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  1. I'm so tired of beach wave hairstyles on the show.
  2. Me too! Bobby was the best. It's just that I get a twinge every time Brooke calls him Dad. as Btw - I saw today's episode about 4 or 5 days ago. I thought I was watching that days episode but it was a leaked episode on YT. I didn't want to say anything as I wasn't sure what was going on.
  3. Thanks so much. Brooke and Taylor forever. OUCH!
  4. Will we have to wait until maternity leave is over? I watched some of the very early Ridge and Brooke scenes and saw how they did romance (and the hot sex) in the late 80's. Ridge was designed as romantic leading man (I do believe) - so what's this Ridge supposed to be? Does anyone know why B&B never went to an hour long show?
  5. These are my sentiments as well. I may have seen Caroline for one week on screen and didn't like her or the actress. I stopped watching as I often do when bored and feel it coming on again until the PhoBeth resumes or resolves. Or give Brooke some major scandal. I had hoped for Brooke and Taylor to get down but they can't even write that anymore. Tay is too cray.
  6. Well that's a bit of sass from Brooke. What the heck did Caroline want with Ridge? Well, never mind. I don't want to think of the lack of hotness with those two.
  7. In my eyes, every Thomas has been ugly and I don't like this new one's face either. I'm kind of grateful I wasn't watching the show when Ridge and Caroline were together. Does anyone know who Brooke was doing then? 😂
  8. What happened to "blimey"? This accent changing is the stupidest thing they've done in ages.
  9. Flo - Hey, Hope? Hope - Yes, Flo? Flo - forget about Phoebe and baby talk - let's talk about our rockin' beach waves! Where'd you get your flat iron?
  10. I've been watching soaps a long time and when you have a story such as this it needs to keep moving with different things happening every day, not the same thing each day until it's time for the conclusion. In the very old days, GH could keep one story line going for 7 to 10 months. I'm bored now, so maybe get a new story going with, oh, I don't know - the rest of your cast??
  11. TessHarding2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm figuring Franco will be healed by Monday's show. Seems they heal real quick from a stab wound. Remarkable hospital.
  12. In my head I'm skipping right to the "hand off" with the blubbering mother and grandmother (swollen and puffy not including their own facial enhancements with Brooke watching Hope lovingly take Phoebeth into her arms. Passing out free halos for the party.