I was so disappointed that Dr. Now didn’t say “let’s go to the scale and find out for sure”. Just really wanted to see her face when it showed the true weight!
  11. YES! Regardless of the root cause, all of these folks have severe psychological issues that need to be addressed in a much more substantial way that what is shown on the show. And in the cases where the participant has been massively overweight since childhood - why didn’t the parents try to address those psychological issues when the child was young? The problem wasn’t going to suddenly disappear.
  12. It seemed to me that she was already pissed off that Dr. Now had the absolute nerve to tell her she had to stop eating so much. How dare he suggest such a thing???? 😂
  13. I may be completely wrong (and it wouldn’t be the first time! 😂) but I don’t think Seana played us. I think Mom and Derrickus are the players. It seemed to me that Seana was probably pushed into participating in the show by her mom, who was fed up with supporting Seana’s massive addiction. I don’t think Seana ever had any real desire to change, hence the constant “I lost it” excuse. When mom realized this was going to total failure, she just bailed out and left town. Derrickus was just in it for the fun of being on tv. When the fun ended, he disappeared too. I really bel
  14. Two hours of mind-numbing boredom. Why on earth do I watch this crap???
  15. EXACTLY what I was thinking! The day that I start worrying about the color of my underarms is the day I call and make an appointment with the best shrink in town!
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