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  1. What happened on Supergirl stays on Supergirl; doubly so since it’s ending with this last batch of episodes. The fact is the ONLY crossover all season to even put this show in the same universe as the Arrowverse was a cameo by John Diggle to deliver some tech and act disapproving of General Lane. Other than having clearly worked with Clark in the past, he could have been anyone. I am also solidly of the opinion that this served as a strength for the season rather than a weakness. The show didn’t require ANY real knowledge of the rest of the Arrowverse. There were oblique references t
  2. To be fair, Malivore is more Hope’s story. Landon is just a MacGuffin/love interest in said story. That said, I do think we’ve reached the logical endgame because Malivore finally has a voice and no longer needs to send intermediary monsters. Indeed, if you take a closer look at the season barely any actually were Malivore monsters. The only ones expressly sent by Malivore were the Gremlin and Banshee. Everything else was a headfake by Cleo (the Leprechaun, Charon, golemLandon) or completely unconnected (the Wendigo... because it had zero interest in anything but sheer murder) and s
  3. That was a solid soft-cliffhanger finale. No one in immediate imminent danger (we’ve already seen Hope, Landon and Clarke spend quite some time in Malivore so I don’t count Cleo’s situation). It really is refreshing that we’ve got actually heroic characters. MG and Kaleb really put the lie to all the “I can’t help myself, I’m a victim of this curse” attitudes of Damon, Klaus, Enzo, etc. They had hundreds of years they could have been helping and saving people. They CHOSE to treat people as disposable playthings and food. I pegged the twist on Landon actually being Malivore as soon as
  4. My hunch is “Twist” because “Hope becomes a full Tribrid if she’s ever killed, but it’s NOT something she actually wants” is just a far better tool for adding tension than “Welp, she’s an immortal Tribrid now... wonder what will finally have her hit the inevitable Humanity switch and make her a bad guy for a while and have to go back to protagonist-centric morality.” It basically puts a limit on Hope where instead of her potentially dying being no big deal because it’s just a power up; it’s something she wants to avoid, something you can threaten her with and something she can risk in ord
  5. Everyone else has touched on a lot of the interesting character development elements, but one I haven’t seen touched on yet is the story young Hope wrote and how she sees herself by way of her self-insert. She gathers up junk and fixes it. Josie isn’t a “service model” she’s a protector. She reminds Lizzie she’s the princess. Alaric has a change of heart and turns up to help the girls. She wants a happy ending where they’re all friends and the defeat of the Hollow means she gets her whole family back. Older Hope knows how that turns out, but the core is still there; Hope faces the monster
  6. While Lara was possessing Lana she mentioned that after the Kryptonian consciousness was removed the powers would begin to fade; i.e. it wasn't a lightswitch on the powers, just the Kryptonian consciousnesses. Basically the energy wave hit, the consciousnesses were wiped away and the people dropped out of the sky, but would have still had the invulnerability for a few minutes (or maybe longer); long enough to not splatter on impact.
  7. I feel generally the same, but I’d make an exception for Star-Girl and a reveal that Superman & Lois is actually taking place on Earth 2. His initial costume is right out of the Golden Age, putting it in line with the original JSA’s looks and both have similar higher production values which would make a crossover feel less jarring between them. It would also explain various casting and history changes without needing “Crisis” as the excuse. In the comics, Superman didn’t actually join the Society or League until many years later, but said he’d come if they ever needed help... which co
  8. Yeah, the biggest issue with a lot love interests in a lot of shows (not just Josie’s) are that they appear to exist solely in relation to the protagonist; no friends or relationships or any apparent interior life beyond the relationship. I think one of the things that made Hope/Landon suffer a lot was that by removing Raf and then removing a bunch of other supporting characters due to working around the Covid restrictions was that it basically stripped Hope and Landon of much of anything beyond their relationship. So, yes, seeing Finch used outside of Josie’s orbit and see the under
  9. I’ve been leaning that way as well; though I’m hoping they simplify it from the comic version as there was a lot of needless details added to him because the event he showed up in was a crossover with Supergirl and the then current Kon-El/Superboy so they tossed in details to make him relevant. The straight forward version would be Jor-El’s lab assistant/“adopted” son who was sent into space by Jor-El on a mission to preserve and protect Kryptonian culture by any means necessary (which fits with the slightly dickish Jor-El AI we met in prior episodes). This also would align with John
  10. I'm pretty sure the entire reason for the "tripping balls" sequence at the end was all about concealing the identity of who came out of the pit for another episode; though its obviously Clarke since... A) Hope while under the effect of hallucinogens is obviously going to associate Clarke with "bad Darth Vader expy." B) Clarke has been turning up in cameo shots for the last several episodes. C) The cameo at the start of this episode had him making a deal with the very witch who was our antagonist because her deal required her to resurrect someone. As for Dorian's reaction wi
  11. My guesses are either Zod, Superman from John Henry Irons' Earth, or an original character whose Kryptonian name was Mor-Gan. 😁 Actually, I think they did a really good job explaining that. In order for a Kryptonian to be able to employ super-breath they'd need to suck in a massive volume of air. So you're compressing a massive amount of air and that air will initially heat up (because temperature is energy per volume... less volume, same energy equals more heat), but if you let it sit it will cool back down to room temperature (or body temperature in this case). When you go in th
  12. First observation; this was definitely filmed after most of the COVID restrictions had been lifted... the increased number of extras in the school hall for breakfast, the wolves in the gym and the tribal village was quite noticeable (as was the cult in the promo for the next episode). I should probably go back and do a count, but with a school population of exactly thirty (30 w. Cleo and Wade’s friend - MG + ‘Landon’ + Josie + Finch - Cleo - Landon = 30) we actually saw a significant percentage of the students in this episode. Second observation; Finch has more chemistry with Jed and
  13. My feeling is that Ethan’s story is most likely done because ending the friendship with the painful lesson that Alaric was right means that MG has nothing keeping him at MFHS which frees him to return to the Salvatore School along with Josie (and Finch... which, meh... I think Josie managed better chemistry with Ethan in the hallway lunch scene). Which is good, because they’re still hovering right at the bare minimum required students and I suspect Cleo won’t be attending much longer. One of the benefits of always having vampire blood in her veins is that Hope has super healing; w
  14. Okay, sometimes I call things correctly, but I've been on FIRE this season. To which I say "Excellent work, Legacies writers." These days setting up foreshadowing five episodes ahead and making it clear enough you could predict it ahead of time without being 100% certain takes real talent; particularly when the trend in a lot of entertainment is to go for the subversion for the shock value. The first quote up there is from all way back in Cleo's second episode and it was already clear she was up to something and, as it turns out now, there was actuall
  15. One thing I appreciate about this show is the degree to which it plays tropes straight instead of subverting them which means all the foreshadowing viewers can catch will actually be paid off (which is satisfying to those who caught onto said foreshadowing. In this case, the audience paying attention gets their suspicions confirmed with Wade sharing his concerns about Landon with Hope and, given Necromancer bits in the prison world and the thing that feeds on dead flesh wanting “Landon” (not to mention his spot on Necromancer impersonation) pretty much confirms not only that Landon isn’t
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