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[BUG - AWAITING UPDATE] At mentions leave extra characters behind


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 When creating an at-mention, the letters typed to bring up the person's name no longer disappear when the name is inserted, like this: @SilverStormmsilversts. Or, rather, they do disappear but pop back when you start typing again. Italics were added by me. This is since the last big upgrade, Android Chrome, default theme.

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12 minutes ago, SilverStormm said:

@MarkHB We've been unable to reproduce this issue. Can you please confirm what device and version of Android you are using. Thanks.

HTC U11, Android version 9, July 2019 patch level. Have you tried to reproduce it in RC or PM's? It just happened to me last night in a pm.

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The devs are unable to reproduce; they do not have access to such a device to perform testing with, so were unable to duplicate. They tested against an HTC One M8 emulator and did not see the behavior described as can be seen in the screenshot below.


That being the case, I suggest we wait until the upcoming maintenance release (soonish) and see if the issue persists after that.

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