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  1. RobertBestBarbie

    S07.E04: Hit and Run, Run, Run

    Yes, Caleb is ruined. Is running off his MO when the conversation doesn't go his way? I used to love that character so much... Spencer going all moony over him ruins her for me, too. At least when she was all depressed over Toby, it was because A) She was in high school, and B) She thought he was dead. And Hanna, dammit, should have been honest from the jump and we wouldn't have this stupid triangle at all.
  2. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E08: RuPaul Book Ball

    I ain't mad about it... Derrick was overdue for leaving, but at least we got to see both his nasty shady side (which Acid Betty spoke of) and his softer side. He really can't paint eyebrows, though...those looked dreadful! I thought they might put Bob in the bottom two just as a shake-up, but honestly, she deserved it. Not that she was so bad, but Chi Chi did well, Naomi looked amazing (and Derrick is full of crap...she has shown some real talent!), and Kim Chi was awesome. There is a lot of talent this season, and I wouldn't hate any of them winning.
  3. RobertBestBarbie

    S05.E11: State Of The Art

    What will it take to get rid of Isaac as a judge?! I used to just adore Isaac Mizrahi, even when I knew he was a prima donna and a bitch. I still love his "Fabulous" cologne, which is as close as I'd even WANT to get to any of his "designs" these days, but good Lord, does he judge with his genitals or what?!?? There is no way even Isaac-of-questionable-taste could have honestly thought Sam's (and I use this term loosely) "garment" was great! Bullshit. It wasn't beautifully constructed (I forget which judge said that), it wasn't remotely avant garde, it was ugly, and the rainbow flag was not only a cliché, it was pandering to Isaac and Boy George..."Vote for me! We are family!" I don't care if Ken did hurt Sam's feelings. Sam's a nasty little shit and deserves every bit of it. And for the record, I never ever thought I could or would side with Ken on anything. I'll watch next week to see my beloved Dmitri. I could eat him with a spoon, he's so delectable. But of course King Mondo will be back, too, to reunite with his darling Sam...maybe I'll just record it. I feel like "Project Runway" (all versions) is my abusive ex. I keep thinking it's not going to be bad, look, there's a glimmer of hope, a flash of glory days...and then nope, it all goes to crap. But I keep staying, waiting for things to improve, because I can't forget how great it was when it was good... Sigh.
  4. RobertBestBarbie

    S32.E10: I'm Not Here To Make Good Friends

    Aaaaahhhhhhh. That? Was a thing of BEAUTY!! Aubry has been my favorite for weeks now, so I'm happy to see her getting some appreciation. Tai turns from the dark side, Aubry kicks ass, Scot is gone, and Jason's idol is, too. I just feel...completely satisfied. I don't smoke, either, but I get it: the urge to light up as I fall back on my pillow with a satisfied smile is strong!
  5. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E07: Shady Politics

    Oh, I knew it! I knew my adorable Thorgy wasn't going to win, but I really hoped she'd last longer than she did! At this point, it feels like an inevitable Bob the Drag Queen coronation, and I'm a touch bored. She's very, very good, but if you eliminate all her competition early on, the show isn't much fun...
  6. RobertBestBarbie

    S05.E10: Rebel With A Cause

    I don't think you're nuts...I thought her hair looked great.
  7. RobertBestBarbie

    S05.E10: Rebel With A Cause

    Come on...at this point, it's very clear that the flats are Sam's signal to Isaac: "This is my garment, score it high!" It was tacky, it was odd, it was not edgy or sophisticated or cool in any way, yet it was in the top?! I liked Kini's disco banana genie pants!
  8. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    I hate to say it, but I am beginning to find Bob really exhausting. I can't imagine having to be around that much energy in a working environment. My own boss is super perky and talkative, and some mornings I want to strangle her. I think Derrick is out of her depth here. I feel for her, to a degree. And I can't help but feel that Acid Betty was eliminated last week precisely because she WOULD have slayed this week's challenge. Ru isn't willing to let go of ChiChi, Naomi, or Derrick quite yet, and there was an off chance that Robbie would do well, forcing Ru to eliminate someone whose story isn't over yet. Let's be real...AB's Nancy Grace was dreadful, but no worse than most of the other queen's characters. She should still be in it. But don't mind me...I'm still bitter about Katya!!!
  9. RobertBestBarbie

