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  1. I remember this episode as when I started tolerating Sascha and disliking Willow, Michael has that effect on me, except as I still cant fathom how the little Mykill Demon turned into this passive bland eyore.. But thanks to GH's awful choice of reruns I am now more invested in Days something I never thought I would write in over 30 years of soap watching.
  2. To be fair the GH writers encourage a lot of misinformation about the US as well.
  3. While I believe Carly might leave the moody mobster if her kids lives were in danger, when Michael got shot in the head I know she would expose them to nuclear radiation before she ever left St Jaysus, the holy hitman you know the guy who is an assassin
  4. my poor sweet dog got quite the scare today at the yelling at the TV by me today First common thug showing up at cops funeral and then visting the child he stole from AJ to criticize someone for stealing a child..
  5. I don't believe for a moment that was Justin's voice because just like everything else about this episode it sounded wrong.. I don't understand how having him destroy his like is better than simply killing him letting Jo believe she was loved Oh God if they put Linc with Jo poor Amelia is going back to Owen..
  6. Too be fair I think the show also forgets about Leo..
  7. But Wyley is technically a Quartermain and AJ's grandson at that and the show loves nothing more than spitting on AJ and getting rid of Q's
  8. I watched it and it held my interest .. I hope they really delve into all the issues that are going on in nursing and not into another medical soap
  9. My response to this week GH is the same I had as a little girl watching GH with my now deceased Grams and Mum.. Laura and Genie Francis are amazing and I think it's been this long since she has been allowed to have a point of view and express her anger at one of her male loved ones
  10. I'm not certain but I think we Canadians will be getting the Christmas Carol episode tomorrow as Canadian tv will continue to show episodes in the order they were originally scheduled as Finn was shown already being " Scrooge like" in todays episode and we see Tracy arriving as well which leads into the Christmas Carol
  11. I know Laura doesn't know she lives in a soap but both Lucky and Jake were thought to dead and were simply kidnapped by a Cassadine not to mention Nicholas's own father .
  12. I wouldn't have bought any of those cheesecakes.. but I'm not surprised to see Geoffrey leave not from a baking perspective he and Jennifer have usually been in the top in what they have produced but both Melissa and Sara have been getting the most airtime and Sara is getting the same treatment as Jason "I'm just a home baker, Y 'all " so I'm sure she will win.
  13. I find Sarah as annoying as anyone but I was surprised by her complete bitchface when after she and Jennifer were named the the top 2 and then Jennifer won the challenge..
  14. The teens must be older than that because how else could Cam have gotten Oscar's car when he died.. I assume they are all seniors so 17 18
  15. But Katherine the only one I like at the moment and is hands down the best parent on the show seems to have a good relationship with her mother but I also don't think she is included as a member of the friends group because when everyone found out about the affair it was all Eddie you slept with Jon's wife no one said Delilah you slept with Katherine's husband.
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