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  1. Did Sara get bumped from View Your Deal?
  2. Telling Sunny “if you read the book” when said book is on the table with several parts earmarked and read out loud doesn’t really make the most sense.
  3. If Joy decides to retire, Gretchen would be the perfect replacement. I’d say make her the mod but Whoopi signed that new contract so.
  4. Sunny was serving side eye today and it was great.
  5. Is this the first person to ever say a negative word about our EGOT moderator??
  6. I think Whoopi pressure to say something profound and most of the time it comes out nonsensical and contrarian.
  7. Guess it’s safe to assume she won’t be a Flashback Friday?
  8. Sara has gotten lost in the shuffle.
  9. SE is the best of the guest hosts so far and the only one I really wanna see back.
  10. Today was a pretty solid panel.
  11. Sherri was never one of my favorite full time panelists, but when she guest hosts she always has a good time and adds to the discussion. Curious to see whose out for the rest of the week if SE and Sherri are on.
  12. Looks like just live viewers. Would be interesting to see the streaming numbers since as mentioned less people at home watching live.
  13. The show is so much better than it was a year ago so this boggles the mind.
  14. I’m sure Sherrie said all week or nothing.
  15. I don’t mind S.E. I wish she and Sunny had gotten the gig instead of Nicolle Wallace and a Rosie Perez back in 2014.
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