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  1. snakehissken

    S05.E04: Mother

    I think my favourite moment was actually when Selina was greeting the well-wishers. "Such a diverse crowd! I only wish my mother could have been here to see you all on her property."
  2. snakehissken

    S04.E04: Chloramphenicol

    I wonder if we're supposed to get the impression that it was the aggressive treatment that killed Glanders right away (36 hours of a big shot of chloramphenicol every two hours) and it would be more deadly if released to the public, or we're supposed to get the impression that William deliberately tried to pass off Glanders as more deadly than it really was because he thinks this work is insane.
  3. I loved the finale too, and I thought Richard's speech was one of the best moments. How important for Lorelai to hear from her father that he was proud of her! It's appropriate as his last scene on the show. I remember that at the time, a lot of people were angry that there wasn't more Luke/Lorelai in the finale but I liked where they left it. The show was about the Gilmores.
  4. snakehissken

    S04.E02: Pastor Tim

    I don't want to keep bringing this up, but I don't see how it could possibly be a fake mom. Sure, Elizabeth hasn't seen her in 25 years, but people are still recognizable as they age. The wrinkles don't transform the basic facial features. It would really turn me off the show if that was the case - I saw the season two twist coming and I still wasn't pleased when it actually happened. I think Elizabeth bringing up med school or law school for Paige showed that she really has a different vision of what Paige's spy life will be like. She thinks Paige is going to have a job like William's, or work as an aide to some ranking DC official. She won't be strangling people on the back of a bus. Maybe the dream was about her suppressed doubts that Paige would lead a safer life. Philip wasn't wearing a disguise when he met William because he knew that it was safe - he said they were getting reliable surveillance reports. So Martha's continued bringing him stuff, and Philip trusts that she isn't going to turn on him.