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  1. Manirys


    Unless they really, really change one of those characters from the way they are in the comics (which considering the hint in the first episode, they're not), there is no love triangle. Trying to avoid being spoilery. Another thing to avoid spoilers on, but let's just say that it's only something that works with her, not a general 'stop all powers' thing.
  2. Manirys

    S04.E08: Legends Of Yesterday (2)

    Seriously, Arrow? The only way that Felicity could be have been more out of character throughout that sequence is if she was played by Sean Connery.
  3. Manirys

    S02.E08: Legends Of Today

    You do realize that a cop doesn't need a warrant when ACTIVELY PURSUING a suspect, right? And they damn well can go right onto private property while, again, actively pursuing a suspect. And her belief that the syringe may have been a weapon is absolutely fair in a place like Central City where all this shit has been going down, and she's currently facing a man who is supposed to be dead. ANYTHING could be a weapon in that situation. This is a city full of meta humans, for crying out loud. What's she supposed to do, assume the big syringe thing he's holding is perfectly safe and somehow psychically intuit that he's not dangerous or a metahuman?
  4. Manirys

    S01.E06: AKA You're A Winner

    He's a perfectly fine actor and he plays the character quite well. And it's not a 'spinoff', because all four shows were established and planned before Daredevil ever aired. Luke Cage's show is just as 'main' as Jessica Jones and Daredevil. It's four separate shows in the same world, not 'spinoffs.' Either way, you not watching is your personal loss. I just think people tend to equate 'I disagree with how a character reacts' with 'that person is a bad actor.'
  5. Manirys

    S01.E01: AKA Ladies Night

    Maybe they make you want to turn off the tv. I happen to respectfully disagree with that opinion. I think the opening credits are fantastic and evoke the original comic covers. It's very noir and moodsetting.
  6. Manirys

    S02.E06: Enter Zoom

    Eeesh, what is everyone's problem with Patty, exactly? The vitriol against her seems kind of ridiculous at this point.