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  1. I hear 'ya! It's been raining all day (tropical storm), so it's been dark most of the day, and I find these people rather boring, especially when most of them aren't catching food. I do like some of the shelters though. I'm anxious to see Biko's once he gets it done.
  2. Can I get a Moo!! That's interesting. It would be neat to go back in time and see what NYC looked like way back in the day! I love all of the old buildings because of their unique architecture and charm. Some of those new buildings that are entirely glass just don't do it for me! Thanks for all of your insight about what it's like in NYC!
  3. You're welcome! Best of luck with your decision! With our last move, I had about 100 boxes (had to count them for the movers), and they fill up quickly! I bought a variety pack of multi-colored post-it notes (small ones), and as I taped up each box, I color-coded each room and put the note on the front of the box, so everything with the orange note & the word kitchen was easy to see. The blue notes were for the primary bedroom, and so on and so forth with the rest of the boxes. Unfortunately, one of the guys who helped us move the boxes into the new house either couldn't read, or had so
  4. As far as I know, they're not estranged, but he said they're the complete opposite of Emilia's family. Her family is kind of loud and boisterous, and his is rather quiet and subdued. Ryan was on WWHL and it was brought up about him not having a designated room for his Mom, but as it turns out, she said she doesn't want to live there anyway! I was born and raised in Fla, but it's a totally different place than it was in the 60's and 70's. It was great back in the day. I no longer live there, but my family does. Us true Floridians feel like everybody moved in on us!! I have found t
  5. Someone mentioned earlier how the Ansonia used to be a hotel. I had forgotten that until Steve mentioned it again. There was a restaurant there, so people could order from there. It makes sense why there wasn't a full kitchen if people weren't actually cooking very much! At least they have room to make a proper kitchen. I loved the layout of the apartment though. I like defined spaces, and the huge foyer was pretty - a waste of space - but pretty! I'm sure a design expert could figure out a way to make it into a more usable space, if the buyer wants to. It doesn't matter how m
  6. I'm a little confused on this too, but was it his production staff that he brought with him? I'm thinking that he isn't allowed to "recruit" people away from his old office, but if they choose to leave and go with him, then it's okay. In the dental world, if I go to another office, I'm not allowed to call my patients and ask them to follow me, but if they do so on their own, it's okay. Maybe it's the same kind of thing. I liked Steve's exasperation with the tired old line of wanting a "Covid deal!" I'm sure they're all tired of that one. If that was for real, it's actually
  7. I felt sorry for the lady having to move after thinking this was her forever home. I liked how Tyler tried to console her by telling her she'll go have her Florida home, then maybe in the future she can come back and have her NYC home. It was very sweet of him. Mr. Chat and I have moved a bit over the years, so I understand how difficult it can be to leave your home/job/friends, etc. Hopefully she'll be excited once she's in Florida and will find another dream home to make her own. She might be reluctant to do that again though. I liked the wallpaper in her home, but some of it was
  8. I'm glad that we got to see Steve's property (Ansonia). The remodel looked great. I thought that was the property the owner took off the market. I didn't think we'd get to see it updated. I thought that the price for that amount of apartment was actually reasonable (not that I have 3M to spend, but for NYC standards, it seemed pretty good.) Tyler cracked me up with his line "fresh air is having a moment" when commenting on how buyers want apartments with windows that open, or terraces, etc. Fresh air is a precious commodity if you're in quarantine in a high-rise apartment! I love
  9. I love the big dogs like the St. Bernard, but they never seem to win. Sigh! I was rooting for the Samoyed too. I have a neighbor who has one and it looks just like Striker. She walks her everyday, and if I'm outside, the owner lets me pet her. She's a very "chatty" dog and likes people. They're a really beautiful breed.
  10. I don't recall seeing her yet. I will watch for her!
  11. I hope not! If so, I'll be keeping my razor, thank you very much. To each her own though! I'm curious as to what they'll do next. We've seen many a person/group be pretty good on the first audition, then after that it's just a one-note act. With some of them, the novelty wears off very quickly!
  12. They should name their new home 'The Money Pit'! I'm sure it's lovely though.
  13. Bethenny would probably start berating the shark saying something like "What the hell kind of shark are you to mess with me? Can't you see the bling I'm wearing? I'm important, don't 'cha know. Get off my jock!"
  14. All she'd have to do is start talking/whining to that shark and it would let her go!
  15. He might've renovated the charm right out of it!
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