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  1. SpiffyShindigs

    S04.E10: Election Night

    If WA going for a Democrat was such a shock to them, I think it's safe to say there's a slightly different political landscape in the US of Veep, so MN going GOP shouldn't be a huge surprise.
  2. SpiffyShindigs

    S03.E03: Alicia

    Catherine was the highlight of the episode for me. I wasn't a gigantic fan of hers in the past, but here she seemed so much more engaged and aware of what was going on. That "pep-talk", oh man was that cathartic, but most of all I loved how it ended with her embracing her mother's massive ambition. And then Selina's rebuttal of "I'm not a bitch and you look like a waiter." Perfection. Their dynamic was amazing this episode. And then, of course, Goober Peas. I knew someone was going to walk in on them, but that didn't stop me from howling when it actually happened!
  3. SpiffyShindigs

    Cougar Town

    I really enjoyed it, but I hope it wasn't our series finale! I've really been enjoying the show going a little bit back to its roots of Jules figuring out how to be older, and I think the grandparent angle is great for that. Trav and Laurie's fight in this episode was the most realistic they've been as a couple so far. I like the poetic symmetry of their story and Bobby/Jules' wrt the unplanned pregnancy. How did Laurie get pregnant though? Wasn't she on birth control that made her only get her "yeariod" once a year?