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  1. The only thing that really didn't help me later on was Algebra. I look back fondly on most of my other classes though. I came away with something from most of them. I especially remember the really good teachers. One teacher made us write the definition of "tact" on every single test paper. I've carried that little gem of a life lesson with me since the 70's!! Me too. She's really getting quite snarky, and I think she needs to dial it back a notch.
  2. Well, at age 17, most aren't mature enough to really understand the ramifications of dropping out of high school. I'm sure there are cases where it works out just fine, but I'd think for most people, without that diploma or GED (which I've seen many go back and get), their choices would be limited. There are a few courses in high school that really didn't help me in the long run, but you do what you've got to do in order to graduate. Georgie shouldn't quit. The finish line is so close!! To be fair, he came home knowing that Georgie had quit high school. He was blind to everything
  3. He was working for Brenda's husband, but since he left the show, that storyline of him working at his shop got dropped.
  4. It's possible that the Catholic faith isn't all that defines him. Maybe he has convictions that go beyond the Catholic church. However, I'm sure that many people taking a religious exemption are just using it for an excuse, but it's not for me to judge. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't want the vaccine. He's trying to use the out that is available, and I don't blame him or other people for that. Again, his body, his choice. He's choosing to take a stand for what he believes is right for him, and he's willing to sacrifice his job for it.
  5. Maybe he doesn't agree with the Pope. His body, his choice.
  6. I just finished episodes 1-3 of Season 7. I'll catch on past seasons later on. I agree about the pool house. That steam will probably make that wallpaper on the ceiling come down fairly quickly. I don't think it would've been too much more of an effort to put a proper wall & door to the toilet, after all, this was supposed to be for guests staying on the boat. I didn't like the tiles lining the top of the pool either. I liked the library. It was small, but cozy! I also liked the luster paint that Angel put on the ceiling of their sitting room. I was surprised that the wall
  7. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    I never thought that I'd be pulling for the Patriots, but as a Bama fan, I'm going to root for our past QBs (not when they play the Bucs though!) I was glad to see Tua back out on the field today. Roll tide, Bama players!
  8. This is what happens when men think with their smaller head. I've seen it happen in the workplace and have seen how those men devolved into complete idiots. It can be a nightmare when it's your boss and you can see his bad decisions, but he doesn't. And the older men and much younger women: Just ick. "But she's in love with me." Sure. You keep right on believing that. ;)
  9. Either Lane was rattled by the commotion or he was stoned! He seemed a little out of it when they were interviewing him after the game! Seriously, I think he just takes it all in stride. His Dad, Monte, was one of our favorite coaches with the Bucs back in the day. Lane is quite the character compared to his more mellow Dad.
  10. That was pretty embarrassing. If Bama fans had done that (but we wouldn't), the entire Bama nation would've gotten an ass chewing from Saban, much like we did when he called out fans and students for leaving games early. We've got the fear in us! :) As far as the play that brought than on by Tennessee fans, was it a blown call? I didn't see the game, just some quick highlights.
  11. On one hand, it would make sense for Brenda to call Mary since they are neighbors and more than likely would be one of the few people in the bar that knew their home phone number (besides the bartender.) On the other hand, Connie is very shrewd and intuitive, so running into Brenda was the perfect chance for her to question her. I think if Brenda had said something like "I was there minding my own business when I saw George. I went over to say hello and that's about the time he appeared to be having a heart attack, so as Mary's friend I went to the hospital with him." End of story! She a
  12. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    It's just nice for us Bucs fans to have a competent QB for a change! I'm actually proud to say that Mr. Chat & I have never jumped off of the Bucs' bandwagon, as some others do if their team isn't doing well. We're either very loyal people, or just plain crazy! ;) Plus, we have an awesome logo.
  13. ChitChat

    NFL Thread

    That was our reasons, exactly!! Once he came to the Bucs though, I started reading & listening to his interviews, and learned that while in NE, he didn't demand as high a salary as he could've so that the Patriots could retain those great players around him. He did the same thing with the Bucs, and now after winning a SB, some of the Bucs players did the same thing for this season. I realized that he's a very smart man for doing it that way. Keep good players around you to protect you and you might just be playing QB a lot longer than normal! I still think he was a big baby in some mo
  14. He would've quoted verses from Hebrew back to him, but I'm sure that Sheldon would've had a comeback. Back in my day (how old does that sound!) you had to be of a certain age to go to "big church." We were in Sunday school while the grown-ups went to hear the Pastor speak. Then when we were old enough for that, you didn't dare speak out during the sermon! Hebrews 11:1 & 6: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But without faith it is impossible to please him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of
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