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Kaitlyn Dever is a magnificent actor


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I have been watching her with admiration for 8 years now, since she was 14, beginning with her great work in "Justfied". She's 22 now, and, yes, her slight stature lends to her getting young parts, but I think she has the talent and obvious work ethic to do anything. I literally cannot remember another actor who I have seen be so seamlessy, consistently, terrific, while transitioning from early adolescence to early adulthood.

I thought Maisie Williams in GoT was wonderful (both actors were better than the writers in "Unbelievable" or GoT, especially the latter's final season), but I think Devers is clearly a step up. She reveals so much character with the most subtle of changes in facial expression, or body language, and she never approaches getting All Thespian on the audience, which is what I have seen in the development of a young Di Caprio's career, as wonderful as it was. What's really revealing of her talent is that her character in "Justfied" had a similar bio to this character, but the character development in response to that bio is completely different. Just terrific art.

I really, really, want to see her get parts and writing that match her abilities. Vince Gilligan, do you have any story ideas with a central protagonist who is a young woman?

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