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  1. My uncle died from pneumonia last month (yes he was in his early 90s and had lost his wife the year before, but about 6 weeks before his death, he was in a mentally fine state after a year of grieving, and then he literally got a bout of pneumonia and passed away within a few days). He survived a bout of cancer years earlier, but pneumonia at that age is sadly almost always a death sentence, because of the fluid that builds up in the lungs. So, between that and the Shaun and Lea storyline (which my sister-in-law, my mother and my grandmother - none of which are blood related, all had expe
  2. It returns Tuesday Week in Australia.
  3. I still reckon he's talking to Laura's ghost. We'll find out soon though since according to Michelle Langstone (Fiona) the show will be returning in NZ in July for the second half of the Series Three. https://twitter.com/mifflangstone/status/1002700338451714048
  4. It’s actually the latter paragraph about love sneaking up is actually the quote he duplicated in his description of S2 and S3. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with the description. But if you are going to be using it, don’t say it for two different relationships in two different seasons. Because he used it to describe the Fiona romance in S2 and now he is using it for a different romance in S3. And yes to how he interacts with them. That is why I actually like that Fiona called him out in a way about it at the Boat Club. Since he seemed to forgot how sm
  5. It was a Nine Network show here in Australia and there's talk of a revival potentially happening (Nine didn't announce it as part of their 2018 upfronts last week though), so it's still one of those TBD things, but if you like Aussie dramas it was a good one (personally I was a fan of the earlier seasons though). Benson (Arlo) will be at the Perth Telethon this weekend. Not sure if any of the other cast members will be there too since Emma and Michelle usually have gone over in the past for it.
  6. Just a FYI post, etc these are the two articles I was referring to above: Season Two - January 2017 http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/television/erik-thomson-on-why-his-character-on-channel-7s-800-words-is-a-philanderer/news-story/ab8d514f4c3ee7975cc0ac19afab2b1c Season Three - September 2017 http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/tv-guide/97409462/800-words-star-erik-thomson-on-the-shows-new-season Heh in relation to Lindsay at the table, it also reminded me of Monty when he was staying there before George kicked them all out LMAO. It's like Geor
  7. Thought I'd move the George and relationships talk from the S3 thread to over here. Basically I've noticed, like they did with S2 and the build up of his relationship with Fiona (which is now more a blimp on the scale, since the writers have gone the never mentioned that ever happened route these days), that they are doing the same with now with George and Katie. The only thing that makes me a tad annoyed is when Erik has done press for this, he's used the same damn line to describe both seasons. Regardless of the show and pairing in question, it's one of those things that always ann
  8. Plus the running joke is 800 Words is the place for the MD cast have gone to, since Bridie and Michelle were also on the show.
  9. He did initially when he heard Katie's laugh which was her mating laugh then it was like eh I'm fine with it. At least there's a wedding next week!
  10. It could be Katie - he did get jealous when he asked her on the date but hid it LOL. Well you can always have the evil tangled web, have them hooking up with their previous exes. When that happens I will literally be throwing a pillow at the television screen. If it came down to Katie or Ngahlia I'd take Katie too (since I doubt they'll go the Fiona angle anymore). On a positive note about S3 at least we are getting storylines for different characters, even if I am not a fan of them all, etc.
  11. The link is in there but if you go to: https://www.facebook.com/800Words/ and click on videos the chat will be in there with Rob.
  12. It was on the official FB page - think this is the link it was in the first half of the Q&A if I remember correctly.
  13. To answer your question yes there was flirting going on between Rose and George. And pretty much Word to all your post. Easier saying that then throwing a pillow :)
  14. I said the same thing the other day to someone about George and Fiona, that’s as if they went yep that never happened. So George will probably go after Ngahlia or Katie if Rob’s interview about jealousy between George and Zac is correct, then it’s either those two or Zac hooking up with Fiona. But those are all specs on my behalf because other then those choices the jealousy part wouldn’t be into play. Jackie who plays Gloria was off promoting her film worldwide that is the reason she went MIA.
  15. I'd be putting money on her being his next love interest and that is purely speculation on my behalf not a spoiler. If it happens it'll be interesting to see how that goes down with Hannah, Katie, Fiona, Ike, Zac and Billy. If they don't go that route they'll bring Rose (Woody's ex) back and hook her up with George at the end of the season. I do however love the Hannah being a cop storyline, good to see them giving her a storyline she can play with as opposed to the idiotic one they gave her with Terry. :)
  16. Regarding Gloria well technically she did dispose of her husband in her backyard. ?
  17. 7's put up a BTS that contains spoilers clips on their site for the upcoming season if anyone is interested.
  18. From the press site and yeah the information was confirmed yesterday.
  19. Show returns next week in its usual time slot. It is a good first Ep. ?
  20. I couldn't go and edit the above post so dropping this here. Series Three Sneak Peek.
  21. It'll start in September as repeats are currently on 7Flix here in Australia. No episodes have been leaked online so any episodes that state they are definitely are not real.
  22. Gotcha - to be fair my previous post did mention Erik's new project :)
  23. Ollie - yeah he is definitely a creeper. Until he was ruled out as not being a baby daddy, it was definitely a possibility for a sec there. Jan and Big Mac were on the same wavelength level back when she came into it in S1 so the idea of them hooking up wouldn't surprise me at all. Well Rae's only pops in when she wants to (partly due to Nat Bolt being unavailable to film due to Riverdale too). :)
  24. I'm going with Steve being the father, then by not surviving the boat crash she can take up Big Mac's offer to be a family. Albeit even if she doesn't take up his offer, there's a good chance she'll stay at his place since it's the closest thing to Sydney, etc.
  25. Just to clarify my comment there (hence I didn't go further into it above) - by George ripping up the questionnaire, was a way to eliminate her over-analysing (to keep it fun, etc). Even though by the time they broke up / went on a break they had been together for at least a month (because of the school year starting, etc). That being said not everyone wants to raise the topic of kids up front, so I can see why they both avoided that until Jan's pregnancy popped up. I think it wouldn't have mattered who George was with at the time, that discussion probably wouldn't have initially b
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