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  1. Brent won because he was a better plater than Laura and he was more mentally prepared for the finale. He took part in the final pressure test (the Chocolate Forest Floor that Emelia did the best on) before the finale and he was the only contestant of the top 5 to compete in the Matt Preston review, no recipe pressure test. Laura completely crumbled on the Peter Gilmore finale pressure test while Brent thrived. I'm really happy for Emelia. A lot of people were dismissing her right from the start but she has always shown that she's an all around cook. Season 6 has really proven that it is one of the best seasons in terms of cooking ability along with season 7. I still don't really understand why Reynold cut off the ends of his apple peel in the Martin Benn pressure test. Rolling up the shrunken apple peel would mean it would look less like an apple and more like a cylinder. Laura did well despite burning her hand. Even if her gelato had been smooth and amazing, she still would have lost on the crumble.
  2. Does this have any merit? https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/master-chef-jock-zonfrillo-in-a-stew-over-bushfood-charity-the-orana-foundation/news-story/66d26a38748b8ae6af04aecabc7f3f3f
  3. Emelia and Callum kicking ass were the only saving graces of this episode. Once again, Reece skates by with another simple dish that's not classic but that's ok because we're going to send Tessa into round 2 by not telling her about the capers in the tartar sauce while also giving a huge hint to Reynold about the sponge in the Bombe Alaska. I thought the elimination was bullshit. Isn't Indian cooking all about huge bold flavours? Why was Tessa's dish criticized for not being Indian even though she labeled it as Indian-Mexican fusion cuisine? Why was Melissa up in arms about the Indian dish not working altogether but noting that the individual components tasted "delicious"? I read from another site that her Round 2 dish was in fact Indian and that Indians do love these types of flavours. Round 2 was set up to give the judges maximum leeway in sending who they wanted home. Reynold making another white chocolate pebble, isomalt shard, mousse dish and then giving his dish a moniker doesn't make it something the judges haven't seen before...otherwise we might as well crown Reece the winner with his tarts. Every tart that he makes comes in different shapes, sizes and looks.
  4. I found Reece's immunity win last week to be a sham and this week I felt like he was set up to win again. I felt like the way that the ingredients were ordered, it was only beneficial for a dessert specialist with the savoury ingredients being left towards the end. If they had put the grains in the 70 minutes to go slot, the seafood with 60 minutes to go and the fruits with 45 minutes to go, I'd like to see Reece get up his tart/ice cream dessert in that amount of time. I think this challenge is the perfect reason why Gary/George/Matt worked so well. They would question Reece making only a tart/ice cream combination. They would also factor in the amount of time it took for the contestant to finish their dish. Having enough cultural knowledge to appreciate foods from around the world, they can understand where most of the dishes come from while still maintaining their own personal palate. I wonder if Jock's palate is limited to only strong tastes. I could see how he would not like those subtle, nuanced dishes and write them off as sweet or boring. Meanwhile, Andy seemed to really love Callum's dish and his cooking style is based off Mexican cuisine, more in sync with Spanish cuisine than French/Italian to Spanish.
  5. All possible reasons for sure but I also wonder if Andy hates cardamom. It reminded me of season 4, I think, when John Torode was the guest chef and he hated (Mindy's?) dish while the trio loved it. It's very rare to see a judge dislike a dish a lot while the other 2 rave about it. The degree to which Laura undercooked her pasta is important. From what she saw, she said the pasta looked cooked. The judges' comments, meanwhile, weren't saying that her pasta was raw, just slightly underdone. If that pasta needed 15-30 seconds more to cook through, I don't think a balanced dish with slightly undercooked pasta should lose to a "spicier", unbalanced dish. I re-watched the judging on Reece's second dish and Andy added that he wanted more pumpkin in the dish before being cut off by Jock. If that is the case, then it's a bit more concerning. Reece made a spiced pumpkin cake. It should have been the main element and yet Andy remarked that he wanted more pumpkin. Was the cardamom overpowering the pumpkin cake or did his cake not have enough pumpkin in it?
