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  1. birdmom

    S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Ok so when Leo was on Bachelorette and they indicated he was a Stuntman, I thought he worked as a real stuntman on movie sets and tv shows. Instead he performs stunts in front of audiences at Universal Studios? Ok, now I see why Becca dumped him, which is good since apparently he's not the sweet guy we thought he was.
  2. birdmom

    S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Ok I finally watched the finale even though I already knew the outcome, although I still would have guessed it. It all comes down to chemistry. I think as soon as she had the overnights she knew. Didn't Blake's last serious gf text her friends that it was over with him 2 days after they got together? I think Blake is better looking and his body, woah, but maybe she just didn't feel the sparks in bed. Garrett is dumb as a rock, how is he a medical device rep?? Becca isn't exactly a deep conversationalist but I would think they were perfect for each other if I didn't read that they are moving to L.A. together. I hope Blake stays in Colorado and finds a nice clingy girl to marry.
  3. birdmom

    S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas

    My theory about Colton, whether he truly is a virgin or just playing one on TV, is he wants to be the next Bachelor and knows that his virginity will give him an advantage to being selected since there has never been a virgin Bachelor before. I'd much rather have Clay as the first African American Bachelor, but if Colton preserves his virginity through the rest of the season, I think they'll select him. I still think he's a phony.
  4. birdmom

    S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Perfect analogy.
  5. birdmom

    S22.E10: Week 9

    I think the reason why i see Lauren as depressed is because of her lack of enthusiasm at the architecture in Europe and the glyph thingies (sorry, forgot the name). I know when my depression acts up i can barely muster a few words and my butt would have been firmly planted in my airplane seat too. I do have a personality but when you feel depressed it's hard to show enjoyment or enthusiasm. Or ... she could just be dull and shy, who knows. Either way i think she's a perfect match for Arie. I don't think he appreciates intelligence or a good personality anyway.
  6. birdmom

    S22.E10: Week 9

    Lauren's lack of emotion on the plane left me speechless - like Lauren. She is a lot like her mom. She reminds me of how i get when i feel depressed - very quiet and withdrawn - but if i were in Peru, yoi would have been up out of my seat to get a closer look out the window. Were they not allowed to unbuckle their seatbelts?? I think Lauren is clinically depressed. Finished watching the episode - i was surprised no one commented on Ross looking like he was going to start laughing. Becca didn't seem truly shocked to see him. I still don't believe Arie loves Becca. I think he might think he loves Lauren. I'm just having a hard time believing any of this is real. Kendall did look the best without makeup. That's all my random thoughts. Goodnight!
  7. birdmom

    S22.E10: Week 9

    Ok I'm not finished watching this episode but had to post. I can't wait to read all your thoughts... Im at the part where Ross and Becca are about to talk. I should have known the surprise guest was Becca's ex because i do not believe for one second Arie loved her when he told her. I've never believed Arie dug her (even though i think she's great). I think the producers talked him into keeping her and saying I love you at the last minute because they knew the was coming (heck the show probably reached out to HIM to create this unprecedented drama). I wouldn't be surprised if Becca knew too. Maybe i watch too much UnREAL so I'm so cynical but this whole thing reeks of producer manipulation. I do think Ross is hot. If he's a nice guy i hope Becca goes back to him (haven't finished watching....)
  8. birdmom

    S22.E09: The Women Tell All

    Who all was absent from the women tell all? I forget their names but i know the gal who left for her grandfather's funeral and then was the one from San Fran who was humiliated when Arie wouldn't kiss her or whatever? I felt bad for her. I wonder if she's done any interviews since the show.
  9. birdmom

    S22.E07: Week 7

    Bekah grosses me out. She has bad skin (I still did too at her age!) and her hair looks greasy. Also when Arie was consoling her i could really see their age difference - she looked soooo young, so it was creepy. I do think Arie is hot but I'm 47 so he looks young to me, lol. I'm pretty certain he wants Lauren to win, because she has the best body and looks the most like Emily. I think the only reason he likes Tia is because she sounds like Emily. I think Tia will be the next Bachelorette though.
  10. birdmom

