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The first three episodes have aired (on the 29th, 30th, and today) and are available here (if you live in Australia or have a VPN, anyway).

It's pretty much what I expected, which is fun, dramatic trash. Two affairs right off the bat. A crazy stalker with seemingly nothing better to do than menace Abbie Cornish 24/7. Georgina Haig running frantically through the city in a wedding dress. Katie McGrath shagging randoms to distract herself from the fact that she's in unrequited love with her best friend. Shady investments, multiple dramatic confrontations, flash-forwards to an apparent murder... and that's just episode one!

The fourth episode airs next Tuesday.

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‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’ director Tori Garrett calls for braver Aussie TV


She describes Secret Bridesmaids’ Business as unlike any show Australian network TV has ever made and predicts it will have strong global appeal. “I think the story is thrilling enough to grab an audience by the throat and never let them go for six episodes. It has the rhythm of a feature film and looks beautiful beyond belief. I’m so proud of it. It will pay off for Seven Studios I’m positive. Otherwise, I quit.”

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I've seen the fourth episode now and I appreciate that although this show is basically a grown-up Pretty Little Liars (where they actually know who "A" is), for the most part, the women aren't being stupid. They've gone to the cops twice; they've just been told that nothing can be done until there's proof of a crime and that they should keep a log of every interaction with the stalker. Sad, but accurate.

Also, I was distracted by the sound of parakeets in a few scenes, and I kept thinking, "What is that noise? Does this character own birds?" Nope, the show's filmed in Australia, and all the birds I think of as somewhat exotic are just normal background noise there!

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