  6. Simon must be crying at home seeing the challenges for this week. All of these fruit/vegetable challenges and a smoking gun challenge in the same week! I think the criteria for this immunity challenge should have been like last week's where they had scores for the 3 courses. Emelia should have won this by a landslide with 2 excellent dishes and 1 good dish vs. 2 good dishes and 1 mediocre dish for Reece. The judges are really pushing the contender Reece edit a bit too strongly. Every dish of his had faults and the Masterchef title won't be won by a knockout style elimination. I don't understand Jock's criticism of Emelia's 2nd dish with the pine nuts. Obviously she used the pine nuts because it works well with her cake. To substitute that with pumpkin seeds for the sake of them being there is dumb. Reece's 2nd dish with the cake had a major fault. Andy said that there was too much cardamom, therefore, the dish itself is out of balance. The other judges should have taken that into account when deciding between Laura's and Reece's. Is slightly undercooked pasta that much of a crime vs. an unbalanced dessert? As we're coming down to the wire, I'm finding myself disagreeing more with the judges' decisions. Some of it comes down to the lack of knowledge/experience of the judges but I feel that some are based on the backstory or narrative of the contestant where they will use that to influence their decision.
  7. Reynold's dessert skills only extend to making cold dessert elements. Baking not included. Simon's broccoli dish made me sad just looking at it. Checking back on my top 10 predictions list, I got 8/10 in both of the should/will categories. 9/10 if we include both lists. Reece making the top 10 is a big shock for me. At the time of the post, I was still thinking about him blowing balloons from the first episode.
  8. Round 1: I liked Poh's sandwich the best. It actually looked like a proper sandwich and it would be something that I would want to eat. Callum's sandwich sounds intriguing. Khanh's grilled cheese is a bit too plain. I would have scored them: Poh - 9 Callum - 8 Khanh - 7 Round 2: I felt Poh and Khanh missed the brief. Poh's 6 potstickers and Khanh's street food crepes aren't dinner dishes or portions. Snacks yes. Callum is the only one who truly delivered a dinner dish in 20 minutes. Scores: Callum - 8 Khanh - 5 Poh - 5 Round 3: Khanh struggled and Poh delivered a very good but simple dessert. Callum's looked divine. Callum - 10 Poh - 7 Khanh - 4 (incomplete dish means a fail) Total Callum - 26 Poh - 21 Khanh - 16 Runaway winner. Callum was the only one that delivered in every round. These scores reflect if the dishes had tasted exactly the same way it looked.
  9. Callum's round 2 dish looked so good. My mouth was watering when I saw it. I also loved that he chose to go the strategic route. It shows that he knows how to play the game. I loved the Back to the Future reference he gave too! Reynold doesn't really seem to play things strategically. He just tries to go all out and hope for the best most of the time. It was a bit surprising that he went so simple in round 1 but I think he has proven that he can balance dishes correctly when he takes care of each element instead of rushing to experiment with flavours/new techniques that we haven't seen before on Masterchef.
  10. Khanh should have been in round 2. Using bay leaf near the end was only added as an afterthought and should not have been rewarded. So glad to see Tessa's dish being well received. I actually thought her ice cream dish was the most creative. Everyone else seemed to play it somewhat safe like using a flavour combination that works for one ice cream and then using an uncommon ingredient for the 2nd one. I will miss Jess. Her 2nd cook seemed out of sorts. It's like she was sabotaging herself by adding the orange and the huge numbers of chocolate elements over showcasing the raspberry and carrot. Anyway if you would have told me she was top 10 material in week 2, I would have said not a chance but I would have said the opposite if you asked me again 2 weeks ago! She has truly grown leaps and bounds and I think she has a way better palate than Reynold. Some statistics ahead: Reynold is the frontrunner in terms of placement so far. He has been called safe in round 1 of every elimination. The next best are Brendan, Khanh and Laura, who all have been in the bottom 5.
