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S01.E17: Ivan

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A Russian cyber terrorist known only as Ivan is suspected when a defense asset is stolen online. Liz and Red manage to uncover a huge cover up. New evidence comes to light in the case of Jolene's disappearance which in turn helps in the case of the mystery surrounding Tom.
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For a minute, Abby (the teenage daughter) seemed like the smartest person in the entire episode. When she got the fake text to come outside and she replied, "WTF?! There's a citywide blackout!" I wanted to high five her. Of course, then she went and climbed out the window anyway. But I laughed my ass off when he started lighting each light post for her. It was like the light putter outer in Harry Potter! Why would she think that her friend Jackie had the ability to create a trail of lights for her to follow?


Harrison was so creepy. When he was eating her lunch items at the same time as she was, I was like dude, this guy is bonkers. I was afraid that poor Abby was going to get home and find her bunny boiled. When Elizabeth threw herself on top of Harrison when she thought the train was going to crash, I thought oh crap, he is going to transfer his obsession to you!


Speaking of creepy, now that I know Tom is a bad guy, watching him pretend to be nice to Elizabeth seemed super creepy. Why would Tom bring that hippo to the secret murder house and throw it away there? Now that Elizabeth knows, I can't wait to see their spy vs. spy games.


I loved Reddington's old timey music box. It was very nice of him not to tell her "I told you so!"

I laughed when Tom said that after two years of marriage, he could tell that the look on her face meant that she was upset. Seriously? Her facial expression always looks exactly the same to me.

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