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S02.E02: Superfans

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Ella continues her job as a writer's PA on "Superstition," and Sasha is given a big opportunity by being cast as a new character on the show. When fangirl and roommate of Ella, Winnie, asks Ella for the latest details on "Superstition," Ella sends over a major spoiler for the show, not believing Winnie could betray the confidence. 

Original air date: 8/26/19

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I loved the song about the super fans. It's funny because it's true! Yes, there are some people who get way too obsessive, but at least they care. It drives me crazy when tv shows don't bother to check basic facts for continuity. You have all these staff members and you can't have one person search previous scripts so that you don't contradict something that was already established on the show? LAZY!

Although Ella clearly should not have sent that document o Winnie and she was in the wrong at work, Winnie was the one who was in the wrong in their friendship. Ella could have lost her job because Winnie couldn't resist the temptation to post this info online. That is a shitty thing to do to someone who is supposed to be one of your best friends.

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