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  1. Starfish

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    I recently caught up with season 4 on Netflix and I don't know if I have ever been so angry with a fictional character as I am with Emmett right now!!! What a douche bag! If the show wanted them broken up, they should have just done it when he moved to LA not after Bay was assaulted!!!! I am hoping - uselessly I'm sure - that they will just write him off of the show. I don't ever ever ever want to see him on my TV screen again. IF I continue to watch this show, which at this point is a big IF, I will just fast forward through his scenes. This was just one more huge instance of Bay getting dumped on. Showing his movie to girlfriend - who is supposed to be the person that he is closest to in the entire world - was too personal? He showed it to Stupid Skye, his professor, and is making a movie so he can show it to as many people as possible, but he can't show it to Bay. The woman who it is about. The one who lived through all of the drama and trauma. Are you EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? And then he ended it with Bay b/c they "don't like the same things anymore" and he doesn't want to feel guilty about "having to rush home to see her every night" or some such bull shit. WHAT?!?!?!? Umm... you still like movies and she still likes art. That was good enough for you a few weeks ago, but it's not now. You wanted to rush home to her a few weeks ago, so much so that when you heard she was raped YOU WERE WILLING TO DROP OUT OF SCHOOL TO TAKE CARE OF HER. What changed? Oh. Right. You decided that she wasn't raped. You decided that she cheated on you. All of her family and friends support and believe her. Hell, the school administration believes her - so much so that they expelled Travis. But the person who is supposed to love and support her the most in the world doesn't believe her. Why? Bc it's convenient. It's easier to believe she cheated than to "work" on your relationship. (And relationships are work dumbass.) It's easier to hook up with Stupid Skye than to keep trying with Bay. It's easier to fall into something new with someone who follows you around like a little puppy dog than to be with someone who challenges you. She's right you are WEAK. And she deserves better and so do the viewers. We deserve never having to see you again.
  2. Starfish

    Six Feet Under

    I'm rewatching the series now thanks to Amazon. I forgot what a douche Nate was in season 3. Your wife is missing and you go around screwing random skanks. Eew. Seriously eeww.
  3. Starfish

    S05.E09: Tell All

    Did anyone else notice that Janelle wasn't wearing any jewelry? No crappy joolry and no wedding ring? Nothing at all. Everyone else was wearing their usual 17 pieces of flair, but Janelle had nothing.