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  1. So, I haven’t been around for a long while, started a relationship, ended a relationship, all that and while I haven’t posted about Riverdale in months, I’ve still kept up. So, to keep it brief, I’m sort of surprised on the reaction for these storylines this year. I’ve have LOVED Jughead and Archie’s stories this year. When Jug was just going to the school to prove he can do it, and even when there was a growing conspiracy I’m like fine it’s killing it the story for me. But dude, another Secret Society? Wasn’t BOTH The Gargoyle King and The farm CULTS? Seriously? Why are we ruining a story that has suited Jughead for the first time in two years?! I’m real surprised Archie’s storyline is the the most ridiculous story going on (especially with two other Storylines going on, but I’ll get to them) I think Archie story fits... well Archie? He’s not Steve Jobs smart, but he can fight, and even FP knows there’s a point that you have to do something on your own. I think it’s real goofy that he’s getting away with but look, if Riverdale actually have a damn about it’s plots. Archie would be calling himself the Riverdale Reaper or The Black Hood rn and putting actual fear using imagery and it would be ironic story wise and work, The show has already stupidly dropped Archie and Hiram teaming up to take care of Dodger. Hell, His uncle showing up SHOULD be a red herring and he should have the evil plan to steal Fred’s company or take control of Riverdale to which Archie stands up and shows he can do things his fathers way but we won’t get that on this show. Kj and his acting really outshine everything going on the show right now and it helps me look past how mishandled a simple story like this is. I mean I got chills from “I’ll kill ALL of you!” Then you know, Archie’s not allowed to lash out like the others on the show so he has to cry and let it all out by the next scene without us even building on his anger. At all. Also, real sad they’re just dropping FP/Archie and how he just walked away when Jug came to his dad, that easily could’ve been a great moment where Jug/FP accept Archie in their circle just like Fred and Archie did with Jug in s1. But, hey, can’t have that. SPEAKING OF FAMILIES! Veronica vs Hiram only works for me if it ends in Hiram becoming more like her or her becoming more like him. It has to have a definite winner this season or I give up on Veronica completely, no matter how hott Camila is and no matter how much she’s improved if they just feed all her screen time to this and it doesn’t go nowhere what’s her point anymore? Where’s Hermione btw? SPEAKING OF MORE FAMILIES!? My God I’m so tired of the terrible “might be psycho” Betty plot. It’s garbage, this mind control was never mentioned before hypnosis sure, but not mind control specifically, Evelyn is even more terrible than Edgar, and Betty just... like what has happened with character? It’s like every season besides the first, she has to be something extreme. Nancy Drew (S2) Batgirl (S3) and now she’s... Norman Bates? These wouldn’t even be that terrible if they CONNECTED!? There was no reason was she was the omnipotent Superhero figuring EVERYTHING out last season and there’s no reason or motivation for to be a serial killer? We’ve had no inclination she wants to or has the actual urge to harm and kill people, she doesn’t show any motive besides putting her cat down in a brutal way? She didn’t even kill Hal?? Like how have we got to this point?? Also, WHY IS NOBODY ELSE INVOLVED IN HER STORY BESIDES CHARLES AND ALICE?! Come on man. Last but definitely the least in terms of quality is Cheryl Blossom and the abysmal hole her already damaged character has fallen into. Toni is basically her prop, EVERYBODY HAS EXCUSES THE FACT SHE HAD AND TALKED TO JASONS FRIGGIN CORPSE!!!! EVEN THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR! Like no, you’re not just being gaslit because you’re talking to a damn corpse, guilting and manipulating said girlfriend to living with said corpse, and just like last season using your privilege in every situation you need to. Like and this stuff with Penelope being bout in the bunker, “on Trial” and Cheryl acting like she’s some high authority when she should’ve turned her mom in for I don’t know BEING THE GARGOYLE KING? You can tell Madeleine is trying, the poor girl is committed but it’s seriously just one of the worst plots I’ve seen not just on Riverdale, but CW in years. Did I say I’d keep it brief? My bad.
