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  1. In the solo panel. Someone asked about the what they added to the script that wasnt' there, like the pilot clothes. Jensen said ask Jared, he would remember better.
  2. He's also working with Travis Fimmel from Vikings. As a fan of that show its a pairing I never knew I needed. Also the BTS people (not sure if the its writers or producers or both) are the ones that did The Trial of the Chicago 7. Which got both critical acclaim and won both golden globes and SAG awards.
  3. yup, and he took Jared out to dinner to discuss the leadership story. That clearly shows his motivations.
  4. I disagree. Sam's leadership story was given far more focus and attention then Michael was. IMO, they let Jensen play Michael as a way to get Jensen off screen. Dabb did say that removing Jensen gave other's breathing room. The season premier was all about how great Chief was. I feel like Stranger in a strange land referred more to Sam being in a leadership postilion than about Michael. Michael had about 3 scenes. And the scene where he speaks Arabic was cut. (there was an audio recording of the scene that was much longer) and it cut so much of Michael's motivation. But w
  5. Yes, its part of his job and he will do them when the publicity for the Boys ramps up as it gets closer to airing. Right now he's busy filming. There isn't any need for him to do interviews at this time. The Boys is an Emmy nominated show. Jensen is set to be a major player in s3. Yes he could get an interview in NYTs if he really wanted to. There is a lot of buzz around his name lately.
  6. If Jensen wanted to be interviewed by the NYTs he could have his PR team arrange it. He has enough pull, especially since he's about to be on a very high profile show. Jensen and Danneel, don't actually need Jared. The WB (not just the CW) gave them a multi year production deal to develop projects. Not Jared and Jensen. Jared isn't part of Chaos Machine and apparently had no interest in anything it was doing since he had months to ask Jensen about the projects he was working on. (Communication works both ways). The reason we haven't heard much from Jensen lately is The Boys is s
  7. If it was Jensen we would never have known about it because he would have picked up the phone.
  8. That's seems more like Colorado. I don't think Austin has mountains like that
  9. I think its a filter. His freckles are gone. That's probably why he looks bit of.
  10. No. Filming doesn't end until September. Kripke said they are in month 5 of 7.
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