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  1. Agreed. They settle in. I just hope Netflix buys S3.....I need to see what happens. I have started reading the first book though!
  2. I’m not sure I’d heard the theory that it may have been intended as a deterrent to the USSR. Interesting. I knew you’d be knowledgeable on the subject. :) Though I generally think of Truman as a pretty decent man. I have trouble believing that was his rationale for bombing Japan. I think Elizabeth was somewhat brainwashed as far as the USSR was concerned. She didn’t see reality anyway. Certainly there’s plenty of US history that wasn’t exactly our finest hour- or depending on your POV-sounds pretty bad, depending on how you frame the story. But- one of her issues was how close minded she was. It made her easier to manipulate. She was taught a way of thinking about the USSR and the US- and that was it. A bit OT, but my knowledge on the Weimar Republic is fairly sparse. I’m trying to learn as I watch Babylon Berlin.
  3. I’m not an expert on the Japanese/WWII, but I will say the fighting in the Pacific War was BRUTAL. I’ve read a lot about it; it’s been awhile, but the Japanese were pretty fanatical fighters. And I do mean fanatical. I do not feel that’s an overstatement given the prevailing mindset at the time. And the treatment of our POWs by them.....well, having had a relative who was a POW in the Philippines and later escaped- appalling and sick are the most restrained things I have to say on that subject. While America did drop two A bombs....so far, I’ve never had a problem with Truman’s call. But there’s certainly plenty of opinions on the subject. But again- I won’t claim to be any kind of expert. The firebombings of Tokyo and Dresden were pretty devastating as well. I think more may have died in the firebombing, but don’t quote me. Not to mention Tokyo was largely wooden frame homes. It was catastrophic. I think Tokyo gets lost in the focus on the A bombs. Bringing that back around to the show, I do agree that Elizabeth wouldn’t have had to be fed lies about the US to find reasons to hate it. We’ve certainly done some bad things.
  4. This may not be the thread for this, but.....If you haven’t given Babylon Berlin a try, I’d recommend it. It’s on Netflix. It’s a German show taking place in 1929 Germany- the twilight of the Weimar Republic. I’m 6 episodes into S1, and it is amazing. Brilliant. Netflix better grab S3 when it comes out! It’s loosely based on books- 2 of which have been translated into English. Definitely going to give them a try too.
  5. I don’t think it was the most flattering either, but worst seems like a gross overstatement. A lot of their worst dresses I thought were lovely. Or at least definitely not qualifying as worst. Makes me wonder what I’d think of the best dressed list. Lol I haven’t looked yet.
  6. CF was also in the same position as KR- this was her last chance to win for the role. I didn’t watch S2 of the Crown, but I do know CF was great in S1. I’m really excited for Matthew. He deserved it. His work has always been outstanding and the final episode was truly amazing. I’m glad to hear he mentioned Noah. He was fabulous as well. The garage scenes don’t work without both of them being perfect. And they were.
  7. She was great. I enjoyed watching her story. I totally understand why they wanted to spend significant time on the terrorist end of the show. It was humanizing and they only have one season with them. And it was over all well written. But in S2- they really need to work on time management and character development for their core cast. We should certainly see more of Jack Ryan- the title character- than we have. He should be developed further. They have time to do it, but they should put some real focus there next season. I was relieved Ali couldn’t bring himself to kill the family. I really didn’t want to see that. But- it made total sense to me why Suleiman told him to kill all witnesses. I found Victor’s story unnecessary. And more than I wanted to see on multiple levels. One problem with having quickly watched the whole series- the episodes have blended together. I can’t quite remember exactly what happened in a given episode....and I don’t want to spoil anything
  8. Yeah. I don’t get his lack of reaction to his father’s lies either. At the same time, he doesn’t run and tell his dad they’re in America. Suleiman finds out via the game. Totally unlike how he found out the girls were leaving.
  9. Yeah. It could have. But I’m glad we got to hear the story anyway. It was character building, relationship building, and relevant to what had gone on. I can ignore that the story could have waited.