  2. Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh, not going to agree with Alaric being a terrible parent/poor Lizzie narrative. Mental illness in Lizzie is obviously there but that responsibility does not fall on Josie, Hope, or anyone else in the school and Alaric is doing his part in trying to understand and help her. But what I most disagree with in this thread is Hope and Alaric’s obvious relationship being this detriment to Lizzie’s mental state and Josie and hers well being. Lizzie’s insecurity about Hope is natural human jealousy. Even if it triggers more heightened emotions it’s a terrible stance to set if Alaric pushes Hope way to the side in favor of Lizzie’s feelings, it’s unjustified since Hope has done them no harm. What if Josie triggered Lizzie’s episodes? Would Alaric have to stray from her? Hope has been through more in her last 3 years then Lizzie’s faced at all yet. I’m not even a big fan of Hope in this show but it is crazy to me that Alaric finding himself as a guardian to Hope like he did Elena is insane to me. I’m not saying Lizzie is terrible in her own right but the whole “Alaric needs to be parent and watch for his REAL daughters is bs since he runs a live in school of highly powerful probably dysfunctional kids.
  3. Uh, so I had to watch the finale three times to make sure I didn’t miss anything because like the last two penultimate episodes, it was scene-cut-scene-scene-scene. So much so that it’s hard for to find details on first watch. Im gonna let the GK reveal slide solely on the fact they threw in the line that Penelope had be behind this from the jump and has basically been “evil” since she killed Clifford in S1. This was honestly a more satisfying conclusion than I thought we were going to get, because they did tie Penelope’s actions for almost 3 seasons into this reveal and it doesn’t faulter on logic. So much has happened since Ep 4 so most forgot about her basically being sold as a kid reveal, she literally revealed she kills both Blossom brothers in Ep 11, and she has been treating Cheryl like she’s a psychopath for almost two seasons now so like Archie said in the best line of the episode “you’re nuts”. I want to give the writers credit but tbh it feels they came to a realization after writing the musical in ep. 16 and was like “ how do we tie in the 4 major storylines we have this season?” And someone spouted “Chic” and then that caused they’re Black Hood return, and they though “wouldn’t it be cool if the Gargoyle King and Black Hood we’re both controlled by The Red Dahlia? Wouldn’t it?” Then they wrote the finale. Once again I find most of the episode fun, I loved Jughead and Archie fighting Chic and the bear guy. I liked the Veronica and Betty scene even though they’ve barely been together all season. Very disappointed we rushed Varchie back together. Like idk how that was decided but it sucked. Bughead very much bores me now because it does not in anyway or form progress the characters. Once again we put the focus on Betty, even though there’s no character arc involved. At least last season with The Black Hood Archie and Betty had to test their own “Darkness” because of what Hal was doing to them and the town, but this season she has no progression even with two major storylines she’s neck deep in. We got no resolution to why Archie was so special as the Red Paladin, no follow up on Jughead being addicted to this game or what all the conspiracy stuff in G&G actually meant, and Veronica hasn’t been involved in nearly anything to do with The Gargoyle King. I know I shouldn’t be looking for this stuff in Riverdale but they have it right there in front of them and instead of using what they have they are throwing to the side to have these fan service scenes of Choni being tryout Team Arrow members or FP being almost as incompetent as Keller so he can do his best Mikael Mikaelson impression saying “Boy” and Hermione being mayor Gavin nothing to do with the show. The only characters I feel like had an arc this season were Archie (until Ep. 17) Hiram in some episodes, and Jughead until about Episode 16, ironically the last scene of development for him was that music number he did with Betty. The show still has a great sense for cinematography and can do wonders .when it wants. The Flash Forward is probably the gang killing Edgar and Jughead is getting rid of his body, he’s not dead. I’m VERY Surprised the show has B & V in their underwear with Archie especially since the ladies has barely shown skin since Betty stripped in a season 2. All in all I enjoyed the episode there’s just this running problem where Riverdale just does things to do things. Especially when it comes to characters. Once again this year the only character I felt connected story wise through almost the entire season was Archie, he opened his boxing gym as a shelter/halfway house which ties into to his stuff from the beginning of the season and feels the need to do something for other kids because of how the lost became consumed by G&G and he himself could have used something like that when he was lost and on the run. I don’t feel. Betty solving the GK stuff and Veronica has playing checkers with Hiram did anything for their characters. Jug sort of progressed regarding his gang and the law and what’s right but that’s about it. It’s just so strange. I’ll be back for Season 4 though.
  4. I won’t be watching the finale until after 9 but I have high hopes for the finale. I feel like with how bonkers Riverdale usually always is, they have found a way to tie the last two finales up real well and set up for the next season decently too. Let’s hope for the best. But seriously if Chic is the Gargoyle King and Hal is the one from the past I’ma lose it.
