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S01.E04: Episode 4

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Gawd, poor Shona. If she doesn't want to have kids then Vish's mom can fuck right off (as can Shona's mom with her "people always think they don't want to have kids and then they change their minds" and "you don't know real love until you have children"). And how fucking self-centered is it to have kids just so you have someone to take care of you when you're old? STFU, people! I loved that Shona said she had enough money to pay someone to visit her if she has to live in a care home. I don't understand why someone saying, "I don't want to have children" is often interpreted as an invitation to try to convince them otherwise.

Aine seemed like she maybe didn't always pay attention to social cues in the earlier episodes, but in this one I liked that she jumped in to try to take away some of the heat from Shona and the whole "you don't want kids" discussion.

Heh, I was with Charlotte and Shona on the whole "why do Vish's parents have a framed picture of him and his ex-wife?" but I was also wondering who the hell keeps framed pictures of their kids on the kitchen counter? That's what every other room in the house is for!

Vish's dad was cracking me up when he said that women always get mad when he posts pictures of them on Instagram without their pre-approval and that they all want a picture of them not smiling with the Valencia filter.

I'm glad that Aine and Eileen patched things up and were able to be honest with each other. We'll see how long that lasts.

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Oh my god, the No Kids conversation is always enraging. It is none of anyone's business! Stop trying to convince people who don't want kids to have kids - that's how you get kids with shitty parents.

Vish's family seems really nice but yeah, the photo thing was odd. Particularly since they knew Shona was coming over. Gah

It was nice that Aine and her mum had a connection regarding their depression. 

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