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  1. Do any of you get the LTD Commodities catalogs?  I just received my fall one today.  Tara/Temptations is selling some fall/Halloween items in it!   I thought she was an "only on QVC" brand.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Coffeecup said:

    Closeup, makeup and hair in A393917 Prive Revaux High Power Blue Light Blocking Readers.

    She said, “If you’re ordering in the 0.0 [reader strength] , it’s just a fashion story,  you just are wearing them because you love the eye candy of jewelry on your face.” As someone who went through a lifetime of wearing glasses and contacts before I was finally freed of those things through cataract surgery, I strongly disagree. I absolutely hated glasses. I never considered them as "jewelry for the face." I just wanted to get rid of them.

    These PR glasses looked better on her than her usual thick, huge, ugly frames. Also she looked better with some color on her lips than that nude lipstick that makes her lips disappear.



    misc pics Shawn Killinger fashion style Q2 12 glasses collage 1 7-22-21.jpg

    misc pics Shawn Killinger fashion style Q2 14 glasses collage 2 7-22-21.jpg

    misc pics Shawn Killinger fashion style Q2 15 glasses collage 3 7-22-21.jpg

    Agree that these frames are a much better look on her.  They don’t overpower her face.  Very flattering.

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  3. 47 minutes ago, letusprocrastinate said:

    I know you can go elsewhere and see people excusing this because well, they don't know anyone who speaks French or there are probably not many people in their state who do so it's not a big deal.  But since D&Co is a QVC brand, was there no one there during the creation of this blouse with at least some knowledge of French or who could have instead decided to use a remarkable invention called a search engine to confirm the spelling instead of going with how it sounds phonetically?

    And that is STILL a dumb reason!!!!   Honestly, the dumbing down of America!!😩😩😩

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  4. 17 minutes ago, MzBrooklyn said:

    Joan=No Filter!

    Even the Q couldn’t reign her in. My favorites:

    Anything with Kathy Levine.
    With Gabrielle…”Whoa! You must be the second wife…the first wife NEVER gets a Diamond that big!

    With Nick Chavez as he finishes his show with the big hairspray, they cut to Joan offset who praises the product, and then walks on with, “ And I had to pay full price, you sonofabitch!”

    Finally, my favorite…

    Cant remember the host; she was selling her jewelry…the host, raving about the item, said something like, “If I could have one thing…”, and Joan jumped in with…”You’d kill Jane Treacy, right?”


    RIP Joan. 
    one of a kind. 

    ^^^ That last one!   😂🤣😂.  I almost choked on my Fritos!!!! 

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  5. 55 minutes ago, Coffeecup said:

    She just embarrassed her father-in-law in the PooPouri presentation. She said when Joe would call his dad and ask him to go out to eat, the FIL would decline, saying he was uncomfortable eating out in case he had to use the bathroom. So of course bigmouth Shawn thinks carrying PooPourri around with you would enable you to go out to eat if you have digestive problems.

    She also said her vacation to Florida in August would be "adults only," and she and Joe will be taking PooPouri with them. Well, fine, do that, so you two won't stink up the resort hotel bathroom.

    misc pics Shawn Killinger Leah green shirt 8 PooPouri 7-20-21.jpg

    Ohhhh.  That is SO disrespectful, unprofessional, and wrong!  Way to take away his dignity on national TV.  This makes me angry.

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