  5. Well, remember there might be a happy ending, we still have the finale. It’s just Dany and her army may not be part of the heroes who win. Now, I sort of agree on Jamie, they sort of flipped his arc in the penultimate episode but that’s also realistic, sometimes people can climb so far but ultimately fall right back down that hill. It’s not my favorite choice as I like Jamie but again I feel it was not a terrible writing choice.
  6. Uh, so to be clear I’ve just finished binging the show in the last two months. So, if there’s something I’m missing here inform me, but, how did... anyone think this was going to end differently? While Dany was always very much humane, power corrupts. She stood by back in S5 or so when they were doing Gladiator, she’s killed people BECAUSE they wouldn’t kneel, not lock em up, killed them. Then when this season started and she was very much concerned with Jon’s name to the point she keeps talking as if she’s ready to kill Sansa? Nobody thought this was happening? NOBODY? Like, I understand not wanting your favorite character to go down this road but come on they’ve been foreshadowing it for quite some time. I’m not going to defend how they killed Cersei or how they’ve protected the character the whole series pretty much, but them destroying the whole place like that was pretty much where I seen this season going. I’m curious to hear how everyone else thought it should’ve ended though?
  7. Well this is the best episode since probably, idk 15? Not just cause the fun boxing stuff but we finally went past the point of “The Farm is crazy!” “ The Gargoyle King is elusive and dangerous!!!” Look, I actually don’t mind the two plots, but they are MAIN SEASON ARCS! Now they’re going on simultaneously and it is completely stupid because along with other plots the show is just burning through its completely derailing what could be two interesting stories. CMM could’ve carried this Farm plot all season and we literally started it in Ep 17. Did they seriously not think of more than 5 episodes worth of plot for story they’ve been dropping hints to since I think s1? The Gargoyle King stuff isn’t that bad but again it’s being done so... lazily? The biggest excuse I’m seeeing for it online is “well they have deal with 22 episodes” So? The Vampire Diaries perfected 3 22 episode seasons and shows like even Arrow have been to nail the full season orders and you’re telling me Riverdale can’t push past 9 episodes so they to take a literal plot break for several episodes before they can finish it? Those are really my only complaints this week, besides Ethel, I could care less about Ethel. I enjoyed seeing the Black Hood but again I feel like there’s just too much context missing for him to be instantly controlled or out of control already. I don’t mind the Farm being an Organ stealing thing but again, feels SO RUSHED. I honestly loved Archie vs Hiram yeah it’s a bunch of macho crap but I don’t care, it’s fun, it’s Character driven, and is the least cringy thing Riverdale has been doing, besides Ronnie singing during it. Oh, so Reggie and Ronnie are together but, when has Veronica ever looked at Reggie beyond a side piece? I wish cared enough about Kevin, Fangs, Or even Cheryl and Toni at this point to care about them running from the Farm. The Jason Blossom reveal HAS to be a fake out, we watched him die and SEEN HIS BODY IN THE PILOT, WASHED UP ON THE RIVERS EDGE. If it’s Chic pretending to be Jason I would rather have it be Jason resurrected. Chic sucked, the storyline sucked, the acting sucked, the scenery choice for him sucked everything about Chic sucked he better not be this big reveal. The promo makes the finale look great, the core four vs The Gargoyle King, and Archie fighting some of Game Of Thrones looming thing THATS SWINGING HIM OFF THE GROUND!? THATS WHAT I WANT RIVERDALE GIVE IT ALL TO ME.