  11. I love pressure tests as it's the only time where we ever get to see contestants out of their comfort zones. It was such a joy to watch Emelia cook. I wonder why they treated her as if she was a robot in season 6. She reminds me of Billie, someone that just gets on with the task at hand and moves on. It's a refreshing change from the Khanh's or Poh's of this season and is very much needed. I also loved that she knows what bubble tea is! Not that Jock would know. He gave her a blank stare when she said it. It was nice to know Brendan was the #2 choice. His mojito looked pretty good. The friendship between him, Jess and Reece was really great to see. I'm really enjoying these little friendship groups like Laura/Emelia, Jess/Reece/Brendan, Callum/Simon, Jess and everyone. Why was Simon trying to yank the balloon from the sphere? Also, his straw looked very small. It seemed like Khanh's green chocolate wasn't tempered properly or wasn't the right temperature and so the thick coating actually weighed the white chocolate sphere down and it broke. This is twice in a row that Khanh did things earlier than normal and ruined his dish. Does he get really anxious if he doesn't plate things early?
  12. I thought all three team starters made mistakes in the relay challenge. Reynold's was the most obvious as he put his panna cotta mixture into a big bowl and in the freezer instead of a small amount dumped into an individual cup and in the blast chiller. Sarah's problem was trying to do too much to the main course to overcompensate with doing very little with the dessert. Khanh's stuff up with the octopus ended up saving the Green team. Simon's idea of cooking the octopus on the hibachi sounds like a great plan but wouldn't the cooking of the tentacle and the octopus flesh be different? Even if you have someone that knows how to cook octopus, the chance of the octopus being undercooked or overcooked on the grill seems very high. It still seems like the judges are very biased for Simon and against Callum. The criticism of the Blue team's lamb dish as being a 'pub dish' doesn't make sense to me. By their standards, that would mean that Green team's galette dessert is also a pub dish. Also, telling the Blue team that their savoury dish was too simple while not criticizing the Green team for making what is essentially a Prawn and Salad dish in 80 minutes screams of double standards. If Gary, George and Matt were still here, I doubt they would hand the win to a team with an overcooked protein. The standouts in this episode were Emelia, Jess, Callum and Tessa. All of them contributed to their team in a big way.
  13. Reynold needs to stop experimenting in team challenges. Why didn't the Pink team just drench their dry sponge cake with kirsch? I thought the Yellow team would win because the judges liked their fish/squid dish but didn't really like Reynold's dessert. The guest chef couple were useless and I knew from past challenges they were in before that they wouldn't be able to offer a lot of help. Emelia really saved Poh's bacon. Poh is thinking like she's hosting a cooking show and not being practical. Jess's dessert is the dish I wanted to taste the most. Agreed. There's also a difference between making something over and over again every day with people you know and creating a 3 course menu from scratch together with different people and personalities. Not to mention that his business is in a food truck/stall vs. a big makeshift industrial kitchen.
  14. It was in Reynold's season. Season 7. I thought Reynold's sugar ball was lacking in comparison to Heston's finale dish. Heston's looked glossy while Reynold's was pale. I'm liking Jess a lot more this time around. Her improvement in both savoury/sweet areas plus the editors showing more of her personality has been a nice surprise. Goodbye Ben. I won't miss your Wasabi or Coriander ice creams. I think the judges are favouring certain contestants like Simon, Laura and Poh over the others. It'll be interesting to see where they place especially with flavour masters like Sarah T. and Khanh around. I liked seeing Emelia get one up on Laura for once. I think the edit in season 6 portrayed her as a stone cold bitch so it's refreshing seeing her being friendly with the other contestants. After 5 team challenges so far, 4 contestants are tied with a 4-1 record: Callum, both Sarah's and Simon. Laura has the worst record out of anyone losing all 5 team challenges.
  15. I liked Katy Perry and her quest to troll/distract the contestants. She even made Simon and Reece tolerable. Poh did that crepe thing in a Masterclass before. Shouldn't Reynold be able to do sorbets in his sleep by now? Even Katy recognized his food tends to be more style than substance. Sarah's glaze on the pork looked amazing.
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