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[NOT A BUG] Email notifications have ceased


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I am not receiving my notifications for content I've followed.  I've checked my settings and they seem to be correct.  I've tried logging back out and logging back in, and I've tried resetting all the content I followed and its not working. 

Am I doing something wrong?

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On July 20th, my notifications via email totally stopped. This happened once before, when I was using a Yahoo email address, but since I've changed to Gmail, they've worked fine. Both Silver and I have checked my settings and there's no issue there - we were hoping the forum update would fix it, but it doesn't seem to have. I don't really want to have to keep trying new email addresses - I only have gmail and yahoo addresses available at present. So Silver asked me to put a bug in!

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If email notifications have stopped the devs have advised it's because at some point a site email must have been inadvertently flagged as spam. Here's what they had to say:


I confirmed the software is correctly sending emails, however, at some point emails being sent from the site were marked as unsolicited (i.e. flagged an email as "spam") and our email sending system will block emails to users who do this to maintain the email system's reputation.  Please make sure users are aware they should not flag emails sent from the site as spam, otherwise their email notifications will cease entirely. They can unsubscribe from individual areas they are following and shut off email notifications entirely in their notification preferences if they wish.

If anyone has experienced a loss of email notifications and would like them to resume please ensure Primetimer is removed from/no longer in your spam list then let me know in here and I'll ask the devs to reinstate them.


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