  8. How’s everyone doing!? I’ve been missing for a couple months cause of moving out but man its to be settled and express how frustrating this second half of Season 3 has been. I’m gonna try to keep my thoughts to this episode, I’ll go to other topics to discuss other episodes. But some brief S3 character thoughts will be in here too. So, we’re in Ep 20 now and I feel like this should’ve been 16. Mind you, we STILL DONT KNOW THE GK’s identity. Once again the second half of the season just spins out of control, like Deputizing the Serpents, The Gargoyles being lackluster as hell, the Quarantine being dropped after nothing, Hiram being the go-to bad guy (which I have big problem with this, but I’ll get it to it) or even The Farm consuming Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and Fangs. The only thing saving the Farm right now for me is Chad is killing this whole manipulation as a weapon thing he’s doing. So, trying to stay in this episode, I already have a huge problem with Hal’s “death” just for character progression sake, wasn’t Betty somewhat attached to her father by now? That she wouldn’t immediately jump to calling him black Hood and doubting his demise? What was all there conversing paralleled with her fallout from Alice for if she didn’t have any attachment re gained for him? But, okay my real big problem with this show right now: KJ Apa is the shows lead, I don’t care how much Betty crap they keep throwing in my face like she’s the worlds greatest detective Archie needs to lead the ship and not for Name-sake or comics or whatever cause I could care less I’ve never read an Archie comic in my life. Every plot or at least almost every plot feel grounded be it his scenes with Fred, be it his scenes on his PTSD trip with Veronica, be it his weirdly impressive hero/villain chemistry he has with Mark/Hiram. Archie being around the plot does not hurt it helps. Out of the two main plots going right now, for the second season in a row Archie is excluded from both. He was excluded from Chic and the Black Hood for the second season in a row, he’s now excluded from the farm, The GK (which he was targeted by like 5 eps ago) and The Black Hood who brought down this more violent development and has obviously given him PTSD and he here’s this villain is back and has NO CARE!? AT ALL!? Like I really do enjoy him finding fighting as a strength and love the boxing stuff but why are rushing him alll the way to pro boxer in half the season when we need him involved in these storylines to close this season? Almost same thing with Jughead, guy is shown a scene putting things together once or twice an episode but when it’s crunch time he’s excluded, and I’ve enjoyed him more this season so I don’t get why we can’t incorporate him into The Farm plot a little more. Like seriously I knew we were getting Archie vs Hiram but man this was thrown together so last minute and feels like “oh man we’ve mapped out the last 4 episodes for Betty to take down The GK, Edgar, and Donald Trump who do Archie, Veronica, and Jughead go against”? Like seriously, I like Lili but what is the writers obsession with throwing her into every story every episode and crying through it until she figures everything out last minute? Bar all that it was a decent episode. JB meet the GK was already known I thought, how did Jughead not ask the question before this? Why is Veronica Archie’s... manager? Can we give the core four a minute to breath without sex as well too please? Mad dog sticking around is cool pretty much hate everything to do with Cheryl & Toni at this point, I cared for hot sec when Cheryl revealed she talked to Jason but now she’s going to be snapped out of like CULT-LIKE HYPNOTISM BY PROM QUEEN?! Idk why they’re giving Jughead rings to look punk rock or something but it’s cool like I don’t have a serious thought about I just noticed the change. Uh so the tattoo guy is either Chic or Hal and I’ll get to why later Gotta give CMM many props for staying in that shape at his age, also liked them picking someone who looks in shape, because I feel like he can secretly have this violent fighter side indicated by his very confident protection speech later on. Thank God Archie isn’t joining the Navy, I’m sorry but I really didn’t wanna see Archie be all Army driven just because he’s not the smartest guy in the room. Cant believe Riverdale took the Prom aspect of the episode so lightly. So I feel like Archie’s passing out other boxing stuff was supposed to lead to a bigger story but got cut off with mary because it’s defintley getting by seasons end with Fred. Betty being confronted by the Black Hood in full costume was cool. But, who were those peopl he killed? I really wish Riverdale would Infinity War half the cast this year, imagine how chilling and much more it would’ve made Hal scary had those 3 bodies been Sweet Pea, Weatherbee, and Fangs or something. Anyway, I kind of like Edgar finally making his way into the G&G/Black hood stuff, I really wanna see these three villains cross paths. So, my theories right now are that either Hal got the tattoo and is being controlled by the Gargoyle King as Hiram sort of was, that his big part will be he helps Betty in the finale or so to stick around in Hiram’s prison to Hannibal-help Betty once in a while. My three major guesses for The Gargoyle King are: -Chic, I’ve news about him being on set or whatever and remember we never saw the characters body, so I don’t put it besides Riverdale to pull something stupid and make it him. -FP Jones, he’s been there so much, finagled his way to sheriff and is smack in the middle of all this with mini teasers like him saying Alice had her own story regarding the Midnight Club, him coming trough Coopers window in the callback to Scream, or him being the only innocent not in the know person regarding this G&G stuff. - Dr. Curdle, his father was the first GK, he’s the one now for some sick psychopath creating reason. I honestly hope there’s some satisfying conclusion to this season.
