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  1. That explains a lot, as many of us felt that it wasn't simply the booze making her act that way. Being on this show isn't good for her. I hope she makes it through the rest of the season in tact. I wish her the best.
  2. It's really sad if people who live in this country don't know how many states make up the U.S. There is no excuse for not knowing that. 😉
  3. As long as there are people who support her, then it's likely that she'll never apologize because she doesn't think she didn't anything embarrassing or wrong. She's like Dorinda in that the more outrageous the outbursts, the more defensive they get.
  4. What was concerning to me was her saying that she had shown her "psycho" self to some guy (boyfriend?) and she was regretting it. (Correct me if I'm not remembering this correctly.) Then her emotions escalated from there. She went completely out of control. I guess the icing on the cake was Ramona not wanting her sister to meet up with them. Leah was already wound up with regret when she arrived. I'm not making fun of her. I think she needs some professional help. I hate to see somebody go off the deep end like that. I'd never heard of them, so I looked them up too! Such beautiful craftsmanship.
  5. I agree, but I'm wondering why it was up to Ramona to decide whether her sister could join the trip or not. If this is a Bravo-sponsored trip, wouldn't they have the say so on whether a non-cast member can be in the group? Would said person pay their own way or does the show pay for it? I don't know how these things work!
  6. As much as I hated seeing Tinsley apologize to Dorinda, she did say that she can't stand to have friction with another person. Maybe she was just trying to appease the bully so that she'd leave her alone. I've seen that kind of behavior back in junior high where someone would do whatever the bully wanted just so they'd leave them alone. I'm also wondering if Dorinda's rants at Tinsley are a trigger for her in regards to the abuse she suffered several years ago. This might be why she goes into "screeching" mode. I don't think she really knows how to fight back verbally with Dorinda, and she knows she has the upper hand in the whole thing.
  7. Well, then candidate Barack Obama told a crowd in Oregon that he'd been to 57 states, with one more left to go, so there's that!! It is surprising that a U.S. citizen doesn't know there are 50 states. Didn't we learn that back in 1st grade? Even so, I can overlook that with Dorinda because she has far more egregious faults in regards to her treatment of Tinsley.
  8. It's interesting that she took that break-up so hard and wanted everybody's sympathy, but after she broke up with Aidan and then found out from Steve that Aidan couldn't function for a month and that he lost his ability to trust women, well, she practically laughed in his face. This from a woman who had to be spoon-fed by Samantha at the resort after Big didn't show up for their wedding. It always seemed to be okay for Carrie to break up with a guy, but when they hurt her, it was some monumental life-altering moment for her. Having said that, not showing up for one's own wedding is a pretty big deal, but she couldn't function for awhile either. She didn't seem to give that same consideration to Aidan.
  9. I think that most of us had the same thoughts!! I sat there wondering what the hell I was watching. It was truly bizarre. If she does have mental issues, this show was not a good idea. With all of the alcohol, it brings out the worst in these ladies.
  10. I like Elyse too, but I don't think she should've broached that subject with Leah since they barely know each other. That's a delicate subject to just throw out there while shopping! Even in the best circumstance, Leah isn't going to take that information very well. I did love Elyse's impersonation of Dorinda. She was spot on! Who is ultimately responsible for what content gets aired with this show? This franchise is quickly going down the toilet. Why are they so hell-bent on pushing the 'let's get batshit crazy drunk' narrative? The show can be so good without all of that. TPTB are ruining it! Waving to geauxaway from one SEC fan to another! 🙂
  11. Yeah, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop in regards to LuAnn and her drinking. I'm cautiously optimistic that she's not going to fall into the bushes anytime soon though. I'm just glad that she's not mentioning her "show" in every other sentence! She's a star, don't 'cha know!!
  12. Dorinda is more than happy to have a partner in crime, i.e. someone who gets drunk and is crazier than her. She will defend that behavior all day long!
  13. I think Tinsley was wasted in that scene. I'm going to chalk that up to her having no effing idea what she was doing!
  14. I'm still impressed that LuAnn managed to stay sober! It appears that she is managing it well. I hope she can continue on that path. Seeing Dorinda & Leah get plastered should be enough of a deterrent for her! Tinsley looked stoned throughout the whole dinner. What a waste of an hour though.
  15. Seriously. I travel with my own pillow because it's comfortable for me. Most hotel pillows are way to soft. Besides, who cares? What's it to these bitches that Tinsley prefers her own pillow? Why is that even an issue for them? They can be so ridiculous. Leah is in serious need of professional help. That was disturbing.
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