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  1. Being on a U.S. military base would be considered “being on U.S. soil”, so, technically, any children borne of serving members are considered the same as “American born”. This applies for any U.S. military installation, or embassy. Cuba would most definitely not have conferred citizenship upon American children who were born on the island. After all, Cuba did not gift the Gitmo land to the U.S., and weren’t at all happy about an armed, enemy power “squatting” in their country. When my daughter served there some time ago, she said if she had left the base, there were Cuban military po
  2. If they really want to grab the 20-30-somethings, they should just write Adam as a vampire and be done with it. He’s been killed and brought back enough to qualify. 😁
  3. Ooooooo Noooooo! And just when I was thinking of maybe watching again!
  4. For me, it would be Gary Cole. He can do it all, but his Lucas Buck was fannnnntastic!
  5. Credit where it's due, I think JM did a pretty good job in his love scene with the paper bag. :-D
  6. I wondered how he uttered the line about being "booked solid" for Valentines Day without laughing. And there must have been at least 15 people in the place - a hip 'n' happenin' club where people can have normal conversations without having to raise their voices above the music. They may as well have dug up Lawrence Welk for entertainment and given up the pretense that it was a club.
  7. We had a great time, though one of the three days was rainy and crappy. But the good days were great. Fret not - by the end of next month, we'll have the central heater running again, and you'll all be enjoying the sunshine of a northern spring and summer...
  8. Here's a pic from our little Valentines beach holiday (mentioned up-thread). I'm standing in the back, with my daughter, s-i-l and three of my grandchildren in the shelter. Hubby took the photo.
  9. Hmmmm, was it a good thing (for us) that ol' Vic stole the sexy motion lotion? It could be Bonaventure Mk II, in that it goes to market and is a HUGE disaster, causing women to be raped, and men to father unwanted children against their will. It could cost NE zillions and zillions in lawsuits. NE would be brought to its knees, just waiting for Jabot or CI (or some other as-yet-unknown mogul) to snap it up. We can only hope. Afterwards, we can see Victor in the nursing home, pushing his walking frame towards the window where he looks forlornly at the former Newman Tower, a tear running down
  10. One can only hope. I don't want to lose my Joe. :-( But they'd need to give a better hairdo. I can't believe, through all of this, they keep Dullan. Good grief.
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