  9. Wow, so I’ve missed the first couple episode discussions. But, man people really aren’t feeling this season? I mean yeah season 2 started off stronger but this is still good imo for the most part. Definitely better writing than how Season 2 closed. So, to name my cons with what’s going so far, I’ll start with characters and their purposes. Killing the characters with barley any development serves almost no purpose. Dilton dying was lackluster because we’d expect him to, it’s just like Midge last season. Ben I thought we were saving for something bigger down the line, I mean he was so mysterious and now he’s really... not. Ethel dying could’ve meant something but it doesn’t do anything when you’re too afraid to kill characters because of fan risks. It’s a big problem with television especially around the teen drama field. What would I suggest? Riverdale would’ve definitely set the TV world on fire if Cheryl would’ve been killed off in the premiere. I’m sorry but she serves no exact purpose in this series anymore other than to act like she owns her girlfriend (which relationship barely has development of its own) and shoot arrows which is more ridiculous than Jughead becoming King Serpent at 16. She’s realky there because the creators of this show and network adore the actress and she’s the snarky character that they can flip on a dime pretty much this generations Damon Salvatore. I would’ve felt much bigger impact had say Cheryl, then Sweet Pea bit it playing the game. Then I’d feel way more urgency that this board game is “pure evil”. One of the bigger flaws this season is also comepletely dropping Hiram and his Legion of Doom to the background. Yes, I know everyone’s not a big fan of the storyline, but we’ve built him up to control the town? Why does he or why is he going to need the other parents help stopping this game? Consistency has been in these first 3 episodes but none of it has really followed up from Season 2 Completely, like where’s Chic? Hal? The Mob? Is the Farm different from the cult game? Also on a shallow note, Lili Reinharts acting this season is just bad, her delivery in almost every line is that ridilcous smartass 12 year old delivery she did in her scenes with chic last season and I can’t take it because I can never tell if her lines are serious or she’s being over the top. Anyway, why I like this season: 1. Cole Sprouse, besides having the cringiest dialogue this season (that General army like meeting at the pool party? That was awful) he’s really toned down the shouting lines and acting like the biggest dog in the yard. They’ve also toned the Serpent stuff though but it suits Jughead and him spearheading the G&G stuff really feels S1 Jughead stuff. 2. The parents, I really liked the Fred, FP, Keller mission to free Archie and how Hiram finally has deal with the parental figures as enemies in Riverdale. Hiram vs Veronica is already getting boring but there’s still room to make it interesting and I think Hiram is still a good enough villain to last. 3. Josie, while she still doesn’t quite have a storyline, she’s killing everything she’s doing, and that’s a plus. 4. I like the Griffins & Gargoyles concept, the show still has plenty of time to botch it, but if it’s a separate entity from The farm, and connects to that, the prison, and the bigger foe down the line, I have high hopes. I really think it’s nothing supernatural, so it’ll be funny when Jughead or Archie swing on that thing dressed up and knock him out. 5. Last but most, Archie. He’s disconnected from the G&G plot for now, but that’s great because I find the juvie plot so much more interesting. He had one of if not THE dumbest moment in the show taking that deal, but these last two episodes have been so much more fun. I’m completely invested in the Warden think him as a star is going to be and there’s obviously more to the story than just fight club and I can’t wait to see it. I’m also extremely hyped for the eventual outcome of this storyline which is pretty much for Archie to have his 1 on 1 showdown with Hiram. That flashback of him last episode pretty much confirmed it. Archie is the lead, so his story feeling like it has the ground to it and being conssistent really helps me see the show more well rounded like it did at the start and finish of last season. Riverdale keeps me interested, so I’ll keep coming back. Oh, two more things. FP and Alice are okay but it still weirds me out to se e them in bed 1 minute and then Jughead and Betty in the same situation next scene. Like, no. Also, Kevin/Moose sucks. Seriously you couldn’t give them better than a generic closet case storyline? WHY IS PENNY PEABODY STILL BREATHING?
