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Show vs Movie vs Book: Am I Blue

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I watched the movie in June and the show was recommended to me- so I binged season 1&2 back to back. 

I haven’t read the book, but I think the show did a good job of capturing the essence/tone of the movie but fleshing out the characters with the room tv shows have to let characters breathe. 


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Don't know if this is kosher, but here's what I posted on the movie's thread a few years ago


I thought it was a good little movie. I understand that books have to be changed to some degree to work onscreen, and I thought for the most part that everything worked well. My only real gripe is that in pumping up the focus on some of the other students, the character of Blue suffered. His email conversations with Simon were reduced to the point that I never really felt like Simon or the audience really got to know Blue at all. I would've rather they left out the musical number (which had to have taken quite a bit of time to choreograph and film) and given those few minutes of screen time time to Blue and Simon instead.

I wasn't entirely sure about Nick Robinson (somehow the Simon I pictured in my head was more like Tom "Spiderman" Holland as I read the book) but he really impressed me by the end, and especially in the scenes with his parents post-coming out. In an unrelated note, how old am I that I can remember when Josh Duhamel was the new young heartthrob? Sheesh. Also, would a high school drama club really be allowed to put on something as potentially racy as Cabaret?

As for the show, I would add that IMO they've done a good job of building off the world of the movie while expanding it in new and interesting ways. I really appreciate seeing the show focus on a character with a much different background than the movie - family is so very central to Victor's life, as well as the religious and socio-economic aspects that affect him, all of which offer a richer story.

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