    S32.E08: The Jocks vs. The Pretty People

    That was highly satisfying. I kind of wish it had been Jason just because I really, really can't stand him at all, but Nick deserved it and Jason can wait. I start to almost like Scot, and then he reminds me of what a douche he is by opening his stupid mouth, so yeah...he can go right after Jason.
  10. RobertBestBarbie

    Queens of Season 8

    I suspected she was nicer than her first impression. Thanks for the link!
  11. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    It's like my mother always told me, "You only get one chance to make a good first impression." And sometimes, that first impression is enough for people to continue to think one way of you, despite what you may show them afterwards. I suspect Acid Betty tends to make a poor first impression, and since she does seem to be pretty abrasive, and her ex is ALLEGEDLY online posting that AB is physically abusive, as well, it's a perfect storm of hostility brewing there. I think Bianca has a certain level of charm that Acid Betty seems to lack. Contrast Bianca's dislike of Laganja, which was mostly rolled eyes, "stealing her moment" during "Untucked", and calling her out on her affectations (pretty mild and not terribly offensive) to Acid Betty rolling her eyes at the past winners of the show ("wannabe queens") and interrupting Kim Chi's video from Trixie Mattel by blurting out how ugly Trixie is and telling Kim to fix Trixie's make-up (nasty). I think Bianca knows how to read the crowd better than Acid Betty does. But I like Acid Betty. I loved her runway looks, I thought she was doing really well in challenges up until this week, and I frankly prefer her personality to Pearl's "flah-zee-dah " laziness. I'm going to miss her on the show, and I think if Bob and Thorgy truly were that upset to see her go, then she may have already found a friend or two, and some queens that wouldn't mind working with her. I hope she does well post-show. And I just have to add, I absolutely ADORE Thorgy. I would love it if she won, but I think she has that sweetheart personality that just screams "Miss Congeniality" like Katya or DeLa. I hope I'm wrong, but if not, well...look at how much work Katya is doing now. Miss Congeniality is not the death sentence of a queen's career! **Edited because I CAN spell.
  12. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    They're really hammering us over the head with this Bob vs. Thorgy narrative, and I refuse to get sucked in. I love them both. Acid Betty's elimination was pretty anti-climatic after all the rumors swirling around. But I'm glad. She may be a total bitch IRL, but she came across...for the most part...as an okay person on the show. Lots of eye-rolling and shade, sure, but that's okay. I didn't find her as hateful as Phi Phi O'Hara or even Darienne Lake, in all honesty...and her runways were always so amazing! I'm actually going to miss her. Derrick is gorgeous as Britney. But he brings absolutely nothing else to the table, as far as I can see. If he goes next week, it'll be fine. Bob kind of screwed Naomi over by mentioning Whoopi and then not doing it. I know he's not responsible for Naomi's decision to abandon Whoopi, but I would have loved to see Miss Celie "You sho' is ugly!" done by the beautiful Naomi. I think she could have made it funny...she's actually delivered on almost every challenge up until this one. I'm kind of bored by Kim Chi at this point, although that WAS an amazing kimono.
  13. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    The Spoiler-tagged boot is who I heard as well, although I heard different reasons. Can't wait to see what goes down.
  14. RobertBestBarbie

    S05.E07: Bait And Stitch

    It was interesting hearing Alyssa be the voice of reason this week. She didn't actually like much of anything, and to be honest, I was right there with her. I hated the stripe pattern on Dom's skirt, it was very beach towel-ish and I hate those colors together. Kudos to her for making all those stripes, but it was ugly. Ken's didn't seem very resort-like to me, Sam's was boring and cheap-looking, both jumpsuits were ugly, Kini's was a lace bathrobe, Emily's was WTF, Asha's was poorly fitted (and grey?! Who chose grey?!), etc. etc. The only thing I liked was Alexander's, and the top of Dom's. And here's Isaac proclaiming how fantastic they all did and what stars they all are!! No.
  15. RobertBestBarbie

    S08.E03: RuCo Empire

    When Thorgy was talking about losing her mom, I wanted to hug her. I lost my own mother to cancer when I was 15, during the height of our love/hate period, and it still smarts, over 40 years later. (Yes, I'm that old!) Thorgy is quickly becoming one of my favorites from this group, she's just truly talented. I just don't really love her runways yet. Bob cracks me the hell up, and she killed that challenge! I, too, love the purse becoming a running gag. Chi Chi is pretty terrific for a broke-ass thrift queen. This season has a lot of real talent and I am loving it!! Oh, and Robbie Turner killed the LSFYL by doing it roller disco style...no way was anyone beating that!