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Undercover Billionaire

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I am a bad, bad, bad person. My dislike for Grant includes chuckling at his getting COVID* because I hate him just that much.

I'm glad the bar signs were sold to someone "within the family" and that the original owner can buy them  back later if he chooses. That was a very good thing. Also, does anyone know why Tumeric Shots lady couldn't just shoot some footage on her cellphone, or ask someone else to get some shots while she was at the kickball game? No, it's not a professional-level camera, but she was doing a Zoom presentation, not buying airtime on the teevee. I really like the food truck model for fresh fruits and veggies if they can keep the costs affordable, and perhaps find a way to take EBT cards. Right now, folks on SNAP can get extra "free" money to spend at farmers markets, but the problem remains that people have to get there and back to shop. I would also think local, small farmers would welcome lower prices for their "imperfect produce" that generates more cash than the "imperfect box delivery" through co-ops.

* oh yeah, the asterick. I mean, I don't wish COVID on anyone, it's horrible and has long-lasting impacts on so many people/systems/etc. But I'd betcha $100 that Grant was one of those "I don't need no masks!!" guys. I do sincerely hope that no one he came in contact with got it, and that everyone has healed unscathed (yes, Grant too). It's kinda like my neighbor who went to a pro-former-president rally in early January and got Covid... no masking, no social distancing, just being a dumb ass. I left soup on his doorstep and never said "WTF dude" but I really really wanted to.

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Well, just finished the season (thanks Discovery +), and really can't stand Grant Cardone.  Not surprised that I did a little search and found he's a Scientologist.  Explains a lot.  Now I can't help but wonder if the dude he hooked up with in Pueblo is also Scientologist, since they do like to stick together.  I'm not a fan of Elaine either, she just rubs the wrong way.  But I really liked Monique and was happy that she met her goal.  She did it without yelling at anyone or making people work 24/7 for nothing.  She impressed me with her appreciation for everyone along the way.  I was really surprised that the two (out of 10) test subjects had such good blood test results and I wonder if they made any other lifestyle changes during the study. I googled Rooted and found that they have since changed the company name to Ryla and sell powdered shots on Amazon. 

I was also shocked to see how so many played fast and loose maskless during Covid. 

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another thought
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13 hours ago, TeapotWakeen said:

Yeeps, some spoiler stuff in there!! Then again, I think I'm the only one still watching, so I'll get over it.

So sorry, I didn't think it was a spoiler since it was already released.

Oh and also, I learned a new word - Traunch.  Thanks Elaine!

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On 9/25/2019 at 10:46 AM, Mondrianyone said:

Overall a kind of disappointing finale.

My big issue is how you can put any serious valuation on a restaurant's opening night. He's renting and leasing, his only asset is the name, recipe and kitchen ingredients on hand.  No way anyone would say $50K much less $750K.  you have to be in business at least 6 months before you can see if its sustainable.

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