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  1. I'm don't know if she's gonna win, shes got a shot but she's definitely going to be in the finals. A lot of people watch dwts, but a good chunk of the gp doesn't vote, at least not until the final (I use to be the same way). So of the chunk of the gp that are voting, there are So many potential gp demo faves, that I think it actually helps Norman survive with mostly a 5h fanbase. Her voting block isn't that split, but the demo voting block south probably spread/split between david, nancy, rashad, Simone and maybe even a little of nick. I think because of that, if she continues to dance the way she did last night, she'll definitely be in the finals.
  2. mrsmit7

    S24.E05: Week 5: Disney Night

    My favorites tonight we're Normani, Simone, and Nancy. Normani killed that Paso, and thats the Val choreo I want to see all season. I feel like except for the foxtrot, he'd been taking it slightly easy on her. It was floor routine-ish but it really worked for simone, it was a sweet routine with some nice tricks. And that singer KiLLed it, I keep forgetting her name. Nancy, I just don't know why but I'm always slightly surprised and happy with her routines..even though as a figure skater she is somewhat of a ringer. It was a fun routine and she did really well with it. Rashad didn't fair as well this week, I don't think I like him in ballroom. But he's got nothing to worry about...he'll bounce back next week. I happy nick survived. He's the 2nd best male on the show, and although those 9s were a bit much, I'd take them as make up for his blatant underscoring the last few weeks. I don't know wtf maks choreographed for Heather but it was a huge let down. I saw zero jazz, in fact I saw very little dancing at all except for maybe an 8 count of ballroom. It was 90% running around, acting, with a few lifts thrown in. I blame it 1000% on maks, u have a professional jazz dancer, get some outside help if you're stomped on what to do, it's OK we know jazz is not your specialty. I ready for bonner to go next week
  3. mrsmit7

    S24.E03: Week 3: Vegas Night

    My two favorites from tonight: 1) Normani- WOW..I knew she had the skills, but I wasn't expecting that performance factor too, and I feel like I really saw for the first time tonight. She's most likely gonne be a force when Her & Val aren't missing 2 days a week on flights. 2) Nancy- She surprisingly worked that samba and I was not expecting that at all. I love that artemisia is so happy and I like their partnership. As for the rest. Heather was good but I didn't like the costume combined with those lights for the tango, like I understood why she wore the outfit, but Alan & the lights being the exact same color drowned out the dance a bit. Either Sasha needs to step it up with simone, or shes just not quite as impressive on this season. I keep thinking 'Ok nice' when she dances then promptly forgetting. Same with Erika & gleb. The men are all a bit of a lost cause dance wise outside of Rashad. I thought his samba was actually pretty good, but the song was so low energy it sucked it out of the performance. David's not the best but he is working all the angles and checking all the boxes to make it to the final. His fun, charming, up for anything and having a good time. I'm over bonner, and actually think nick is a much better dancer than him. Charo left on her best dance, and although i like that he's giving his money to charity, Mr. T Shold be next.
  4. mrsmit7

    S24.E02: Week 2

    Thought this night was better than the premiere. Top Favs: Normani was great and definitely more in her element tonight which shows. I'm excited to see what she can do when not travelling. I love Rashad too, he did better than I expected in standard. Mid favs: I'm calling David in the finals. He's charming, fits the demo, and is just fun to watch even when he's not dancing the best. I also like Nancy more than expected and appreciate how excited she is to be on the show. Her cha cha was pretty decent. I like Simone & Heather but they both have the same thing to work on to different extent...Genuinely selling/feeling the dance, I Simone is cute but felt like she was just nailing the steps instead of feeling the dance. Heather I think sells the dance but idk it seems like she a performance face. Charo is a mess, but my kind of mess. Don't to much care about the rest at this point. Thought bonner was seriously over scored for that waltz that wasted about 30sec on a almost kiss.
  5. mrsmit7

    S24.E01: Week 1

    Thought Normani was pretty significantly underscored, especially with that 6 lol. But she went first and got arguably the worst possible dance for her out the way, so she should be great from here on out. Heather was a little underscored too. But I though Maks played it safe on purpose. Thought grandpa Ross was a little over scored but I like him, and I think he's gonna still the general audience votes, and be finale bound. I think Norman & Grandpa Ross or finale bound and 1 more out of heather/simone/Rashad Hope chris gets the 1st boot bc I selfishly want to see more of mr.t & charo Overall OK 1st week, hopefully next week is better
  6. Just saw Normani & Vals livestream of their rehearsal, they looked impressive for the first day.
  7. 5the Harmony definitely has a large fanbase, but ever since that one girl left, I feel like it's fractured with everyone supporting their fave, and Normani is one of the least popular members of the group....Will see, if 5th harmony fans come together & actually vote I can see her in the finals, but they may also be like a bethany, hayes, that teen blonde guy with wine (forgot his name) where they are more concerned with tweets than voting....so who knows. I do think she will be a great dancer and she seems sweet although a little quiet. I think her and Val will get on well so it will be interesting what they produce.
  8. mrsmit7

