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  1. Im sure its dancing. Jensen mentioned something at a con about learning to dance for an upcoming ep. IIRC Jensen compared it to the crystal light areobic dance championship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeMJOPlK-0E
  2. I can't link on my phone. But just read that episode 14 is going to have a never heard of character who is deeply connected to Dean and Sam. But he is big on manners and its Dean's biggest challenge ever. Disappointing that this is a Jeremy Adam's script
  3. That picture looks much more like Dean and Jared, than Dean and Sam. I think this will go a long way to giving me a clue as to which brother is going to live and which is going to die. I think this is the way its going to go. And as of right now I go back and forth on who it will be. I think Jensen would be happy if both brothers died together, Right now I'm leaning toward Sam dying because I'm sure he'll need redemption arc 979 because of the whole God thing. But if Sam is shown to be the one who can perfectly handle a baby, then I'll probably lean back towards Dean dying.
  4. That picture looks much more like Dean and Jared, than Dean and Sam. I think this will go a long way to giving me a clue as to which brother is going to live and which is going to die. I think this is the way its going to go. And as of right now I go back and forth on who it will be. ( I think Jensen would be happy if both brothers died together or retired together but I think he'd be unhappy with the brothers separated. ) Right now I'm leaning toward Sam dying because Im sure he'll need redemption arc 867 because of the whole God thing. But if this ep shows Sam thinking about wanting to settle down with Eileen, then I'll probably go back to Dean dying.
  5. Gen was in Vancouver so I'd say between that and this there is a strong possibility we will see Ruby again.
  6. They were doing this on Ruby's say so. Sam was willing to trust a known lier. Given how Ruby was Sam's puppet master, in context this comes across as a test. Was Sam willing to cross that line and sacrifice an innocent. She was trying to corrupt him right from the start. So I dont see anything good coming from following Ruby's plan. The problem here is also the fact that at that point Lucifer was extremely week. it was said he was sucking back demon blood by the gallon trying to keep his vessel from imploding. Imagine if it was the 7th game of the world series.. Its like walking the he bases loaded to make sure Babe Ruth gets to the batter's bo. and then sending in a rookie picture. No manager would. No plan where you give your enemy his strongest weapon, fuel to make it stronger and than counter attack with your second weapon makes any sense. Plus, we've see that Dean is to wiggly for an arch angel to deal with. No way do I believe that Dean would just sit back and watch Michael destroy the earth. He would have fought back and maybe even been able to reach Michael. So Sam's plan was just as reckless because he wasn't even strong enough to overcome ghost possession, and we (the audience) are supposed to believe he can over come Lucifer? Its seemed arrogant that Sam would even think that and then immediately say "I'm the least of your" Not exactly the guy you want to pin your hopes on to save the world. why would you give Sam demon blood. Why make his vessel stronger. If Lucifer had to fight to keep it together, it makes it easier for Sam to take over. It was bad writing but Sera wanted Sam to be the big, damn hero with Dean having as little impact as possible. This will always be a sore spot for me
  7. Another that that really annoyed me about that episode is Chuck telling Sam that finishing the spell was all him, Its not about Sam being allowed to be smart. Its the fact that show went there in the first place. They needed to reinforce that Sam is still special. If it was reversed, there is no way they'd do that for Dean.
  8. The show turned it into a competition. It didn't matter hat Dean was actually in hell and being tortured. The narrative turned Sam into the victim and expected Dean to just get over what he went through in five minutes. This is why there are so many metas about how Sam failed Dean after he got back from hell.
  9. But if he's trapped he's still alive he just can't write or change anything. His creation and his rules are left in the status quo. If there has to be symmetry and the light being trapped means darkness runs amuck, than shouldn't the opposite be true if darkness is trapped. That light would run amuck. That certainly didn't happen. Sam should have at least questioned it before giving up.
  10. I thought Cas was a grade A asshole here. He was the one that screwed up and lied to protect Jack which resulted in Mary's death, but Cas made himself into the victim rather than take responsibility. He walked away (but showed up when he needed something), and expected Dean to chase him when Dean was the victim of Cas' s actions. This just shows me Cas is really no better than John, and Sam. They both expect Dean to just accept their actions even when they wrong him.
  11. This doesn't really make sense because of Amara. The both have to exist for the balance between Light and Dark. Things are no better/no worse than when Amara was locked up vs Amara being free. If they can trap one and maintain balance why not the other? Its not like God is dead.
  12. I'll give credit where its due. I liked the framing of the last scene. Them using Jensen's height and Rob's "not height" was great. Dean getting into the face of tougher cosmic entities will never not give me life. Okay, I liked two thing. But remember when Sam and Dean mattered in their own show.
  13. I hated everything about this but damn Jensen Ackles can bring it.
  14. This was my problem with the Michael arc. It wasn't about Dean. Jensen played Michael but the story really didnt' involve Dean much. The first ep we didn't even see Dean. It was a 3 short scenes shoe horned into the ep with no direction. Even Jensen didnt' know which way to turn with the character. Ep 2, I will admit was better, but again we saw Dean for literally 10 seconds. (if that). It did set up something interesting stuff, but it was dropped for now reason. Then Berens threw out the story by making it about Kaia. Michael was taken out handly by Ninja Sue. Then we had no follow up. The Scar branded Dean as the bad guy with one half hearted line of defense. Dean says he's too weak to defeat Michael in which the camera directly focuses on Sam while he's saying. Episode 4 Dean seemed more upset about the AU people. The we had Michael's so called plan to drive Dean crazy that lasted about 30 seconds, and was dropped after that for sick dying Jack ep. The main scene in ep 9 the was given to a guest star and Jensen got two minutes of screen time. The Nilishm, which Sam was the one that actually locked Michael up. Dean was branded as weak and quitting when he wanted to sacrifice himself, then Michael got out and possessed Rowena for the Jack confrontation. The in the follow up ep, Dean was literally not mentioned. Rowena got more follow up than Dean. If Michael lead to bad things happening to Dean, bring it. anything would have been better than Dean being sidelined in his own story.
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