    S22.E06: Week 6

    I thought Krystal's outfit was very '70s and fit with her whole Landers Sisters persona. I could see her on "Dallas" trying to seduce J.R. Beckah still bugs me but i have to remember how young she is and if i had been on a reality show in my 20s i would have been overly animated too. I also think she secretly wants to be an actress. She would do well on stage. Can she sing? I just started watching season 1 of "UnREAL." I would give anything to see Constance Zimmer's character's comments about Arie in the background of this show!
  11. birdmom

    S22.E02: Week 2

    This is the first time I've watched TB since, well, Arie was on the first time. I'm watching it mainly to read ya'll's posts, thanks for the laughs. :) Some thoughts - I'm in the minority (but our group seems to be growing in the second week) but I hate Bekah. I like that she has short hair as opposed to long, stringy extensions (the chick from Arkansas has the worst) but I dont think Bekah has the face for it. She has beautiful eyes but she needs a chin implant or something (meow). However, in watching Arie's body language (and tongue) I do think he genuinely likes Bekah the most. Maybe they'll end up just being friends, but his laughter and how he leans into her is just so genuine. The other Becca is my favorite so far, quickly followed by the Yale graduate (Siene?) but I think they are too normal for reality tv. I would love to see either one as the Bachelorette but it might not be compelling enough. They need a famewhore for that. I feel sorry for Krystal for her upbringing but I think she is a Fatal Attraction in progress. Bibiana cracks me up. As someone said, she is actually very very pretty but when she bugs her eyes out and shortens her neck even more, it makes her really unattractive. I think the producers are encouraging her, and if I have to hear her say the phrase 'if i don't get my time' one more time ...
  12. birdmom

    S08.E09: When Chairs Fly

    Was this a random crime, the victims targeted just for the Audi they were driving or did the defendants know the victims? And of course a shoe was thrown in the courtroom (although i don't blame them in their grief). Isn't Tre originally from Paterson? Also where does Kim D get her money? Big divorce settlement? It can't be from that boutique.
  13. birdmom

    S08.E07: A Retreat To Remember

    Ha! Brilliant. All this self-help crap by unqualified charlatans gives me hives. I would go if Margaret and Joe were leading it. Theirs is the only marriage in all of Andy Cohen's universe that i have hope for surviving
  14. birdmom

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Hi, I've apparently been out of the loop on an old case that Dateline re-featured in late September called The Bathtub Mystery, about the sportswriter whose wife drowned in the bathtub. I looked on here around the date of the re-airing and no one was talking about it, so does anyone have an idea of when this story first aired? It probably has multiple times with all the appeals. Anyway, I'm anxious to read your opinions on it, but don't know what date to search under. Thanks! P.S. I read the Krakauer book on mormon fundamentalists years ago and it was sooo good, but so disturbing, and now I'm all pissed reading your comments about how they're living off welfare and hating them even more.
  15. birdmom

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Catching up on Dateline episodes. About the Florida podiatrist case. I agree with just about every point made so far by you all, most of them hilarious by the way. Yes both are extremely unlikeable. I thought the case had some weak spots but I would have convicted him on the Medicare fraud alone (assuming I would know about that as a juror, but they probably didn't). Why do these middle-aged pale men think jet black hair looks good on them? He looked so much better with the gray - and that was even while living in a stressful prison environment. I too thought they were going to say Samira was secretly a man and thank you to the commenter who pointed out the hyperbole on these shows about how incredibly beautiful or handsome the victims are. I was surprised his baby mama sold him out on the stand. Will she still be able to get child support while he's prison? If not I really commend her on giving an honest testimony and not just thinking about the money. Which leads me to Samira's mom and the letter. Maybe she's worried any money would dry up if he went away to prison and therefore made up the part about the prowler to help his case? Can't blame her though if she's living in poverty. :( The prosecutor is the most unenthusiastic orator I've ever heard. Maybe I'm too used to fictional crime shows, but her delivery wasn't convincing at all. I hope those babies' aunt and uncle are normal people who have their best interests at heart.