    S23.E15: The Finale

    This whole no ringers allowed discussion gets brought up every season, and It will never make sense to me. No where in any DWTS rule book does it say that the point of this show is about teaching people with absolutely zero dance experience how to dance, no where-Because that's not what the show is about. DWTS is a reality variety show with a dance competition element with the sole purpose of entertainment, that's it. The producers have always wanted a mix of contestants to bring the most value. They want ringers who will give excellent performances, they want novices with potential, they want absolute trainwrecks all for the same reason, because they each bring their own entertainment value. The fairness in this competition is that the audience decides who they want to vote for for their own personal reasons, this isn't blackpool. You can vote because of showmance, growth, excellent performance, humor, pity...however you feel like it. 23 seasons of this show, with ringers in every season, highlights that having dance experience doesn't guarantee winning, heck or even doing really well (Cody, Christina Millian, roshon, Elizabeth Berkley, etc). Too many other factors are involved.
  9. mrsmit7

    S23.E15: The Finale

    If you are going to gauge by facebook (Which I'm iffy on), you got to look at it all, not just some comments by a some ardent fans on every video. Look at the views and the likes...James had all of one video hit over a million views (the Suicide Squad waltz) where as every other video uploaded of Laurie had over a million views, I'm talkin at least 6-7, with like 30-40k more likes than the next contestant. So, by facebook logic, Laurie was leading there. I liked James, and thought he was a worthy component, and would not have been upset if he won because I adore Sharna, but this conspiracy voter suppression thing just sounds bitter. Its not like they pulled a season 16, and the night of the finale decided they were just randomly gonna throw out all of the online votes, because they cant run a website smoothly, now that's one I will always roll my eyes at. Laurie was killing it in the votes judging by most SM outlets and was a great dancer on top of a great personality...so well deserved win.
  10. mrsmit7

    S23.E15: The Finale

    So happy for Val & Laurie! She's the most adorable little thing, hard to root against. They had a dip midseason, but credit to Val for stepping it up and really delivering the last few weeks. Sometimes he can be derivative when it comes to freestyles, but that freestyle last night was the best he's done on this show, creative,really served Laurie well. James and Calvin had excellent seasons, and their Sharna & Lindsay did great jobs.
  11. mrsmit7

    S23.E13: Week 10

    No where in any article does it say Val was the one to tell Laurie her Grandma died, that's just silly he's not her family, just like there's no way Val could hide the fact that her grandmother died IF her family wanted her to know, theyre her family. From articles I read, it sounds like the family initially might have wanted to withhold the news from Laurie, so she could focus on the competition, and Val played a small part in a discussion with the family that it might not be best to withhold that information. Yes, its terrible that her grandmother passed, and its worse that it happened during the competition while she's away from home, but it would have been the ABSOLUTE worst if they would have waited until the competition ended, so she could focus, to tell her that her grandmother passed an entire 2 weeks ago. So I cannot fault Val or her family in how they handled it, they did the best the could, its tuff all around. TPTB on the other hand will be what they always have been, eager to capitalize on any drama, this is nothing new for them.
  12. I think they got underscored in their paso, if there is a redemption dance later in the season, I hope they get to redo this, because it was a pretty impressive dance.
  13. mrsmit7

    S23.E08: Week 5

    I too thought tonight seem suspiciously like a let's knock Laurie down a few notches and pump James up. Laurie's dance looked insanely difficult and she gave a solid performance tho not her best, so maybe 25 in isolation is warranted. But was it seriously only 1 point better than Maureen & Amber& Ryan...and 1 point off last place? James did a really good solid tango, but the some of the judges comments were OTT and him getting the only 10s was suspect, especially when u have somebody like Calvin who I think is also killing it for a novice dancer getting straight 8s everyweek. Can Calvin get some of that treatment next week judges? Dudes awesome Lastly, idk much about Terra outside of dwts but I love her on here and hope she makes thenfinals.
  14. Although intense , Rise is super slow for a paso. Will be interested to see how val choreographs this
  15. Interesting that it's Cirque week and they gave her Michael Jackson's One, which is prob the least acrobatic cirque show