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  1. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    I think winning 6 of 9 Super Bowl appearances speaks for itself. 😉 I just read an article in which they said that Brady was more of the motivating factor for players to go to New England rather than Belichick. Hmm. The stadium has been booked for this Super Bowl for a long time. It can't be changed due to the fact that the home town team won their conference. It's just the way the ball bounces! The Bucs were motivated to get to the Super Bowl and to play it on their own turf. I do think this will be a very competitive game, but if they don't fix some of their mistakes (missed catches mainly), then it will end badly for them. The Bucs looked really good during the first half of the GB game, but unfortunately they let GB back into the game in the second half. They're not going to be able to do that with KC. I was proud of TB for winning on the road, especially in GB. I have no illusions though that this game won't be another nail biter! For Mr. Chat and I, it's not so much about Brady as it is about the Bucs as a whole. Love him or hate him, he's been good for our team, and as diehard Buc's fans, that's all that matters! We've suffered through too many losing seasons. 🙂
  2. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    Our defense stepped it up a notch today, so that certainly helped, plus the interceptions Aaron threw our way. The Bucs looked a hell of a lot better in the first half than in the second half, but as anticipated, the Packers probably made some adjustments coming out in the third quarter and started clicking, but again, our defense made some really good plays today in stopping Aaron. How many sacks? I know there's a lot of hatin' on the Bucs right now because of Brady, and I understand that, but we've had some really good players over the years that for whatever reason just couldn't gel as a team. Jameis was a disappointment as a QB - just to name one thing wrong with the team - so having Tom step in and give these guys some hope (thinking about Mike Evans - great player, sucky team), makes me happy for them. Us fans and those players have suffered a long time just waiting for something, anything good to happen to our team! Our guys finally had some hope, and so did we!! I feel bad for the Bill's fans at the moment. As a long-suffering Buc's fan, I know their pain.
  3. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    We saw a few guys on the GB side that should've been called for holding, so it kind of equaled out. It usually does.
  4. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    Going into the game, I really thought that Green Bay would have the edge, even though the Bucs did beat them 38-10 in the regular season. Mr. Chat has been a Buc's fan since the day they came into the league, so we've sat through a hell of a lot of losing seasons, and one very good season with our one Super Bowl win. We've seen a steady improvement - especially with the defense - over this season, but making it this far was truly a shock! They've still got some work to do, but they looked really good the first half of this game, and then, as expected, Aaron & team came out balls to the wall in the second half. It was another nail biter finish that we're all too used to! Two of our Safeties were out of the game, so that didn't help, and the Bucs have a tendency to let a game slip away from them in the second half. We are thrilled that they hung on for the win! We were never fans of Tom Brady before, but being fans who never abandon their team, we could at least pull for the team and put aside our feelings for him. However, having listened to his interviews and seeing how he rallies our guys to be better players, well, we were slowly won over. I did give him kudos when he was in New England with how he didn't get paid as much as he could've so as to leave room for really good players to join their team, so that's something I can respect. I understand the Brady hate though. We used to feel that way too, but since he's taken our team from the Bad News Bears to an NFC championship, well, I can cheer for that! I have nothing against Mahomes, but I'm already sick of hearing about him. I know a lot of people will be sick of hearing about the Bucs getting to play in their own stadium, but it sure does suck when 2 other teams play on your home turf for a Super Bowl Championship. Been there, done that! Fire up the cannons!
  5. It's probably the weirdest outfit I've seen on a HW's reunion show! I have seen some fugly ones throughout the years of watching these reunions though. I always wondered why they have to dress so OTT. I would say to dress as normal as possible, but for many of these ladies, the word 'normal' isn't in their vocabulary. Some of them can't pull off the Glam look.
  6. Since your post was in reference to mine, let me be clear in that I did not defend Kelly's slogan on her hat, but because I don't remember everything she's ever said or done (I don't follow any of these ladies on social media either), and going only by the complaint about her hat, I'm not going to call her a racist based solely on that. Also, I didn't say that racism is overstated and overblown. As a fellow human being, I can tell you that I'm sorry for what you go through on a daily basis. I can, in no way, understand what that's like. However, in today's political climate, me and those around me are now labeled 'racist' for which side of the aisle we're on. Again, this is not a comparison of what you go through, but to say that labels, when put on people unfairly, are very hurtful. So in my case, the word is thrown around carelessly. I wish you only the best. 🙂
  7. Thanks for the reminder! I'd totally forgotten that! I wonder if he was going to stay with Dr. Sturgis during the week? It didn't sound like it though when Mary spoke to him. It seemed that Dr. Sturgis was just going to look out for him while he's at school. Hmm, good question, Katy M! I thought it was sad when George was thinking about his life and how he wanted to coach a college football team rather than a high school team. It's too bad that Mary didn't even get that idea a second thought, thereby crushing his dream. 😞
  8. So true. As far as the zipper is concerned, I was thinking that he could've simply untucked his shirt and pulled it down over his pants. That would've probably been too radical of a look for Sheldon though!
  9. I think the label "racist" is getting unnecessarily thrown around these days, and not knowing Kelly personally or what's in her heart, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt in regards to the hat and will go with the opinion of it just being a stupid and insensitive thing to do.
  10. It's nice to see her and Mary getting along so well. Poor, sweet Billy/William. He doesn't know whose underwear he's wearing. 😞 Did we know that Missy's real name was Melissa? I don't ever recall hearing them call her that. I've always thought her given name was Missy. Maybe I'm just as dense as Billy. 😉
  11. Favorite line of the night for me was: "Father, I've soiled myself!" Bwah! I can imagine baby Sheldon saying that!
  12. Andy definitely plays favorites, and I'm noticing more of a judgmental attitude from him lately. I'm becoming less of a fan of his these days. I'm wondering why it took so long for Shannon to out her on this. Was she trying to protect her, or was she keeping it in her back pocket so that if things started going badly for her at the reunion then she could deflect and put the spotlight on Braunwynn? I'm going with option 2.
  13. I wondered if no one told her on purpose! Maybe she's a pain in the ass so they were waiting for her Sharon Stone moment. 😉
  14. If this HWs thing doesn't work out, maybe she could get her own party-planning show! I'd watch that!
  15. At least she was on the beach and landed in some soft sand rather than on the pavement!! It reminded me of Vicki's fall when she was accepting that award. They can be quite entertaining!
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