  10. I feel like part of the problem is they’ve been underwritten. The relationship is like an afterthought. So is Cathy. Sometimes their scenes work imo; others, they seem tossed together, not thought through or given much depth. I go back and forth. But I definitely think the writers need to handle them differently somehow next season. It does make me glad that the focus is on Greer/Jack. That relationship works, is interesting and is being nicely developed. The actors have very good chemistry too. I don’t expect Cathy to guess he’s CIA, but I do expect her to be more questioning about what he really does. Seems weird that she doesn’t. The Victor plot is what really feels out of place. Most of it doesn’t connect to anything else that is happening. That seems like a waste.
  11. Thank you. Why she got shot has been confusing me. That makes sense- he didn’t know she was a cop.
  12. I really enjoyed the series. Wish we didn’t have to wait so long for S2. I think the relationship between Jack and Greer is very well done. They actors play really well off each other. I look forward to watching it continue to evolve. I’m glad it’s the central relationship of the show rather than the romance because the romance doesn’t work as well. Spending more time on the bromance wouldn’t hurt. It plays to the show’s strengths. Speaking of the romance, I think they need to work on Cathy and the relationship with Jack next season. It’s not quite clicking imo. I’m not sure how to fix it, but the character and relationship need some work. I do wonder if they boxed themselves in a bit by having her specialty be so tied to this plot. I don’t think they’ll repeat it next year- I’ve gathered from interviews that they know they need to diversify their storytelling. But- still- I’m not sure it did her character any favors. JK did a good job playing Jack, showing him as both a fish out of water, but with obvious skills and talents in the field that can be improved on. I do think they should devote more time to him next season though. I understand wanting to flesh out other characters too, especially Hanin and Suleiman, but Jack is the title character. They need to flesh him out further. Build his relationships more. The Victor plot was basically a waste imo. Except for saving Hanin, he tied into nothing. The airtime could’ve been used better imo. One episode would have sufficed for him. Regarding the finale specifically: I liked how Jack killing Suleiman directly tied back to when he didn’t shoot his brother in a crowd. He listened and learned from Greer. It also showed Suleiman’s downfall was his family. That’s why he stopped. IIRC. I thought it was a good call that Jack was unsure about Samir’s future. He fought for him, he hopes for the best, but is undecided. I think he’s likely fine. But Jack’s uncertainty ties a bit back to the kid suicide bomber. Who can know for sure? Ending the episode by putting clear focus on Greer/Jack made me particularly excited about next season. With a few tweaks this can go from a very good show to a great one.
  13. I don’t think it was all an act with Nina regarding Stan either. But I think her feelings for him were complicated at best- even before Vkad’s death. He successfully blackmailed her, resulting in her risking her life, betraying her country.....How exactly she felt about him is difficult to say imo.
  14. I see Philip liking the idea of disappearing into America more than actually handing information over to the Americans. It fits someone who still cares about home better. Someone who never can quite let it go, even when he wants to. I do agree Elizabeth helped keep Philip focused or grounded, if you will. He liked that about her though. He didn’t see it as a bad thing. He probably did need that to some extent. Philip could become someone else- anyone really- very easily. He’s that adaptable. But I don’t think he regretted her or the major choices he made. When he felt strongly enough about things- he did them.
  15. Yes- Elizabeth thinks him asking her to drop it is more proof he doesn’t care about home. We know he still cares. It’s that he sees this as destroying them all. He sees it as a pointless sacrifice. Why give up everything for what you believe to be a virtual suicide mission? He’s suggesting using discretion in her jobs. Thinking about it! Save herself for other clients who need her. I kinda wish Philip had pointedly said that- how totally screwed they all are if she gets herself caught/killed. We know it. They know it. But I wish it had been said. It wasn’t a minor issue. And while that’s always a risk, something can always go wrong, it was clear this was easily about the most deadly mission they’d knowingly undertaken. But E couldn’t let it go, and P was unwilling to not try and help save her because he loved her. He probably did at least save her life by being there. At least it wasn’t all for nothing for him....
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