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  1. No one said Eliot would never see his friends again.
  2. I think they left it open hoping it will get picked up for a sixth season.
  3. I hate the last episodes of series I've loved. I mean when I know it's the last episode while I'm watching it. I always feel sad like someone's died. It shows that I really came to care for these characters, and I'm moved by knowing I won't see them again. Oh, crap, the Beast showed up. He brought a certain level of...uh...terror to the episode. Poor Zelda. Nice save of Margo, Penny. Wait, that's how big and pointy the seed is? How did it fit...? You know what? Never mind. Ha! The new world has a field of bacon! I like it already. I loved the Magicians. For a few years, it was my favorite show on tv. I mean I would rearrange my schedule to make sure I watched it as it first aired. No watching it the next day for me. The humor including the sex and drug & alcohol humor, the absolute horror of the Beast and Reynard, the quirky, wackiness, the messenger bunnies. Most of all I think were the character relationships. How great was Eliot and Margo's friendship? Quentin wasn't my favorite character when he was on, but I have to say I missed him this season. He was necessary. He was the heart of the group, linking other members of the group. The show was poorer without him. I hope the show gets picked up by someone. Thanks for the memories, Magicians. It's been fun.
  4. Penny's mothers had different experiences since the divergence of their timelines and are therefore now different people the same way the Penny's are now different people.
  5. Everyone singing and dancing like this...is Sweet in town? You know you know that reference. Hah, great suitcase. I noticed the facial expressions of the actors when they're singing, especially Olivia's and Hale's in their duet. They have to sing the song, but they have to also stay in character and emote what their characters were feeling and do it with only facial expressions. They really do a good job with this. But that lady isn't Penny23's mom. Penny23's mom is in timeline 23, right? So we just assume that her history is the same as Penny23's mom's history? We're not going to tell Penny40's mom that her son is dead? I like Zelda's enthusiasm for all of the songs....and Marina's lack thereof. Jade can really belt out a tune. Fen's solution for safeguarding the seed was...creative. I couldn't have done it.
  6. Seemed like kind of a lame reason to turn good Marina bad again. Because they needed her to lie to her girlfriend? I feel like if they just talked to the girlfriend and explained the situation she might have just helped them. Watching the pigman tonight I finally realized that he is a chauvinist PIG. I thought his pigginess had to symbolize something. Musical number next week! Should be fun.
  7. Not sure I'd call her a minor goddess. As the wife of Hades she was widely worshipped as the queen of the underworld and subject of popular mystery cults.
  8. Maybe Netflix could pick it up? Voldemort's clit? Haha.
  9. And the show's been cancelled I see. 😫
  10. Hah, young Dean is just too cool. The doctor can't think of the word "paper" and looks to tongue-tied Plover to help. I really hate Margo wearing eye patches. We had to go a whole season of her wearing eye patches. And I sure wouldn't give something as valuable as my freakin' EYE to someone to keep no matter how badly I wanted to know what they were doing. OMFG, George torturing Alice by cutting off fingers. Holy fuck. Penny lost hands before so I know she can get them back but wow, what a horrible scene.
  11. Aw, Margo's not going to make Eliot kill the King. She's a pal. The messenger bunnies kill me every time. It's the voice they use. Freakin' hilarious. Hale and Summer do a good job playing each other's characters. Funny. Whoa, I feel bad for the King now that they've killed him. And for Eliot and Margo. I was hoping they wouldn't. Damn, that was quite an effective solution Alice and the botanist came up with. Yep, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on killing the King. Like this King was actually good, and NOW they've released the Dark King. It always pays to find out why the King is raising Takers with gold before you kill him I always say.
  12. Now that I think about it, if we can keep getting characters from other timelines, can't we also keep getting more Beasts?
  13. Welcome back, Magicians! They've been missing for such a long time, but tonight they're back. The humor, the weirdness, the character interactions. This is the stuff that made me love Magicians. Best episodes of the season. Margo: "Of course we're the chosen ones. We're us." Indeed, Margo, indeed. All M and E's attempts to fix things were fun. It makes me wonder, though, how many times these people have died. Consider 39 times during the first time loops and how many times during these. Having to talk to whales, who, it turns out, are magicians who are keeping the Kraken locked up. This is the classic fun weirdness of Magicians. GREAT to see Eliot's arc. He pulls himself together, figures things out, saves the day. We were robbed of Eliot last season with him being the monster all season. I missed Eliot, and I missed Eliot and Margo. Great to see him/them again! What a touching scene between M and E at the end. Great to see the friends back together again. I really enjoyed these episodes.
  14. "I want to murder everything." "More than usual?" Ha ha. Fen and Margo fighting, so badass. What a gut-wrenching conversation and the top of the mountain between Eliot and Alice and so well-acted. Oh no, a falling out between Margo and Fen & Josh. Well, that Dark King is certainly charasmatic. I think I'll like having him as the badguy. He was there to honor his father? Did he kill him?
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