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Jessica Hamby

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A thread for Jessica Hamby, portrayed by actress Deborah Ann Woll. With only a few episodes this season I'm finding myself interested in her character more so than anyone else's this season. Why? Because of this moment: 




Woll just seems to have incredible chemistry with any actor she shares a scene with on this series. I'm hoping for more Jessica. Seeing her coming into her own as a vampire and a complete departure from how she started off as a scared little girl. Now, she's facing off crazed Hep V vampires and fending for herself the best she can. 


Any suggestions for a title for this thread?

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She and Hoyt were my favorite couple. And, much as I'd have liked to see them work out, I would have settled for her and Jason getting a happy ending, provided the storyline didn't shit too hard on Hoyt in the process. And, let's face it,  Jason ships are a dime for several dozen, so that's how well Jessica is played.

There are only two times I like Bill. One is whenever he tries to pronounce the love of his life's name. "SUCKEH!!!" Which is just hilarious. And the other is whenever he interacts with Jessica. Which is actually good conversation.

She humanizes anybody she's in a scene with. Including herself.

Oh. And last season, when Bill discreetly suggested that she dress a bit naughty to seduce that professor guy, and she had a field day with it? So awesome.

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FLOVE Jessica! I agree that she is certainly a scene stealer, and IMO the best departure from the books (With Lafayette a close second).


I hated that she killed the fairy girls last season, but it was a beautiful twist, the kind that I've loved from TB, and left her with some new amazing stuff to work with.


In the premiere, those moments with Adilyn- the guilt on her face when Adilyn asks "What if you can't help it"  it's great.


I'm sad that they're portraying her so happy with James, since I think lafayette is going to interrupt that, but I also think Jessica is too young (since she's a vampire) to be in a lifelong comitted relationship. That was where she had problems with Hoyt. She needs to explore herself a little more, though she's certainly grown much in the last couple of seasons.


Jessica and Bill are one of my favorite relationships on the show.  I didn't hate Jess/Jason, but I didn't love it either, so I hope they don't go back there.

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