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  1. Kudos to casting for hiring the young Nick actor, amazing match. So....maybe they weren’t young killers after all. Maybe. Just compadre thrill seekers. Nick asked Jamie to let him die in the wreck, right? The psychic was kind of a crime of passion, I don’t think Jamie went there with the intent to bludgeon him 7+ times, just get more answers. But his first attempt, the gentleman in hospice whom he took the liquor to in the middle of the night, that he tried to strangle at ghostNick’s urging, not sure he would have pulled up on that if the fellow hadn’t fought back, so the killing desire is there... I got nothing on what is going on with the artist lady, geez, but they WERE intentionally heading to her house before the wreck, so there has to be some connection. Poor Leela better pack up that baby and move in with her 2 male buddies. Just when I thought Ambrose was only being a good, old school detective, he gets in that hole!😳
  2. Thank you, skotnikov! Yikes!😳
  3. Finally got a chance to watch last night, and the DVR cut off just as Ambrose exchanged a look with the female officer outside the NY crime scene😬😬😬. Can anyone tell me what was going on there? I did watch the Inside clip on ep 4 and Matt’s comments about the party psychic guy were worrisome, that he knew Jamie’s crimes. Did Ambrose seriously not go check on Leela and that cute baby before he headed there? He never should have taken Jamie home😡. Kiss my mutt, Matt Bomer has an incredibly expressive face and eyes. I haven’t seen that much crazy here, but Google pics of MB or Neal Caffry/White Collar to see his eyes gleaming with affection, humor, slyness, concern.....
  4. Our DISH guide is showing an "Inside the Episode 1" at 11 on tonight 2-22 and "2" at midnight 2-23. Is this typical for this series? Excited for any behind-the-scenes footage of those Bomer blue eyes😄💙😄
  5. This is my first season with this show, came for The Bomer. Could anyone tell last night what the bloody/dirty hands were holding when Jamie was having flashbacks during the digging noises in his head episodes? Bone, tubing? Did they bury someone alive back in the day??!! Was that what the new hole was for??!! We were having a snow event last night and the dish kept blurbing🙄 so it was hard to tell and the scenes were quick and dark. The picture the old roomie sent Ambrose, was Jamie holding a hubcap?!😁. That was one cute baby and that one scene in the nursery was tough. The artist lady now stalking Jamie is a curious twist. Even scruffy and potentially deadly, Matt can sell that Caffrey intensity.
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