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  1. There is nothing dynamic or exciting about this show right now. Awkward silences and all.
  2. Has there been any chatter about The View returning to the studio for the next season? This show is dull and lifeless in its current state.
  3. MM was spot on bout Britney but there was an undertone of “sticking it” against ‘lawless, terrible, no-good liberal state of California’ that just doesn’t sit well with me. Always about teams with her.
  4. The comment about being bored with parenting topics was an indirect swipe at Sarah. the ladies all get to pitch topics and it’s clear who does what and this one was a Sarah pitch.
  5. Whoopi...listen to “your own” Science?? At least Megan brought that up in passing as making no sense.
  6. I wish they switched up the order more of how the ladies get to speak/do their speeches. It’s the only thing that would bring some element of surprise. We also don’t need Whoopi taking airtime trying to fumble a question to each Host to keep the topic going. It’s awkward and makes no sense. Also, Whoopi looks visibly annoyed and ready for Sunny to wrap up whatever she is saying way more than when the other hosts go off. And often Sunny is who I want to hear from the most.
  7. You could tell it was Meg who pushed for the Atlantic story be the head hot topic. None of the other panelists seemed pleased to be discussing it.
  8. I think they’ve started cutting the ladies mics off once they are done with their solo soliloquies. Notice they also don’t show the group shots just go from Whoopi to a panelist back to Whoopi so you can’t even see if a panelist wants to respond. No actual conversation on this show with this format. So boring.
  9. The show in its current state is so impersonal, so mundane and so dull. They have got to get back in the studio to add some personality back.
  10. https://youtu.be/ep-eaIXJExE This clip of Rosie explaining how Whoopi turned cool towards her as soon as she threw to a commercial instead of Whoopi doing it reminded me of MM doing it and Whoopis POd response.
  11. Definitely doesn’t want to get into the Matt & Gun talk, especially on a Friday with Ana. meanwhile, the vibe is much free-er without Whoopi stumbling and Megan not listening.
  12. Congressman, Whoopi is many wonderful, positive things, but eloquent isn’t one of them.
  13. They finally start having an interesting conversation and they cut to commercial? So tired of just the soliloquies.
  14. Whoopi...what are you saying ma’am???
  15. If ratings hold up, do you think this makes production want to keep the format of the show as Zoom hot topics with a politician everyday? Cause that would be awful.
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