  10. Works for me, most relatable, and had the only arc that felt any type of complete this season. Archie: Small town athlete, who isn’t afraid of confrontation and getting his hands dirty watches his father get shot, to which the PTSD drives him to another powerful father figure that seems near invincible and clings to be like him because he feels weak, and wants to change that to protect those he loves. Young manipulated teenager eventually loses himself in the dangers of thinking he’s invincible himself (Dark Circle/Cassidy not being able to hurt him) he becomes different more and more until he sees certain powerful role model IS manipulating, uncaring, and overall nothing like he thought, because he’s a naive teenager. Eventually turns on said role model, knows that he has to take a stand against him and tells him he hasn’t won, so the bad guy doesn’t think he has the power over an entire town, yes this move costs him, but it will probably unite everyone he knows against Hiram. Jughead: loner/outcasts who’s 100 lbs wet, and was shown not to be a fighter or interested in criminal activity, because his father is in jail, has the opposite of a normal effect and makes him go full gangster to where he’s laying his life on the line for people he’s known 3 months. He’s now making un thought decisions and jumping in everyone’s stuff(like S1 Archie) and in the end is somehow running this apparently decades long gang even though he’s 15 and has been in for 3 months. Makes sense. Betty: The innocent girl next door who was afraid of confrontation, and was a little bubbly and emotionally abused at home is now 1 step away from murderer because her “brother” is now found and can somehow weirdly help with what we’re calling her BDSM sexuality? Oh and she’s BatGirl. Sure. Veronica: Rich girl from NY who’s trying to start a new, and does, now has her Father back and is...trying to run the company with him? So much so that she involuntarily agrees to be party to her families criminal intentions? She’s also a master negotiator beating her father in his plans and 1 upping him not once, but twice. She also apparently did drugs in NY. Point being Archie was the only story to have a point get across it. Which even in fantasy comic books series you have to do. Lead character makes sense.
  11. I definitely would’ve favored Hiram first, convincing Hermoine for 5 or so Episodes, then Veronica the rest of the season. Save Archie/Hiram for S3 and at one point have them actually run Riverdale as a powerful unit, I’m all for the leads going bad when it’s well developed, which they completely blew with Veronica this season.
  12. Oh yeah & I just remembered when Tyler crossed over he tried to kill Hope.
  13. Enjoyed Klaus being a father Enjoyed Klaus’ forward thinking with Elijah’s memories, what he did to Antoinette was rough, BUT, she did send Elijah to “help” Roman even though she damn well knew what Greta was doing. Which thus indirectly let Hayley die. Really enjoyed Marcel stepping up again. Danielle really showed more chops this episode, making me buy into the spinoff a little more. LOL moment of the episode, when they were talking about Hayley’s friends I thought “hey they could call Tyler Lockwood?” Then I remembered they killed him in the most unmemorable way, and got a little upset Caroline didn’t use him or Stefan as examples in her letter of her own loss, but you know screw Parallels. Vincent was finally on the right track this episode. Keelin return was sweet. The two best scenes of the night were EASILY Klaus’ eulogy for Hayley and him showing up for Hope. Also, screw New Orleans and all the Supernatural politicking. Real tired of Nazi Vamps, unless they do something interesting with them soon. I’m a little confused I pretty much follow all the show’s dialogue, I thought the power in the siblings IS the Hollow. Now it’s some Apocalyptic prophecy?
  14. Now, Im not of those people who are flipping because since Hayley has been part of the TO/TVD verse for 5 years she deserves some kind of safety net from death in the show’s final season. But damn that was a brutal way to go, being tortured, supernaturally violated, and then dying not knowing your daughter is completely safe. (Unless in that moment she thought Roman was on their side now?) regardless, damn. As others said, Vincent and Freya were cool. Yusuf is awesome but damn Vincent has grained my nerves. Look, man the Mikaelsons are obviously not innocent but Hope is a legit teenager, your obvious ill-will is annoying, and hypocritical, since he approves of Freya who sentenced Davina to death. Let’s also not forget you sentenced the city to a Super-Marcel years back, dumbass. Klaroline stuff was alright, handled much more subtlety than it was back in the day when it was just as insufferable as it’s vocal fan base. Remember when they had that petition to cancel this series before it started? Wonder how they think now. Don’t know what’s to come, really hope Klaus and Marcel go full evil as they can and rip whatever is left of the Nazi faction into pieces with their bare hands in Russo’s while passing the karaoke mic back n forth. Oh yeah, still salty we haven’t heard how Klaus or Rebekah feel about Stefan’s death, especially with Caroline and the SALVATORE SCHOOL around. Like they’ve brought him up in a flashback and Klaus doesn’t even mention how he had approved of Stefan and Rebekah. I know Plec hates the character but Jesus.
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