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  1. The Canadian/US border is closed until June 21st. So unless there is exception for actors, I don't think its SPN related. I wonder if its Percy Jackson. He was in the first movie.
  2. Just when I think I can't love them more they prove me wrong every time. Guarunteed to make you smile. Danneel's version
  3. I was also reading that if filming resumes, there would be no love scenes, kissing scenes, or action/fight scenes in order to abide by social distance rules. So basically all eps would be standing around and talking. Which fits with this season. lol
  4. Things in the US seem to be getting worse, not better. So how would it work with actors coming in. Would they have to quarantine for 2 weeks before they even start filming?
  5. I was reading an article from the show runners of Prodigal Son. They had an ending in mind right from the start of the season, and they ended up shooting the finale out of order. Then they went back to their normal schedule. So when it became clear that the virus was going to impact filming. They revamped ep 17 to make it fit the finale and basically scrapped 18 and 19. I wish SPN had done something like that. I'd rather have a definitive ending even if it meant 2 or 3 less eps. Given that nothing has really happened all season, I don't see it being that hard. I know they all want to film the ending, and I know they will do everything in their power to to do so, but nothing is guaranteed. If for some reason it doesn't that means the shows legacy ends on a (not sure if writers for eps are spoilers so tagging just in case. That's worse.
  6. Its a new tattoo, for the twins. It's an arrow going through a Zeppelin knot. He showed it to someone at the brewery. But he never posted a full picture of it. Probably because someone went and had his custom design for JJ done.
  7. FBBC is still paying their employees (as per Gino) so I have no problem if or any other business feel the need to generate income or advertise during all this.
  8. TBF, he's not really promoting it. Its a picture on the FBBC merchandise website that fans found an posted else where. Jensen himself made no tweets about it or posted it on any of his social media. Even the FBBC social media doesn't have that picture promoted.
  9. Watching that it almost sounds like Jensen is throwing shade at the writing. That's how it came across to me. How did they get through that with a straight face. lol
  10. Its possible he hasn't seen it yet, or donated and just didn't bother to post.
  11. Last Holiday- I think this is supposed to be the episode where Sam and Dean meet their friend, the guy who is big on manners. Written by Jeremy Adams (I think that is his last name) Gimme Shelter- I believe this is the Cas centric ep. Not sure who wrote it, but probably Perez. Drag me Away (From you)- Weechester ep written by Dabb's assistant. Unity- No idea what this is about or who wrote it. Maybe Glynn or Perez The Truth- Written by Berens. My guess is its about Jack. This is the ep I believe where Jensen says "stop killing my people." This would be the episode I'm really not looking forward too. Berens is my least favorite writer. I wonder if this is that ep that was refered to that takes in the bunker and is supposed to be five stories in one. 15,19 Inherit the Earth. Dabb is so literal I'm guessing this is where Jack becomes God. Written by Buck/Lemming. You know things are bad when these two are the strongest writers. Carry On- the aftermath of there being no Supernatural creatures left. Sam and Dean trying to figure out their future.
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