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S29: Pasha Pashkov

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Pasha Pashkov started dancing in Russia at the age of 10 and relocated to the US when he was 15 years old. Together with his wife Daniella Karagach, he has won an array of trophies and titles. Amongst them include Blackpool Professional RS Latin Champion, US National Professional Latin ShowDance Champion and US National 10-Dance Champion.

Dancing with Kate Flannery for Season 28!

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So...Pasha looks like he knows what he's doing. Frankly, this is how they should have been handling bringing in new pros. When you have a newbie without teaching experience, start them in the troupe or whatever passes for that now. You saw the difference with Keo; He was much better in his second stint (why they sideline him now that he's produced his best result ever...).

Or bring in someone like Pasha, who clearly has dance accolades and teaching experience. He isn't overwhelmed and knows how to deal with the whole machinery.

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I know it's only been two week so probably too soon to make a judgment call, but I like him a lot as a pro.  He seems really excited to be here, gets along well with his star, has choreographed two really cute routines for her with a good mix of playing to the audience and technical content, taught his celeb real technique, and etc.

I'd argue he's been of of the strongest choreographers these first two weeks of the season.

I wish the show would fire Gleb, keep Pasha and either give Keo or Artem Gleb's spot.

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He's definitely a keeper. He knows how to choreograph to his partner's strengths and give her just enough content to challenge her without overwhelming her. And Kate is clearly having a ball working with him. He absolutely needs to stick around!

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In an interview I was listening to with Daniela, she was talking about how even keeled and unflappable Pasha is just as a human being.  If true, that is also a huge quality needed for a good pro here.  Somebody that doesn't get riled easily and can keep their cool with potentially difficult or challenging celebs, not that I'm saying Kate is difficult.  From everything I've heard she's a supremely nice and cool human (even Steve Carell said that and he also has a rep of being a very nice human).  

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